Geet’s eyes widen in horror hearing him, his hands went inside roaming on her bare back. He began to pull down her top, his eyes wander on her bare skin, then move to her face, only to see her crying silently.

His jaw clenching in rage, he back out furiously leaving her in a jerk.. stood up & walked up to his cupboard.

Geet turned and buried her face in the cushion, feeling humiliated..why do he always make her feel so..!??

After a while he walked back throwing his shirt on her…change into it..

I don..she couldn’t finish seeing his glare..took it silently..waited for his move, he turned and walked into washroom giving her privacy.

After a while when he walked out, he couldn’t find her on the bed, looking around, when he found her glimpse in the balcony..

Geet couldn’t sleep after what happened inside, she heard sound of fireworks outside, and walked out, seeing that roshnai in the night sky, it only left her amuse always..the design was appearing in the sky back to back making her glue to it.. she couldn’t removed her somehow distracted her.

Maan walked out behind her, making her startled, she pulled herself together,fearing from his next move.

Neend nahi aa rahi..?? He asked softly.

She just shook her head, keeping mum..really upset with him..for his behavior.

Maan waited for her to get inside, but its been 20 minutes, she still couldn’t move.

Let’s get inside, you need to take rest. Finally he said.

I am fine, I am not sleepy..

Didn’t you hear me? Come & have sleep.

I don’t want to sleep here, where is Kunal?? Hum..Hume toh chakkar aaye the..phir..hum yaha kaise aaye..aapke room main?? She asked frustrated ..

Seeing him silent, Dadima kaha hai?? Hume unse baat karni chahiye.. saying so she started walking into room

When he stopped her, you want to wake Dadima up this hour?? He asked in stern voice seeing her behavior..she has began to get nervous..

Hume ghar jaana hai.. she demanded suddenly making him look at her amusingly..

Now!?? He arched his brows

Hm..she nodded like a little girl with a pout .

Do you know what you are talking’s midnight, you need to can go in the morning wherever you want??

But hum..yaha aapke room main nahi so sakte..

So do you want to go out like this in this state..

Geet looked at herself, she realized what he was speaking..

But kisine Hume Dekh liya toh yaha..aapke Sath??

Koi nahi one will say anything to you.. just go to bed now..

Aapka bed..??

She asked innocently..making face.

Maan want to bang his head somewhere really hard , controlling his rage he answered, ji ha..

Humara bed (my bed).. aur koi bed yaha aapko dikh Raha hai?? He taunted

Nahi . Do you mind me sleeping there..

Ji bilkul can you please go and sleep, I am tire now..

He rushed to sofa & lay down looking at her confused.. her behavior was strange, she was really mystery ..

Geet was too tired to think more, she just lay on the fluffy bed and in next moment went to sleep..not before murmuring a question to him, kya hum Kunal ko dekh payenge kal subah ??

Maan couldn’t answer her back, as she was snoring by then .. he looked at her innocent face.. something could be rarely seen in this era..

No one is this innocent or fragile even..

Is she real or a dream??

A beautiful dream..

Beautiful, beautiful, you are so beautiful
Beautiful, beautiful, jaanam (beloved)


As the early sun rises, Kunal was there to pick her up from Khurana Mansion. Geet walked down, looking fresh like a beautiful daisy..

Whole Mansion was empty leaving only servants to work …

Maan was no where to be seen, she was glad with the fact, he might have left for the office early..she left a relived breath and meet Kunal.

How are you?? You scared me yesterday..he cupped her face asking affectionately..

Hum thik hai..aap chinta mat kijiye.. she hold his palm which was on her cheek.

Sorry, kuch jaruri kaam aagaya tha couldn’t be there with you..

It’s okay Kunal..I told you, I am fine..Hume koi shikayat nahi hai aapse.. she replied giving him soft smile but hearing his next set of words wiped off that smile from her face.

You are the best wife, anyone could get!! You know??

Geet tried to smile, which she couldn’t, she knew she couldn’t do fake things..pretending..however she tried, yet she attempted to smile, how could he think so.. she is worst creature on the earth.. then being good wife is far away thing..


Tere bina zindagi se koyi, shikwa, toh nahi
Tere bina zindagi bhi lekin, zindagi, toh nahi

[I have no grouse against a life without you
But a life without you is hardly a life]

Geet turned restless hearing the doubt its her fav. But then it always made her sad, thinking about her own life..

She slowly change the song , the new song started playing making Kunal frowned..

Kyon change Kiya..I loved that..

I don’t..

Dont lied..

Geet did he know,

I know you too loved old songs, sweetheart ..

Par Hume woh pasand nahi.

But I want to hear that, and he again played back to one..

Kaash aisa ho tere Kadmo se,
Chun ke manzil chale aur kahi door kahi
Tum agar saath ho, manzilo ki kami toh nahi
Tere bina zindagi se koyi, shikwa, toh nahi

[Wish we could tread our journey with your steps
Pick our destinations afresh and walk someplace else, far far away
When you walk along with me
There’s no dearth of places to be
And though I have no grouse against a life without you…]

Geet couldn’t argued further, sulked in ..lost in herself, she put her head on the window pane..

Kunal looked at her sad face, & changed the song.

Geet wasn’t surprised, knowing his nature, he could do anything…just anything for her happiness..


Geet thought a lot & couldn’t skip the office, however she was tired & sick.

She decided to joined back instead sulking at home alone.

It’s been few hours, she was working continuously without a break, pinky barge in between trying to pull her for lunch..but Geet couldn’t budge..before finishing the work at hand..

Maan looked at the scene from blinds, he has just returned from the meeting , as soon as he was back, his eyes always find a way to look at her cabin.

After pinky exits her cabin with a pout..he barge inside making her startled.


She got up almost dropping her cell in the process.

Maan shook his head on her clumsy behavior..and walked inside…Geet bend down picking up her cell only to face him so closed.

She stumbled on her steps, and as a reflex Maan held her protecting from falling.

Tumne lunch nahi Kiya , Abhi tak..

Geet tried to pulled out of his hold but he didn’t let her, giving her pain..

Let’s go for a lunch..

Hume aapke Sath Kahi nahi Jaana..

she replied keeping her composer.

That angered maan, refusal.. he couldn’t take from anyone..

He jerked her closer, I am not asking..let’s go..he tried to grab her wrist but she pushed him..

I don’t want to go..

Maan angrily look at her, she took step back getting scare seeing his anger, dur rahiye aap humse..

His anger only increased, kya kaha tumne, he narrow his eyes..

I said..stay away from me, she took one more step back seeing him approach her steadily..

You dare to say something like that on my face?? You know girls die to get just one glance from me, and you showing me attitude!??

He said in low dangerous voice.

Yes.. I dared.. because I am not from all those girls..

You know what you are speaking and to whom..he glared furiously marching towards her and in blink of moment he jerked her in his arms..

She tried struggling, plz leave me, she harshly remove his hands from her waist, pushing him again, don’t touch me..

Maan couldn’t take it more, his ego was hurt badly and he just rushed out from her cabin..out of office angrily.

Geet cried furiously, but having satisfaction for her doing..she didn’t regret it bit..never..

to be continued…

Precap :-

Back to past..from where it started..

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  1. Nice update.. waiting to know their past.. not understanding Geet’s character yet.. one time she is chui mui si and next she is talking so boldly to him. Want to know more pls update sooonnnn

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    1. Thank you 🤗
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