Maan threw his shirt off, baring his torso as he walked towards her sleeping form taking slow steps enjoying the sight of the sleeping beauty.

He remembered the events that follows after she fainted in his arms because of fire.


Maan was furious seeing her blanking out like that, surely he didn’t liked the fact something happening to her. He worriedly lifts her unconscious body in his arms follow straight to his room. 

As soon as he had put her on his bed, 

What happened to geet?? 

He could hear worried Dadima following inside , he turned to looked at the door only to see petrified Kunal rushing inside as well.

He darted furious glare to the Maid standing there , as soon as he give her look she look down scared .

He was sure she informed and brought them here. 

Kya hua beta?? Dadi’s voice made him turn around.

Kuch nahi Dadima.. her dupatta was set on fire, and she fainted..

What!?? was both there reaction.

You saying it as “Nothing” Kunal blasted caressing her forehead.

Don’t you dare to raise your voice before me, Maan warned him with furious red eyes.

She was the one running through those lighted lamps. He explained..

Par kyon.. why did she..!?? 

Dadi instantly made a call to doctor , in next half an hour he was there, he checked her and explain it was because of shock , she fainted..

Nothing to worry, in few hours she will gain her consious back. 

All the while Maan stood looking out through window. Listening to everything silently..but there was storm going on inside his heart..

Kiski Nazar lag gayi humari bachi Ko..dadi was nostalgic patting her forehead. 

Dadima, don’t worry.. My Wife is not that fragile ..she will but before Kunal complete Maan spoke, she is.. 

He was already furious hearing him then couldn’t stop saying about her, then he stop..

As both dadi & Kunal looked at him confused.

I mean she will wake up soon, Dadima, you don’t take tension.. aap jaaiye aaram kijiye.. dad will wrap up the party.. 

Ji Dadima, Maan is saying right, you go and take rest ..I am here with her..

Maan clutch the window pane tight..ready to break it anytime..

Suddenly something strike his mind, and evil smirk appeared on his lips. 

Kunal excuse me for a while,.. I have some imp work..

Sure Maan, hope you don’t mind,with me staying here for a while with my wife.. I am really sorry to disturb you, she is always like this, kabhi khudka khayal rakhti nahi..and he went on..eyeing his wifey lovingly

After a while he turned to see Maan, but there was no one, Shayad bahot hi jaruri kaam hoga.. he murmured to himself seeing him disappearing so suddenly..


It’s been an half an hour no sign of maan.. not anyone, Kunal sat beside her , checking through his cell.

When Rajveer Khurana walked in, asking about Geet’s health.

Take care of her beta.. it will be good , if you spend night here, go to your home at morning.

Kunal was hesitant but looking at unconscious Geet, he just nodded..

Good!! Rajveer patted his shoulder, and went off just then kunals cell buzz with office no.

Hearing from the other side, Kunal turned tense and giving Geet one last glance he rushed out to meet Dadi.


Maan walked into an empty room of his, removing his shoes, he glance at the petite figure of her, there was an evil smirk on his face.. when all of a sudden maid barge in , seeing his furious glare, she instantly look down and stopped in her track.

She petrified standing on his door, waiting for his words..

What!??? He barked angrily..

Kunal sir has left the message.

What it is.. although knowing everything he pretended..

There was urgency in his office, so he had left informing to take care of Geet mam, he will come as soon as the problem solve there.

Good!! He exclaimed smirking devilishly.. 

The maid was surely shocked but damn scared from his demeanor she didn’t dare to look up but stood for his order..

He walked up to her throwing bundle of notes on her face, keep your mouth shut, not a word to Dadima or anyone.. not even your Geet mam.. understood!?? He warned so dangerously.. 

Maid couldn’t held back the enthusiasm getting so much money, she was wicked… Hungry for money.. nodded furiously, before she move, Maan slam the door on her face, knowing about her or everyone wicked mind, which only wanted money.. 

He turned around eyeing the object of his interest, but she was different.. she is surely.. he thought walking towards her.

Jee karta hai teri zulfon se kheloon

Jee karta hai tujhe baahon mein le loon

[I wish to play with your tresses

I wish to take you in my arms]

He removed his cloths, leaving his pants on, he joined her on the bed, today no one can come between us, one to disturb him.. he had made all arrangements..he smirked remembering about his plan to create problem at his office.. one thing everyone knew, that how much Kunal was passionate regarding his work & his company is his soul..

He looked at her closely, she was an angel.. and he is devil..he smirked with his thoughts..his hands touched her soft hairs, caressing them .it was itching to do so .as he opened her messy braid.. soft wind rushing through the window, blew her tendrils on his face. He was mesmerized, as he pulled her in his arms, breathing into her sweet scent.

Jee karta hai teri zulfon se kheloon

Jee karta hai tujhe baahon mein le loon

Geet wriggle a bit feeling him in her unconscious state. He smirked putting her on his one arm. He bend forward kissing her both eyes..cherishing the feel. 

Jee karta hai teri aankhon ko chumoon

Jee karta hai tere ishq mein jhumoon

[I wish to kiss your eyes

I wish to dance in your love]

His lips started strolling down the kisses from her eyes to her nose, his beard scratch her soft skin, she began breathing heavily ..

His attention went on her shivering lips, he took them in his mouth, kissing her softly..

She was out of breath when open her dizzy eyes, and looked at him..

Haaye dil karta hai tera sapna saja loon

Dil karta hai tujhe apna bana loon

[Oh my, I wish to decorate your dream

I wish to you make you mine]

For a while, she thought she is dreaming, but then when he pulled apart gazing her face lovingly, she jerked back to her senses.

Aap yaha…?? Where is Kunal?? 

Was her first question which left him furious, as she began struggling, his hold only tighten on her .

What are you doing?? Let me go.. 

He glared her furiously that was enough for her to mellow down. His hands slowly move behind opening her zip.

Geet shivered, then her eyes filled up , again he is doing the same thing.. why me…she cursed her fate..

What are you doing?? Her voice quivered..

Offcourse stripping you off your cloths.. his answer left her in horror shock as she gaped him with wide open eyes, ..

to be continued..

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30 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 3

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