Maan took a step back seeing Ranjeet Handa standing there with his gaze on frighten Geet.

Geet looked at her uncle who just asked her to joined the kids..

Geet was not surprised hearing it coming from him but like always she was scared , in his presence.. if that wasn’t enough , Maan was standing just there looking at her,

No..I don’t want to.. she fidget with her dupatta.

And then her brother just walked in giving her nasty smile, stood beside his father, she gulped hard, keeping her gaze down as she heard him,

She has her answer always ready dad, that no word is always there in her dictionary.

Rajeev!! Her uncle show him his big eyes stopping him to say further and he buzz off from there giving her furious glare.

Unknown to all , Maan was glaring at his back, his fist tightened without his own notice he was getting angry.

Geet beta, go & play.. don’t be shy..

Uncle’s soft voice touched her heart again making her at ease, she looked up trying to look into his eyes and answer softly, no..uncle..Its’s fine..

Geet no argument..go.

Geet had no option but to go ahead . She took slow steps.. really uncomfortable to join those kids.. surely they won’t harm you geet but yeah make fun.. her mind taunted , she took deep breath .

Can I join you guys.. she so softly said that no one even hear her as all were busy making loud voices then sound of crackers.

Geet was on the verge of crying, what to do..she fidget with her dupatta, then there was a girl of 15 years,

She again asked only to get smile from the girl making her at ease,

Why not..

She handed her sparkler …Geet was hesitant, then as she lit the one, her eyes widen in excitement, she started waving it around, remembering her childhood, it’s creating dazzling shapes in the dark night.

She got busy with kids busting small crackers. ..then unconsciously turned around to see there was no one, no uncle nor MK.

She took a relived breath and got back to playing around.

Unknown to her two pair of eyes just staring her way, stealing her glimpses, with a smile lingering on his M shape lips.

He walked ahead, while Geet was lost busting fireworks, she put fountain, and lit it, stepping back hurriedly she threw burner stick away.

But in hurry she lost her balance going to fall back but that didn’t happen instead she bump into strong body in a jerk.

Her fountain lit up but the boys around were busting loud and large crackers. They lit up the cracker, and Geet’s eyes widen in horror, she quickly turned around hiding her face in his broad chest, then her body jerk up, with a loud sound of cracker.

She closed her eyes, shivering like hell. .

His hold tighten on her, securing her in his arms, as her soft lips touched his open chest, making both of them shiver with the contact.

Geet was pulled back to reality, her eyes widen in horror, what is she doing!? He is .. is he..??

She pulled back in a jerk looking at his face, with wide open mouth & eyes.

You loved to bust crackers & get scare also..

Ajeeb baat hai, Geet!! He smirked playfully.

Geet, you here!??

Kunal barge into the scene leaving Geet startled, till then Maan had left her, and now when she give him fearful glance, he was having evil smirk plaster on his face.

I really forgot sometime before only you had walked out informing me.

Geet was flustered, as she stammered,

What happened, Jaan!? You look scared.. he cupped her face gently, genuinely worried for her.

He tighten his fist in fury & looked away, before walking inside.

Kunal..I am really fine..she pulled back his hands, which were cupping her nape, as he tried to ease her, combing back her hairs.

It’s just I was busting crackers.

What!?? Really..

Geet gave uncomfortable smile before hear his chirping voice again..

So I know now my wifey to love to do something also.

Kunal plz.. it’s not a big thing . She was back to herself now forgetting her worries.

Kunal had somewhere come to know about how to cheer her up..

Well it’s big thing for me, I came to know new something about my wifey.

Geet kept mum, not knowing what to answer to his tease..

Let’s go then..what you was standing here & doing??

That question left her flustered, as she remembers her encounter with Maan.


She looked at front, he was not there then she turned to the voice only to see him walking towards the kids with few different crackers in his hands.

She was not sure, but on his constant calling she couldn’t refused but walked ahead.

Soon both began to bust was fun with jovial Kunal at side, he was not giving her much attention but playing himself with kids giving her time to play on her own.

Someone was burning a lot in jealousy..seeing the scene, he slam his palm on the burning diya there in anger.

She was playing so happily with him outside, then what’s the problem with him, he couldn’t understand her..nor digest the thing which happening in front his eyes, it hurt his ego.

And he in rage or his own madness opened the window of balcony where diyas arrangements were done beautifully next moment the gush of wind came & everything was dark then..


Geet..Geet beta..

Both Kunal & Geet looked up to see little tense Dadi walking out,

What’s the matter dadi..aap itna pareshan kyon lag rage hai . Kunal asked reaching upto her.

Geet was waiting anxiously seeing her tense.

Woh I am here ask help from Geet actually..

Geet looked at her,

Geet beta, can you just go up towards right corner balcony, there you see.. she showed her the balcony from down,

Both Kunal & Geet looked up , only to see the darkness. But unknown to three of them someone was hidden from their eyesight, eyeing the scene down.

Waha toh bahot andhera dikh raha hai, Dadima.. Geet said out confused.

Yes dear, that’s what the matter..just go and lit up diyas, I really don’t know who opened that window, and everything us know dark.

Geet understand the thing and just nodded in acceptance.

Ji Dadima, hum Abhi aaye..

Thank you, beta..dadi patted her cheek affectionately.

Why do you have to say thanks Dadi, you just have to order.. Geet said cheekily making both smile.

Kunal was just admiring her, how easily and affectionately she was talking with dadi.

Hayye..mar kudi ke rang dekh..

Kunal teased as soon as dadi was out of sight..

Kunal…Geet whined before rushing inside.

Do you want me to follow you inside, he shouted cheekily..

No need..I will manage, Geet turned and answers, and you finish those crackers..

Your command..he screams again not caring about the kids staring him weirdly.


Geet step inside to see few diyas were lighten, she looked at few maids there doing their work.

Probably dadi had sent her to look after them, she thought & walked inside, getting one candle to do her work.

Yeh kya..Yashoda (maids name)

Window is half open, aise toh diye phirse bujh jayenge.. she blabber and rushed to closed the window.

Ji madam..hum toh bhool hi Gaye..both said in unison making Geet to shook her head in displeasure.

She was trying to close the window but it was so hard, it’s need lot of strength which she was lacking.

Let me help you, sweetheart !! He whispered in her ear, making her shudder badly first shock & then his hot breath fanning her neck,

M..a .a..n.. she stammered turning around in shock, you scared me she couldn’t stop blabbering out in anger and fear for making her scare like that..

Maan was amused seeing her antics, it’s really rare to see her this side, and then she was talking to you, dude you are so lucky..he thought with smirk plastering on his face.

Geet was breathing heavily with his closeness, she gulped hard , her throat was dry asking for water..

You are thirsty .. it seem..

He eyed her dry lips hungrily, Geet shivered, she tried to push him..let me go.. she tilted her neck in fear , that maids will see them like this..

But to her utter shock, there was no one, they both were alone in whole room, the only thought made her shudder badly.. she was clueless what she was feeling at that moment..

I love this shock look on your face, his words made her angry..

How dare you!! She turned to face him..

That’s how you talk with your boss Geet..ha!??

Geet instantly mellow down knowing he can do anything..just anything with her job..

I ..woh.. you

Maan waited for her to finish the line, he was really interested to hear her what she has to say and think about him.

You shouldn’t make fun of others feelings like that. She softly whispered with tears stinging to her eyes feeling helpless.

Maan’s heart melted hearing her complaint, he really don’t care about others feelings but surely he do about her.. how could he tell her that..well he was tongue tie for a moment..he couldn’t speak this out .. his ego held him back..but his heart was beating manically seeing her sad face.

Let me quench your thirst..

Geet looked on confused but before she realized the meaning of his words, he was kissing her like crazy.

Her eyes widen in horror, she tried to struggle but of no use against his strong arms.

He was pinning her harshly to himself. ..Geet was protesting but her eyes caught the sight of kunal at down , from the open window.

She pushed Maan at side plastering him straight on the wall, in fear..

Maan smirked in the kiss, only to see her moisten eyes.his kiss turned soft trying to sooth her.

Geet was in a daze feeling his tongue playing with hers.. his kiss was so soft, he was drinking her Saliva..

Geet was lost in the kiss when she heard kunals loud laughter.. she cursed herself..and her tears well up wetting his cheek.

He broke off angrily seeing her tears.. only to see her crying silently looking down through window.

He followed her eyes, and burned in fury again, he just slam the window closed making Geet jerked back.

She looked frighten at his furious eyes, and rushed to get the candle to lit up diyas.

She was doing her work with lost state of mind. and at a point her finger burnt in that..

Ouch.. she moaned out loudly

And next moment he was at her side, he took her finger in his mouth soothing her pain.

Geet blushed furiously, trying to pulled away.

Waha Jaa ke baitho.. I will do it. He softly said.

No.. I am fine .

You have NO to say always to everything.

Her face became dull instantly reminding raveejs taunt about the same. She got up silently and went and sit on the couch.

Maan sighed remembering the same ..but if she will behave so .. everyone will taunt her..she doesn’t understand.

Geet was sulking, pouting her lips, ready to cry when she saw one diya’s light fluttering ready to buzz off.. she instantly rushed to it cupping her palms around it to protest air coming close.

Maan walked to her, cupping his palms around her own, touching her forehead to her.

Her face was shinning in golden light , looking gorgeous.. he was enjoying the sight when Geet pulled back and got to work with remaining diyas.

Maan helped her ..both got busy in doing the work in between stealing each other sight. It was Maan who openly staring her with any shame.

Well..he don’t have..Geet muttered to herself twisting her lips.

Maan’s gaze follow her lips, he was as if kissing her lips with his eyes.

Geet blushed without her will, their beautiful moment was broken with kunals entry..

Geet .. are you there??

Geet was startled, she compose herself, when Kunal step inside, surprised to find Maan there..

We should leave now…

His words made both of them stop in what they were doing.. both share a look.. Maan didn’t like the idea of her going away from him.

Although he knew he can see her next day in office.

Kunal got busy in helping her along with Maan, who was still looking at her, Geet was scared the way he was giving her looks so openly even in kunals presence.. she just wished to finish of this task at hand & flee from there.

Unknown about that, Kunal was sincerely helping her, in between giving her loving gazes, it somewhere pinch Maan..he wasn’t liking this all..

After a while..

I will talk to uncle downstairs.. you come.. saying so Kunal turned to Maan who want much happy with the news..

Talking with him for sometime he rushed downstairs leaving Geet to finish off with remaining diyas.

Geet finish off hurriedly..just last diya was left, in hurry and scare and nervous in Maan’s presence, she couldn’t do it..

Maan was watching her intently, he went ahead and hold her hands, guiding her .

Both of them lit the diya together, Geet looked around herself, whole place was lighten again dazzling the surrounding..

She was awed..looking around, she did this..she couldn’t believe..she can do some work this beautifully.. beautiful smile enlighten her face.

Maan was only watching her, he too smile seeing her smiling face.

Geet turned to him and blushed seeing his gaze, she tried to pulled back her hand

but he jerked her in his arms, Geet couldn’t move. His face was so close, for a while she kept staring him then his eyes which was already watching her with great interest.

His phone rang breaking the moment, Geet was so relieved that could be seen from her face.

She tried to move away but only to be stuck again with his tight hold.

She tried struggling as he took the call, his eyes on her while he listening other side.

Geet gives pleading look, Maan smirked..

She stopped struggling after a while feeling defeated, when felt his hands moving under her suit on her soft wait, going on stomach..he started playing with her belly button making moaned.

After a while she felt his hold loosen, as he got lost in the call..taking the chance she free herself from his hold, and tried to rushed out.

Maan looked at her, his eyes widen to see her running between burning diyas..

Geet..ruko.. he called her shutting his phone down.

But Geet got frighten hearing him, she thought he again wanted her stop to do mischief things.

So once turning around to look at him she turned back to run out but she stumbled on her feet and was ready to fall.

Maan was horrified as he saw her dupatta on fire, he made a rushed and saw her stumbling.

Before she hit the floor and got herself burn he made wild dash reaching in a moment, he caught her from waist.

Geet was too horrified, she looked at him catching her & then with one hand discarding her dupatta throwing it away.

He stumped that material and looked at Geet who in a shock,

Geet…Geet.. he tried to pull her up but her weight was loosening on him and next moment she fainted..

to be continued..

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Precap :-

Keep your mouth shut.. he handed her the bundle of notes shutting the door on her face, he turned to look at the object of his interest.

She was laying unconscious…


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