Geet got down from the car, with a wrapped gift in her arms. Her eyes shinning  bright seeing the roshnai of fireworks in the night sky.

WOW!! Her eyes roaming here and there gazing excitedly ..when it caught the sight Mansion bathing in the lights , where the party was held.

He walked upto his wife, who was so lost in watching the sight of Khurana Mansion.

He couldn’t help but chuckle seeing her childlike excitement.

Let’s go inside na.. Geet urged him as soon she saw him near her.

Oh so you know I am also here, I thought you are lost in watching KM.

mr.khurana, do you want to hurry or I should go alone.

Oops..sorry, Mrs.khurana..lets hurry.. he smile and followed his overexcited wife inside.

Finally, here you are!! I was waiting like ages.

I am sorry, Dadima..we got little late.

It’s okay dear..leave it, Happy Diwali, beta..

Happy Diwali, Dadima!! Geet gives her gift and took her blessings, she nudge her husband also. 

Dadi chuckled seeing the scene, how are you beta. 

I am just perfect!! He gives her smile.

Dadi Chuckle hearing his answer and patted his cheek.

Let’s get inside.. she walked both of them in.

Geet was left in awe again watching around as the lavish mansion was shinning from inside as well. diyas and lights were adoring the whole place. 

It’s beautiful Dadima. So beautiful she spoke in awe..

Not more than you, beta.. Dadima chuckle answering her.

Geet blushed scarlet red hearing her comment. 

Dadima please.. 

Arey.. hum sach kah rage hai, Geet!! You are really looking beautiful.. did he brought this suit for you!! Kyon Kunal!?? 

Ji Dadima.. who else will bring then. 

Geet just rushed away from the sight highly embarrassed hearing their talk.

I love her so much, Dadima.

That I can see, dadi teased looking at him then his eyes was only on her.

There came another person who’s eyes was only on her. 

Geet…he whispered finding her there, as he descended down the huge staircase on his mansion.

His eyes all the while just following her, just then..


He heard his dadi’s call & walked towards her.

On the other hand, Geet stopped in her track, her eyes widen realizing how could she forget about him. 

Offcourse , he bound to be here only as the owner of KM. 

She quickly stole her eyes catching his magnificent sight.

As always he was more than gorgeous, stealing every girl’s heart there. 

Geet gulped hard, and ignoring his sight walked further looking around, unaware of those pair of eyes of his following her . 

Hey Maan.. 

Kunal gives him brotherly hug, Maan hugged him back with a small smile.

Dadima walked away towards Geet, she took her with her, introducing her with her friends circle.. 

Some envied seeing her grace& beauty as dadi was looking really proud talking about Geet. 

Geet was really uncomfortable and embarrassed, wanted to hide somewhere in between four walls of her house. It was only Kunal & dadi with whom she was at ease other than her own family (mayka)

And then seeing those high class ladies, who giving her looks as if she is some filth.

Her blood was boiling , eyes were filling up, she gulp the knot in her throat and somehow maintain her composer.

Dadi left from there after a while leaving her in between those ladies.

She was stuck for a while answering their not so decent questions, for her rescue, Kunal walked upto her taking her away from there.

Thank God !! She said in mind, taking a relief breath, she wanted to thank her hubby but couldn’ has been always like this, she couldn’t voice out her feelings not to him..nor to anyone. 

In childhood she wasn’t like this, she was so lost in her thoughts failed to notice Kunal was observing her closely. 

Geet, he shook her shoulder to jerk her back to reality. 

Are you okay?? 

Ji..hum thik hai.. let’s have some drinks..may be you will feel good.

Nahi Kunal , I just want to go outside for a while, can I go? 

Offcourse, can .. go, get some fresh air and came back…I will be here catch with my friends. 

Geet nodded and rushed out as fast she could, really wanted to be out of this place.

She stood in the garden, inhaling sharply, her suit was itching her .. she was damn uncomfortable, although she had managed to keep composer before everyone.her husband or the world who judge you just by your cloths and appear.

She started feeling suffocated again with those thoughts, it making her again feel alone. 

Giggling of the kids caught her attention, her eyes shined with a smile on her lips. 

No …not seeing kids but the thing they were doing.  

All were busting crackers happily. How she wished she could do the same. Hell..she loved to do..yes there is shyness to do so before all people, but who cared for the world & their talks , but her family. ..

She was jealous now seeing those kids.. 

I wished to be a kid again. But that can’t be happen now..

She pouted on the verge of crying when she felt someone’s present behind her. 

Why don’t you join the kids, go ahead..

He spoke in his authoritative voice like always which made her numb.. then scared. 

It was her reaction always, hearing his voice and just in his presence. 

As she turned around to face him knowing well whom does this voice belongs to.. 

She forgot to breath seeing him standing just before her, so close..

to be continued..

I think now few things are clear to you guys.. smiley2 wait for the story to proceed further.. everything will be clear step by step.. also in CS few things will be clear.

and most importantly  this is different concept ..not continuation of first season.

First season going to end soon.. I will try to finish that soon.

But you guys can read season 2 without worry.. as it’s totally different concept .. offcourse will have the same essence of first season.but story line will be different. and as usual i dont have to tell.. it’s MG only at the end.. so do not worry about that.. ; )

Let me warned you guys, this gonna steaming hot .. 18+ smiley15

this gonna strictly mature ..

Few things , if anyone wouldn’t digest, and anyone wouldn’t approve the concept or scenes or anything of the story, then plz don’t leave harsh comments or pm me..

like Kyon ki..

Kyon time I accepted all those words this time no..

 You can bash the characters but not the story.

It’s totally my imagination, work of fiction, 

Do not copy it, I have copyright my blog..if anyone dare to ..I have to take legal action against that person. 


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      1. Thank you πŸ€—
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  1. Sun4u in IF
    Superb update. its really shocking to know that geet is kunal’s wife. So kunal is maan’s cousin, how come geet married to him. Geet seems to know maan somehow and also effected by him and maan also seems to be interested in her. what’s happening. geet is not opened up with her husband kunal with her feelings .

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  2. Omg so mr.khurana was not maan😲 that was biggest shock dear so geet ignores mean she gets affected by itπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ waiting for the way the story turns up… superbbb dear keep going ❀️ waiting to read more ❀️😘

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    Maan and kunal are brothers. Both are living in same mansion.
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