Hum Tumpe Marte Hai..Chapter 10


She searched him around the whole outhouse but he was no where to be seen. 

She makes a face, where did he go?? 

Geet decided to go to mansion, may be he will be there ..thinking so she rushed to the Mansion, greeting Dadima she went upstairs, and the loud voices could be heard..that was laughing sound..she walked up to the room the voices were coming from that lead her to Annie’s room. 

As soon as she stop at her door, she was mad, shock, hurt and pained…what not seeing the sight before her.

Maan was there in between her friends .. as they all surrounded him , cheering him, making him dance ..encouraging him for it..

The thing was unbearable to see him like that..not just it but he was wearing the sari. 

STOP IT!!  What the hell all this drama going on!?? She blasted clinching her teeth in fury.

Girls stopped and looked at her, when Annie replied in cheesy voice, it’s not drama’s called dance.. 

Annie…she gives her ridiculous look before rushing inside angrily, I have never expected this from you!! 

Alright, he is mad but not you guys that you guys are behaving like crazy..she scolded all of them coming into the circle .

Maan was scared a bit seeing her anger, he stood like a kid at side giving everyone confuse look. He was not really understanding the gravity of the situation..stood with the sari pallu on his head. 

You guys know , I am doing treatment on him. 

Who dared to wear him sari.. she asked angrily but her friends only knows to irritate her further.

Oh yeah..we forgot guys.. she had taken the bet and now only fifteen days are remaining..

Tasha teased .. and he is still mental . She scoffed..

Annie couldn’t bear it more, she just rushed out from there hidding her emotions from her friends.

Shut up Tasha..!!

Geet barked on her, I have full confidence on myself, understand!?? 

Let’s go, she said to Maan holding his wrist, and next moment dragged him out. 

And you..!! She stopped Maan jerking him around to face her, you are not a girl to wear a saree. She scolded him also pulling out the material from his body, she threw that angrily straight on Tasha’s face who in return glared her, minute.. Tasha stopped her as geet turned to go again.

We are here to enjoy, and you have taken the bet not we, understand?? You better understand!!she pointed her finger on her, throwing that material on the floor.

Geet was damn angry now, so you guys have come here to enjoy, okay then enjoy!! 

Fine..really fine!!! And she rushed from there angrily dragging Maan along with her. 


Geet looked at Maan silently just observing him, her mind and heart both fighting.. she had tried her best in last fifteen days..but result was here before her eyes, 

He was still the improvement..just those dreams were constantly occupying her nights since the time she and Maan sleeping together. 

Offcourse, still everyone are unknown of this morning he always sprawling all over her body.

What else she would except from the Man whos brain is like a child now.

And today’s incident, it really hurt her deep ..her own friends not helping her but creating more problems..

Annie!?? Isn’t she is his sister..then why is she behaving like this. 

Her eyes started welling without her own notice, she was startled feeling his touch on her moisten cheeks.

Maan..she astonished look at him, his chocolate eyes boring deep into her as if trying to reach her soul.

Geet doesnt look good with tears..he said in small voice trying to wipe off her tears, her cohl spread on her cheeks.


Your cheeks..

What..Maan..she got up and look herself in the mirror, her eyes widen then she broke into giggle.

Do I look like Ghost!?? She turned to him wiping her face.


You look like sweet ghost.. he added making her shock then she break into loud laughter.


Maan too joined her rolling on the bed holding his tummy..

Geet just kept gapping him after a while stopping in her track.

Her heart flip flop seeing his laughing.. 



Annie..this is going over board .. in what condition Geet is going through ..we should think about that.

Pinky said worried , for she couldn’t see her dear friend suffering like one side handling a crazy man ..on the other side, Annie and her friends troubling her. 

Arey..but she had asked for all this let her face it ,Annie replied sipping her coffee.

But she .

Enough!! Annie show her palm stopping the discussion more discussion on this topic.

Now she herself have to think of the way to get out of this situation. 


Next Day, 

It was Diwali occasion, 

Geet tried to put on the right design of Rangoli.. she sat on her knees, drawing the Colors. 

She clapped her hands like a little girl , drawing one flower, she had seen her mother, and now trying to copy it.

Maan climb down the stairs and clapped his own hands exactly like Geet copying her.

Stop copying me..she rolled he eyes. Her dupatta slipping , she tried to adjust it. But no use.. 

When she felt one hand touching her shoulder, Maan will help…ruko.. 

He tried to fix her dupatta in that process his hand was touching her soft skin. 

He felt it like a cotton, and get on to rubbing her..

Maan…she moaned couldn’t controlling, her eyes drooping with his sensuous touch. 

His hands started moving across her open neck, going below on her cleavage.

Both were lost in the new feeling, fail to notice what’s both doing.

Just then 


And everything stumble, Geet was pulled back to reality, she jerked his hand so furiously that he lost his balance on fell on her making her land straight on the Rangoli. 

Pinky rushed in, and her mouth fell right open seeing the scene before her eyes..

Geet was laying on the Rangoli, and on top of her was Maan, seem so lost in her , his lips touching her corner of lips .

Geet shivered and feeling someone’s gaze on them, she turned to look at the side, only to see all her friends including Annie standing there.

Next all broke into fit of laughter making Geet angry.

She forcefully made him stand on his feet, he pouted with her rude behavior.

You spoil whole my Rangoli..with how much difficulty I have tried it , you know?? Geet pouted scolding Maan.

Kya Ho Raha hai yaha!!?? 

Dadi walked in the scene.. Geet quickly put on the dupatta on her, turning embarrassed to face dadi.

Geet, what happened to you dear?? 

Dadi..Geet whined.. explaining her whole thing..

Dadi chuckle..

Someone want help, then have to ask na.. !?? Annie spoke in between keeping straight face.

Ha beta Annie aapko sikha degi..and she will help you also..don’t worry. it happen patting her cheek she walked inside.

Soon both friends began to draw the new Rangoli with others poking in between making them irritated, Maan tried to help her and cheer up the atmosphere with his innocence and childishness.

Finally the beautiful design was carve on the floor of entrance to welcome the guest.

Geet was really happy, she  touched her Colored finger on his nose playfully, Maan did the same making everyone giggled.

Oh Maan..happy Diwali, baby!! She took him in warm hug, he hugged her back happily..

Everyone smile and share a look with each other before rushing to them, taking both in group hug , everyone screamed..


It just started..smiley2 more on the way…smiley2

17 thoughts on “Hum Tumpe Marte Hai..Chapter 10

  1. Aww superb so geet is pissed off with her friends behavior and Annie too is irritating..geet was hurt seeing maan the same way she started it’s been 15days there is no improvement.. maan helping geet in duppata and cute romance and the way he helped in rangoli was nice waiting to read more ❀️😘

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      1. It’s Diwali so it’s phatake dar updateπŸ€ͺ Geet’s anger is justified how can someone do this especially Annie. 15 days complete 15 more to come lts see what will happen…..

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice update n geet ‘ s friends making fun of maan n irritate geet enjoying her condition bcoz fifteen days only left n still he is same n geet making rangoli n maan help her with her dupatta n love their romance n geet devloped some feeling for him n but she didn’t understand that n thnxx for pm me

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  3. Superb update dear
    All peoples was making fun of maan.
    Geet doesnt like all this.
    Shocking part was… annie also there with her friends.
    Geet was finghting withr heart and brain.
    Geet kiski bat manegi dil ya dimag?
    Thanx for pm.
    Sorry for late reply.
    Busy hu thodi. Lekin waqt milne pr mai jarur update read karke comment karungi.

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