Maneet FF His Precious Possession – His Maid Part 39

Geet stared at him in shock. What is he saying at mid night. First she was shock with the revelation that he brought her something. He brought her gift. She was surprised. Happy to know that someone had brought her something first time.gifted her something.  She smile innocently. But soon frown appear on her small face. He was demanding her to wear it this time of night.


Saheb. .she looked at him confused.

Geet .. maine kaha ise pahnke dikhao.he repeated again now being irritated doing so. He can’t be able to sleep without seeing her in this frock.he will be restless there imagining her with all sorts of angles.


Geet at once snatch a packet from his hands and rush to washroom to try it seeing him getting angry.  Hey Babaji when he will get angry. Don’t know about his mood swings.  She thought making baby face as she opened the packet and her eyes brighten with delight to see her interest of cloth inside.  She opened the dress fully and gasp with shock of happiness. Few tears slip from her hazels seeing her long time wish was in her hands shinning with its all glory.


She touch it with her child excitement. It’s so soft being shinning in pink color.  It’s barbie frock.  She so much wanted to wear this type of cloths from childhood. When she was small.  But that wish never got fulfilled leaving her thirsty for all her childhood. Instead she has to wear   sarees and ghagra choli in small age only.her eyes feels with pain and admiration for her saheb .her fulfilled her long lost  wish today which she have lost hope to get fulfill sometime but is it right for her to get this gift from her saheb being only his maid.

Geet. Kya hua. Ab bahar aao. Tumne dress pahna ya nahi.  Kuch problem hai kya? Maan band on the door angry and worried at the same time.

Geet get startle at sudden banging and her saheb voice getting out of her thoughts.  She hurriedly try to wear it coming out of her saree.

Ji. Ji. Hum aa rahe hai.


Maan was getting impatient here outside.

Why she is taking this much time in wearing this simple dress. Then it click him she is not other girl who wear this type of cloths or whom he met everyday in his office.she always wear sarees not this type of cloths.

Geet was finding it difficult as wrong where to start  it’s big one. Finally she get it and wore it but it’s chain remain opened without her knowledge being it’s behind back.

Maan was going to bang again but he stop dead on his place seeing a barbie doll stand infront him.

His lotus was all blooming in pink frock. That was like party wear. Though he wanted to bring a short one but he cant be able to see her bruise legs that’s why he brought this long one but it’s looking more beautiful on his lotus.


He was just starring at her continuously with his hungry eyes.from top to bottom making her more and red with his stare. Still uncomfortable with this bare shoulders dress.

She quivered with his passion that was radiating from him towards herself.

He takes the steps towards her slowly like a predator still busy in his starring .


She was standing with her head downwards still with his effect . She feels she will not able to move now with her legs becoming jelly.

He reach her and cupped her face making her look at him. Her lips was quivering inviting him to take them and stop there quivering with his rough ones.


He was about to take them but stop himself hearing her.

Saheb…she called him softly still shivering with his touch . She cant take it more. She will faint for sure with his gaze itself she thought. As she turn to go.

Maan stopped her from holding her from her bare shoulders .

Kaha Ja rahi ho. (Where are you going)

Hum Issey nikalte hai. Apne dekh liya na. She utter quivering with his touch.


Maine kab dekha. Abhi to kuch bhi nahi. He said huskily closing her chain making her gasp with shock.  It’s chain there  she never know. She turn all red with the thought of him seeing her bare back.


He come more closed to her staring at her bruises there kissed it softly as if reducing her pain a bit. Still didn’t knowing what he is doing . Feeling her pain.

Geet moan with passion and pain .


Geet abhi bhi dard ho raha hai?  He asked hearing her moan.

Hmm mm. She moan lost in his touch still. Hearing her he continued his kisses on her both shoulders as if sucking her pain.

Hume Neend aa rahi hai. Finally she blurted out innocently now started to fear of his passion.  It’s making her vulnerable.feeling dizzy. So she blurted what her innocent mind thought of her situation.

Maan at once come out of his passion or worry.still he didn’t know that. He looked her with his angry eyes,  she very well know how to spoiled his desires for her.but his angry eyes soften at once seeing her innocently rubbing her eyes like a child.  He smiled at her innocence.  She is indeed sleepy. He glance at the side clock. It’s now 2. a.m. God it’s too much late. He need to be early for office. What he is doing here till this late. He thought furiously glaring at clock.

He turn towards her. She is looking at him innocently as if waiting for his next order.

16298441_918461378296670_4110808364676075038_n (1)

He at once pick her up in his arms and she clasp her hands on his neck keeping her head on his shoulders sleeping there only. She is too much tired with whole day work and previous happenings. On that her saheb  woke her up in the mid night. But she feeling comfortable in this frock. It’s so much soft soft. She is feeling like never to remove it. She loved it so much and it’s her first frock she is wearing.

Maan made her lay down on bed and she sleep there as soon as her body touch that soft bed. He smile at her nakhras (tantrums)she is a child. He thought covering her with blanket.



Geet’s happiness was no new bound seeing dadima on doorstep.  She rushed towards her and almost jump on her hugging her tightly. Sumitra who was in hall along with Rajeev gasp in surprise seeing the scene. But there sweet surprise turn in shock seeing dadima’s  reaction . As they saw dadima almost push her in anger. They never saw her this much angry.

to be continue….

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  1. Beautiful update n maan gave her gift n ask her to wear n seeing his gift she became very happy as it was her dream to wear this n she wore it n she is looking beautiful n maan can’t take off his eyes from her n thnxx for pm me

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