Maan was too much angry to said,  what on the earth made annie to do like this with poor soul. Already she was weak and dizzy with that bruises of hers. Even she didn’t let her eat her food first. He couldn’t believe his sister has gone this low in doing like that.


He stare at her innocent face .she was sleeping there cuddling to his arms. She is looking too innocent to be hurt by anyone. When he at first saw her laying there unconscious, his breath was stop at the moment to see blood on her hands. He had rushed to her to pick up her fragile body in his arms and doctor was called immediately.  Dr. Shah has find out about her empty stomach that was without food whole 24 hours. He knows that as she was fainted in this morning only that’s why he given her the food in morning only but his sister. She had crossed the all boundaries today with her low act. He had never forget her previous bashing on Geet. That time he stop himself because he don’t know the reason but now he wanted to scold her being this cruel.  He didn’t remain in there contact its not mean they could behave as per they wanted .this law. He sigh frustratingly banging his hand on the side table and she woke up with sound.


Saheb. . She called him as soon as her eyes open and look at him with her dizzy eyes.

He cursed himself for waking her up,

Geet tum thik ho… he asked her caressing her forehead.  He was genuinely concern.

She smiled softly and reply in husky voice ..Ji.  hume pani chahiye. .she said licking her lips that was dry.

He immediately give her glass of water and help her to drink.  She seems to be too weak .he thought. He still didn’t get the info about her family. He couldn’t believed, He, THE MAAN SINGH KHURANA  can’t able to get the simple information about mere maid. He is angry on himself for his inability.

Adi didn’t get any clue about them . All her could say was that her family include her mother and brother along with her father who also never in sight .And her neighbors didn’t help with much info either. They just said they saw her only travelling between Khurana mansion and her house.she didn’t see to be in outside also. Always remain in house, ( they never know about her mother’s cruelty or brother’s lust).He also never thought on that line her mother or brother will do like that. How was he to know that fact when he didn’t know either her mother being step mom or brother being her step bro.

He was so much frustrated and blasted on adi for not getting just simple info about her. That’s why he had come quickly to mansion just to saw her once. But here something other was happening   with her. This girl is really one of the piece. Being so much innocent in this world surrounded by some much cruel people.  Everyone is hell bent on making her life miserable including him he thought as he remember his early behavior towards her.with his desires but about that he can’t help it when she is looking so much inviting all the time he encounter with her.he can’t stop himself neither he will stop he smirk. His devilish smirk.  She is all his and he will not let anyone either to come near her also. He thought looking at her having her food atlast in whole day.


GHSP 413 HQ(0)_0184

Geet stand there watching that old man wearing something red and white cloths keeping gift secretly beside her head when that girl was sleeping.  She look in amazement at how that grandpa was all smiling giving gift to everyone when they are sleeping.  She is all smiling ear to ear like funny girl looking at the screen though not known about head or tail about what she is watching.  She too wanted that gift. Will anyone give her also. But who will. Ha. She smile brightly remembering dadima also gives her saree or every other things she needed like that grandpa. She is too much missing her. She had already called her 2 times without notice by anyone or rather say dadima only had called her own time and next it was geet as per dadima’s instructions. Both are really missing each other but dadima had to stay more one day with her friend as she need her

And she cant be that harsh to leave her in this state. Unaware of the duo. Sumitra had secretly saw her talking with her sasumom .. blabbering with her like she is her granddaughter.  She was amazed and atlast a small smile have adored her face. The way geet was talking with her her talks is like a small child. Complaining her about her not being here. Telling her all the happening in the mansion. She is like dadima’s detective. But never once she heard any bad word about annie or herself or any other members of family including servants.  She is even only  talking good about them. And her sasumom she is talking with her as of she is her mother or grandma.  Consoling her like her child . She had heard there each and every word in landline in her room.  She wonder now about there relation. How could it be like this being maid and owner. But it’s maybe   she can guess it was geet innocence. Her childlike nature. Her goodness or all other good things about her that made her sasumom to attach with her.


She was sleeping peacefully in her room when someone entered in her room. He smile looking at her smiling in her sleep .

How can she kept her smile even after bearing so much pain.he thought as he stared at her.her curls was left open cascading on bed beside her. She is looking an angle in moonlight. He caressed her cheeks softly that get redden with his touch. He was amazed with his effect on her in her sleep also unaware about her feelings.

He instantly stand up and looked up hearing some sounds and glared at the person standing infront him frighten.


Rajeev had just entered in her room. He have got to know about her staying here in outhouse. And he is on cloud nine  . His sleeping beauty will be now near him. He was staring at her unaware about his brother standing there and glaring at him.

Rajeev just turn shock. What is his brother doing here. He thought loudly and get the instant reply from angry MSK,

What are you doing here at this hour in her room. He turn so much jealous finding him here in her room at mid night. His anger burst on him.

Wo wo….bro…I. ..I.  Rajeev stammer badly receiving angry glare from his big bro.

Just spit it!

I just come here to look after her ..if she ..if she. .OK.  he fearfully answer him hiding the gift behind his back that he have brought for her as he have saw her looking at they Santa was giving gift to that girl in movie. And that time he had decided he will gift his sleeping beauty this Xmas.

Maan never fail to noticed the gift he have brought for her and his all burn in jealousy finding it. It’s his right only to brought our gift his sleeping beauty anything. How dared he.

Just get lost from here. And dared you again entered in her room like this. Just buzz off to your room. NOW.. he shouted angrily thereby Waking geet up. He completely forget about her being sleeping in his anger.

as Rajeev flied out in fear Geet woke up with  startle, to find her saheb there standing with anger, now what she done that he is this much angry, she thought scared to see him furious standing in her room.

saheb, she called softly to which his anger melted at once and he turn towards her, she was looking frighten ,he  totally forgot that she was sleeping, he just shouted here thereby breaking her sweet sleep.

geet was all confused , what is he doing here at midnight,, aap ko kuch chahiye? she asked seeing him staring at her standing silently,

GHSP 195 HD_5400

argh,, nothing geet. mera matlab  hai, kuch nahi, he finally reply to her. the reason behind his coming here is he wanted to gift her something on this Xmas night, he had seen her staring at screen earnestly where that santa was giving girl a gift. he had decided that time only he will today gift her, and brought the beautiful frock for his lotus, the time he glance at it, he knows it will be look more beautiful  on his lotus, he have seen her always in saree ,now wanted to see her once in this dress also.

saheb, she called again seeing him lost , what happened to him.

geet  i just brought you this ,i mean yeh tumhare liye hai, ekbaar ise pahnke dikhao. he literally order her, as he didn’t know how to ask her, she gaped at him in shock.


  1. Lovely update so maan was worried about geet and was frustrated about the things happening with her…he was angry with Annie for her behavior and he was pissed off knowing he couldn’t find about her family members so maan is possessive of for geet and he bought gift for geet waiting to read more ❤️

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  2. Nice update n maan shocked seeing her faint n he get angry in his sister for her this behaviour n he thought to talk with n he brought gift for her n before he gives her rajeev came there he shocked seeing maan there n maan get’s angry seeing him her room so he ask him why he came n then told him to leave n never come there n thnxx for pm me

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