Geet buy few things.. as nakul helped her, both started walking out, just then Geet stopped & asked him to go ahead as she needed to use washroom.


As soon as geet walked into the desolated parking area.. suddenly someone grab her from behind, 

Geet was damn scared, she tried to scream but her mouth was clasp tightly by the goon.

She began struggling as he drag her.. 

What’s happening.. She closed her teary eyes,

Maan… Just one name roaming in her mind.

When suddenly she felt herself being free, one of the guard held her, are you okay, mam!?? 

Geet has no strength in her to speak, she just nodded breathing heavily. 

Nakul rushed to the spot as guards began fighting with those few goons who attempt to kidnap Geet. 

Her eyes widen hearing the gun shot, both ran towards their car as two guards guarded them safely. 

In next minute their car was rushing out of the spot, Geet has her eyes closed tightly, she palms her ears as well, hearing screeching sound of gun shots.

Geet mam, aap thik toh hai.. Nakul asked worried seeing her sweating furiously, her breaths were heavy as well..

Yeah lijiye..Pani pi lijiye..he offered her water.

Geet wasn’t in condition to drink it.. she was highly breathing now. 

Nakul was scare, he instantly called dadi, informing her about whole incident , who in return asked him to take her to hospital.


Both baby & mother are fine but still we need to keep them under observation for few hours then you can take her home.

Doctor replied making Dadima took an sigh of relief.. she was so scare and worried but now everything is fine..

Don’t know how will she tell Maan about this all.. who were those goons who tried to kidnap their Geet,?? She looked worriedly at unconscious Geet, who’s face became pale now.

Maan ki toh Jaan basti hai aapmain Geet.. Bata nahi woh kaise react karenge. 

Abhi toh hum unhe kuch nahi pata sakte but he will know it soon.. 


Kaun the woh log.. and how dare they!?? Maan roared from the other side. 

As soon as his meeting was over, he took out his cell only to see multiple miss calls from his security. 

But as information was provided to him, he couldn’t control his rage, which was burning inside him like a volcano ready to bust , & he bust on the guard.

Pata nahi sir,but we managed to saved mam from their clutches, they were having guns with them. 

What!?? Geet kaisi hai..!?? He was damn worried now for his life.

Ji sir, mam bilkul thik hai ..bas.. he stopped suddenly not knowing how to inform him, 

Speak up!! Maan blasted..already he was dying each second away from her.when she has to go through this alone.

She was taken to hospital..and he further explain him about her condition making him died at the moment..

What!?? His voice was mere a whisper..soon he get control on his emotions

Pata Kari..woh log Kaun the..why were they try to do what they did.. and who is behind this. Quick .!! 

I am coming there, tomorrow I need all info..and the name of the person..

He cut the call. ..

Sweetheart..he whispered painfully closing his eyes, as her teary face flashed in his mind.

Nahi..muze tumhe akele chod ke aana hi nahi chahiye tha.. he cursed himself and rushed to do packing. 


Geet got up hearing his voice,… 


Dadima hold her back, seeing her rushing to get up. 

Beta sambhalke.. Maan yaha nahi hai, bete.. 

Geet was disappointed..soon those memories rushed to her, she shivered, holding her belly protectively.. 

Dadima.woh…gunde… she stammered, eyes began to turn teary.

Dadi instantly took her in a hug, nothing to work dear.. now you are safe.

But Dadima..who was those guys..

You don’t think about that, think about your baby.. you shouldn’t worry much.. everything is fine now.

Maan..she cried..

Dadi pulled her back, cupping her face.

Dadima, Hume Maan chahiye..woh kyon nahi hai humare waqt Hume.. her voice quiver, she was sobbing.

Geet beta. Stop crying, he will come soon.. you know, he has gone for else why would he leave you.. aur woh kaam bhi toh humare liye..aapke liye hi karte hai na!?? She tried to make her understand lovingly, knowing her mind condition now.

Geet nodded, as her words sink into her, she wiped her tears, yes Dadima.. I am just overreacting..

Dadima smiled, no darling.. you are’s your mood swings. And you shaitan baby.. she tried to lighten her mood.

Dadima, she whined pouting her lips, don’t call my angel shaitan.. 

arey hum toh bilkul kahenge..humara haw hai..

Nahi…Geet whined

If that so..toh thik hai bhai..hum toh aaj se kuch nahi kahenge..she turned her face.

Geet got worried seeing this, Dadima hum toh mazak kar rahe the. She held her palm asking her to turn around.

Dadi broke into chuckle seeing her scare face like a child, hum bhi toh mazak hi kar rahe the, Geet. 

Both broke into laughter..


tere bina jiya jaaye na – 2

bin tere tere bin saajana

saans mein saans aaye na

tere bina

Geet walked restlessly in the balcony, chilly wind troubling her but she was careless.. just waiting for him, then his phone call.

She was worried, why isn’t he calling..subah se ek bhi call nahi Kiya.. nahi ab unka phone lag raha hai.. 

She pouted & walked inside before his huge frame, which she had hook on the wall just yesterday. 

Aap bahot bure ho.. aapko humara zarasa bhi khayal nahi..!? She asked looking at his pic. 

But I love you!! 

Aap toh aapke kaam main busy honge..par yaha hum aapke Bina nahi rah sakte Maan, jaldi as jaiye na.. she complaints like a little girl.

And planted another kiss on his lips in the picture.

Blushing to herself she went to cupboard pulling out the nighty, she started untying her sari but then suddenly stopped looking at his picture, she shivered to see those passionate eyes of him.

It was as if he was here with her, eyeing her, she couldn’t help but blushed and wrapped her sari again before going to bed.

But sleep was no where near her, she restlessly struggle to sleep..



He stealthily step inside the room, locking the door behind softly. Then walking towards bed, his eyes turned soft eyeing the object of his interest with so much love.

He put his all stuff on the table, and pulling out his shoes joined her inside the blanket.

Sweetheart..he whispered softly caressing her silky hairs, God..he missed it..he snuggle closer to her taking her in his arms, sniffing her sweet scent.

Ummm..she moaned ..since she was in deep sleep. 

He removed her sari softly, patting her belly, baby instantly kick recognizing her father.. 

Ahh.. Geet was moaning, her sleep was breaking.

Shh…baby.. don’t trouble your mama..let her sleep, he lovingly caressed her belly, giving it a peck . 

Geet was still moaning unconsciously feeling him, and his touches.

He smiled lovingly staring her face for while, then bending on her, he peck her forehead, she smile in her sleep and hugged him.

Maan took her in his embrace, caressing her whole body, assuring himself that she is fine.

He was damn scared, worried for her.. anger started to raise in him thinking about those goons.

Not soon he will teach them lifetime lesson for messing with his life..he owed.

Then turned to look down at her lovely face, he peck her pouting lips softly, she sigh..he couldn’t hold himself , as he took her soft pinkish lips in his mouth slowly kissing her.

His hands began to wonder on her back , removing her blouse. 

Geet moaned in his mouth, slowly opening her dizzy eyes, she looked at him thinking she is dreaming but her trance was broken hearing his husky voice.

Did I break your sweet sleep. He started playing with her bra hooks eyeing her lovingly.

Aap sach main yaha ho.!?? She asked lost, feeling his hands removing her last cloth on torso.

She cupped his nape, pulling him close, Maan chuckled seeing her innocence, he put his mouth on her , kissing her passionately giving her proof.

Geet, her eyes widen in surprised, she blushed..smiled.. and hugged him tightly.

Maan broke off.. cupping her……

to be continued…smiley15smiley15

You see..what’s coming next…smiley2 so I need to stop here.. next gonna PWD protected.. so like & comment wherever you want to get password.

And Welcome to MEHBOOBA again.. smiley31 




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  1. God after a long time
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    Maan is back knowing about the Geet
    Who were those goons?
    I m sure by now maan surely knows who is behind Geet kidnapping attempt

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  2. Read summary and part also
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  3. After along time u gave this part lovely thank God maan’s security came at the right time and saved her and geet was taken to hospital…maan was informed and he planned to return back..geet was missing maan…in midnight he came back and gave a surprise to her…maan was hell angry on the person who.. hurt his sweetheart waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  4. Fantastic update… Want to give you summary but for that i had to read previous parts but that time parts were not opened I think some problem with blog so sorry for that…… Who were those goons?someone from past… Maybe samira…. Waiting

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  5. Awesome update n geet is scared of them n maan’s security guard came on time n save her n they took her to hospital n inform maan about this n he plans to come back to her n he came back give her surprise to her n thnxx for pm me

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  6. Superb update,
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