Hum Tumpe Marte Hai..Chapter 9

Geet was shock hearing him, she kept gaping him for a while.

She got back to her senses seeing him running inside her room.

Before she knew, he was sprawling on the bed with a big smile on his face.

Geet pouted angrily and rushed to him, get up..grasping his wrist, she almost jerk him up.. 

Go to your own room, and sleep.. she muttered between her tighten teeth.

Let’s go then..saying so he grasp her wrist taking her by surprise.


What are you doing, Maan!?? She was holding her frustration, since she was damn tired with days adventure & Maan was tasting her patience now.

Geet is going to sleep with Maan… in Maan’s room..he explained innocently again on a mission to drag her out.

And she lost it.. 

Maan..stop it.she yelled jerking her hand from his grip.

For god’s sake, for once behave… She shouted making him scare.

He turned so upset & just left out of her room silently without a word.

It was after a while Geet realised what she did in her frustration. 

God!! She cursed herself for losing her anger when she knew about his condition. 

Just then her whole body jerk…with the loud banging sound from beside her room.

Next she was at his close room door, praying to her God, she knock softly..


No response

Maan baby…

Maan baby..I am sorry.. open the door..

Plz honey.. 

There was banging sound came from inside which made her held her heart.

Maan..don’t do anything open the damn door..she kick it now furiously.. 

Ouch..she held her feet and the door was open soon.

Maan looked at her seriously , for a while Geet thought he was really normal..she kept gaping him and then he just rushed inside without a word.

So Maan baby is angry!?? She adore his cute anger and sat on the bed beside him.

So what you have broken!?? She asked gazing around..there was his comb laying on the floor.

There was nothing much stuff inside his room for his safety from own self..he could get violent any time.

Oops poor comb.. she said giving that comb a pity look. 

That’s it!! Maan rushed madly to the spot, and threw that comb out of his room angrily. 

What was that,!?? Geet left her breath which she was holding seeing him so angry.

He rushed back to her , she got up freaking out seeing him so mad.

You don’t love Maan..

What!? She was confused again.. don’t like Maan..that’s why you denied Maan to sleep with shouted on Maan.. no one loves Maan..that’s why everyone left Maan.. Maan is alone but no one care.. his eyes almost moistening..

While Geet was dumbstruck..she didn’t have any words to speak..she couldn’t speak..her throat chocking..

Everyone left him in this big house..Maan don’t want to sleep alone.

Maan..she overwhelmed pulled him in a hug, burying his face in the crook of her neck, trying to sooth him.

Never say again, you are alone.. you have me beside you always.. her words have deep meaning but none understand that time.

How about I share you room to sleep.. 

He was delighted , almost jump on his bed, patting his side, come..join Maan.

Urgh..Geet was in fix now.. there was no furniture beside his bed.. 

After thinking a lot, she climb from other side making him smile. 

Both led facing one another, Maan smiling like crazy making her chuckle.

Sleep now!! She ran her palm over his eyes, closing them and closed her own eyes to pretend sleeping, thinking she will go to her room after he slept but that never happened.

She was damn tired that she was snoring softly soon.. 

Maan chuckle childishly seeing her snoring then, he kept staring his beautiful doll for a while, then pulling the blanket on both of them, he pulled himself closer to her, Geet hugged him seeking his warmth.

Maan felt goosebumps all over his body, he wasn’t uncomfortable like before now, he felt it awesome to hugged his soft doll..who care for him..loved him..and she listened to him unlike others who behave with him like he is some animal.

He hugged her tightly not wanted to lose her, 


Geet was trying to wear her sari but she couldn’t since it was always annie who helped her with it.

Frustrated she stood in her small blouse and skirt itself, when two pair of hands snake on her waist, to stomach making her shudder.

He buried his face in the crook of her neck, sniffing her, rubbing his lips on her soft skin.

Oh…ummm…she moaned holding his hands on her tummy. The feel was awesome to be hold by him like this.

She never felt before like this heavenly..

She arched her neck giving him more access to her neck..while his hands rubbing her stomach and waist, pressing it slightly making her moaned.

She was loving it, his touches & kisses and that was encouraging him to go further in his task.

There was sweet pain her core, it was aching for him..

She cried in pleasure and he turned her briskly in his arms to access her front.

Maan…Geet gasped seeing the person. He was looking Normal not the childish crazy Maan.

Shhh.. he put his lips on her silencing her, Geet was shocked..she stood still while he kissed her ever so passionately, his hands pressing her mounds now Making her moan in the kids..she began kissing him back loving his authority. 

He left her breathless..the dragged down on her neck, showering wet kisses..and he bite her …


Geet open her sleepy eyes, only to realize she was dreaming.. she gasped soon seeing their position. He was all over her, speaking with his legs in between, stroking her private part..hands holding her waist possessively, while face buried in her half open cleavage. He was licking her now.

Maan..she patted his cheek, are too soft, Geet… He was mumbling.. nipping her soft skin.

Geet realized he was in deep sleep yet.. she tried to push him softly since not wanted to be so rude with him.

Her emotions were taking toll on her seeing that dream.. then he was really close to her.

She succeeded in pushing him down but his grip was so tight on her, that he took her along with him on his body.

He slowly opened his eyes only to see his doll laying on him.

Good morning, Geet..he peck her lips giving her another shock.

You alright!?? She asked curiously doubting him now.

Maan is alright.. you won’t wish Maan good morning.

Geet relaxed hearing his talks, that was only a dream..Geet, she chided herself and wishes him back. 

She tried to get up but he didn’t let her go, 

Leave me, Maan

You didn’t wish Maan properly.

Now what you want.

He show her lips pouting it demanding his kiss.

She slapped him, stop your drama and let me go now.. didnt kiss Maan.

Maan..don’t be childish.. let me go..she tried pry off his hands but he was so strong. 

Leaving a sigh, she peck his lips hurriedly and he left her as per promise.

Geet almost run out towards her room and bang the door shut before he enters inside as she feared. 

Her breaths was high as she touch her lips, feeling his lips then remembering her dream 

How can she dream like that..!??

She was restless, her face was warm ..she clutched her highly beating heart. 

24 thoughts on “Hum Tumpe Marte Hai..Chapter 9

  1. Wow wow superb geet agreed to share maan’s room poor maan feels lonely and depressed and geet embraced him .. maan likes his doll geet alot…her dream was superb…is he really mentally disturbed waiting to read more ❀️😘

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  2. Wow…
    Maan wants to sleep with geet.
    Geet shouted on him. Poor maan… he helt very bad. Geet realised her behaviour. She went to his room and slept with him.
    Geets dream…
    Sometimes i also have dbout on maan and his behaviour.
    Is he really ill or normal?
    Geet felt again something.
    Maan said good morning to her. Geet also wished him gm the way he was.
    She is confused.
    Update soon dear.
    Lovely update dear.

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  3. Fantastic update n geet get scared n went to his room but his door is locked from inside n maan told her that he is alone here in this big house n nobody is there for him n listening him geet felt bad for him n she hug him n ready to share his room n she saw dream about him n how close she is with him n thnxx for pm me

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