Geet stood before the mirror gaping at her own new image in awe, she was draped in gorgeous red sari, with heavy ornaments adding to her beauty. Girls makes her wear red chunari on her head completing her make over.

They giggled teasing her in between on the name of Maan.


She felt her heartbeat raises just with his name, the person has started filling her life with unbounded happiness and love from the the me he entered in her life.

And today, she thank her destiny for bringing him in her life,

Girls got busy in other arrangements while she was lost in Maan’s thoughts watching her own reflection in the mirror, she sudden saw him behind her, her breath stopped, she gasp audibly and turned behind but he was vanished in thin air, just then she realized it was just her illusion.

O piya o piya pyar kyu itna kiya

O piya o piya pyar kyu itna kiya

She couldn’t help but smiled sweetly seeing herself in the mirror, she was ready as Maan’s bride.

The thought of their first meeting ran before her eyes , followed by further clashes, he never left a stone un turned to win her heart and finally he concluded, she remembers the time he spent with her in the hospital taking care of her , with his office and then marriage rituals. Baba said the right thing that, she won’t find anyone better than Maan in her life.

Wedding was done, making them husband and wife. Both took blessings from her baba first as Maan drags her only, she was left awe, kept gaping at him all the while with admiration and those moisten eyes of hers.

Prof. Felt proud of his son in law, seeing his gesture, he gives both of them warm hug and couldn’t stop the tear drop roll down on his cheek which was wiped by Maan.

Geet bursted into tears hugging her father, who just patted her head, having chocked throat that he couldn’t utter a word.

I will take care of your daughter, you shouldn’t worry! Maan assured the prof. who in return gives him warm smile, you should, son , or else’s if I heard any small cries from my daughter, I am taking her back,

And next whole hall broke into hearty laughter, Geet gives wet smile kissing her father’s cheek.

Both walked up to Maan’s Dadima then, taking her blessings.

She hugs Geet dearly welcoming her in her new family, Geet wasn’t surprised much with her warm gesture, she has come to know it from her visit to hospital.

She had met her there and shower her love and warmth on her soon to be granddaughter in law. she couldn’t stopped praising Maan’s choice.

Geet was restless, feeling nervous, she kept on playing with her fingers, waiting for Maan.

And he entered inside, locking the door behind, he took steps to reach the bed, her heart was beating fast with each step of Maan, she watched him seating on the bed next to her, through her transparent veil, he removed it slowly eyeing her gorgeous face for a while, red hue crossed her cheeks.

You’re looking gorgeous today, you know?

His remark made her shyer, her lips trembles, he pecks them lovingly before pulling away.

You don’t need to be so tense, Geet, he told her holding her trembling hand, making her calm.

Just relax, he looked at her, she takes one sharp breath then letting out, he chuckled, look…how much you are scare..from me..he added to tease her and she was back to normal, I am not scare from you…she retorted back,

Is that so??

Yes!?? She raised her chin up holding her knees together to her chest giving him dare devil look.

He started to come close to her eyeing her eyes and then lips, she startle with his move, Maan..she stopped him putting her palm on his chest.

Do you think, you have a right to stop me today!? When I have a marriage license. He was husky.. making her scare then at the end broke into sweet laughter, look at your face, Geetu, you were really scare..

Her face was worth watching.. she makes an o shape of her mouth, then keeping her both hands on her waist, she glared him furiously.

Maan stopped laughing seeing her making faces, what!??

Don’t call me that??

What !?

Geetu.. she pouted her lips making faces again.

That sound sweet isn’t it

Not sweet..but weird..

But I loved it..

No my name is Geet..only call me that..

No Geetu..Geetu is better..and I am gonna call that only..

No..Geet .


Maan!?? She glared him.

Yes Geetu.

Maan, one more time you call me and I will..

What will you do, Geetu.


Yeah Geetu.

Next moment, she took one cushion and smack it on his face making him startle, now it was her time to break into laughter.

Before he could chase her she got up from her bed, but couldn’t run away because of her heavy material of cloths.

He smirked pulling her back in his arms, now where will you go, Geetu?

She glared him, trying to wriggle out of his arms,

Alright..wait..I have something for you!

She stopped wriggling while he drags her towards the dressing room, then in front of cupboard, here.. open it.

She gives him unsure look, he gesture her to go ahead, she opened it and then gasp in sweet shock, seeing the decoration inside,

For my dear wifey, she read the words carved in decoration, sticking on the wall inside.

Her eyes filled up seeing his attempts, whole cupboard was decorated, at one side there was his cloths, while other side was empty for her with that decoration, few new collection of cloths for her, while little empty for her other stuff.

O piya o piya pyar kyu itna kiya

O piya o piya pyar kyu itna kiya

Jo bhi mere pas tha tujhko de deiya

She pick the huge heart shape card and opened it, always at your service, below written my heart, she chuckled and felt him engulfing her in his arms from behind, Maan.. there was no need for all this..

You did such a hard work…before she could complete there was shower of rose petals on them.

Geet gasped sweetly, eyeing above, as Maan had drags her out a little to give her this sweet surprise, she has her palms open to showering petals.

She just turned and hugs him tight burying her face in his chest and sniffing silently, she was overwhelmed with his love.

O jiya o jiya keh raha mera jiya

O jiya o jiya keh raha mera jiya

Jo bhi mere pas tha tujhko de diya

He smiled patting her head, I guess, you don’t like my surprise, she snaps her head out, putting her palm on his mouth, what are you saying, I loved it Maan,

Yeah. I can see that.. he eyed her teary eyes and taking the drop of tear from her cheek on his finger tip,

Oh bas aveiyi..she pouted wiping off her cheeks looking down.


He teased her pulling her back in a hug.

Yeah..aveyyii.hi..she mutters burying her face in his chest, couldn’t stopped herself from falling for him yet again hard and irrecoverably.

O piya o piya pyar kyu itna kiya


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18 thoughts on “SANAM MERE HUMRAAZ | S2 | CH.9

  1. Superb update dear.
    Finally both r mattied couple.
    I like the way maan gives surprises to her. Geet was emotional. And happy too.
    They are staring their new life.
    Update soon dear.
    Take care.
    Stay safe, healthy and happy.

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  2. So finally maaneet are married loved their happy moments together…prof was so proud of his son in law..daadi took care of geet and blessed her..maan making comfortable was nice the way he teased her calling geetu was lovely… waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  3. Hi, lovely ❤️ romantic part
    Geet thinking about their moment while getting ready ,then bidai part was emotional
    Maan tease her all are awesome 😘
    Waiting for next part

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  4. Superb update
    Maaneet r married nw
    Love their cute fight maan call her Geetu nd geet gets irritated with the name
    Maaneet ki shadi to ho gyi bt geet ka past ………

    Hope geet ka past koi prblm na create kr de dono k beech mai

    Waiting for nxt

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