Few days later,

Geet was in the mall, looking for something, while roaming in the home décors section, she suddenly saw Rajdeep , stood before her eyes, her breath hitch in her throat, she made a wild dash from there, running from one section to another, after a while he was again before her, giving her evil smirk, she gasp as he started walking closer to her, she took steps back, sweating profusely,

relax, why are you running away.. she heard him.

Relax Nandini.. he was walking towards her.. very close, while she was taking each step back, people were only watching them.

kya hua? shock?  finding me alive.. look, didn’t I come!

Geet was just shivering like a dry leaf now, he then turned towards the people around, what is your problem? I am talking with my wife.. plz.. he gestured them all to leave and all went from there leaving both alone, Geet gulped hard in fear.

why are you so tense, Nandini? Rajdeep wiped the sweat from her forehead, acting worried for her, as he holds her arm, she was still pulling out herself from him, couldn’t utter any word in fear.

 come with me.. let’s go

Geet has had enough now, she busted, why are you troubling me?

Nandini.. come with me.. he tried to reach her,

Geet made wild dash from there, running away from there, from his clutches, away from him, she ran manically on the road, with just fear in her mind, not knowing where she is going, but she ran, in the intention to go away from that insane stranger. she took an taxi, and straight went to her new home.

Running upstairs madly, she dash into her room and suddenly gasp, finding someone in her room. He was sitting on the chair, while his back was towards the door. She gasped in horror thinking, he is here again.

Hearing the sound behind, the person got up and turned to looked at her,

Geet ran straight into his arms, finding it’s none other than Maan, who hugs her back, he could feel her shivering, while she broke into sobs, Maan.. she cried out.

What happened? kya baat hai.. Geet.. he was shock on seeing her state. kya hua.. he pulled apart facing her, he is alive. She stammered, wiping off her face, who? Who is alive.. he asked confused, holding her arms.


Where did you see him? he asked

She told him the name of mall, he tried to stopped me and was chasing me  as well. with great difficulties I saved myself from him, and come. She was still crying silently.

you don’t be scare, Geet. he won’t able to do anything now. I will call the commissioner, we needs to hand him  to police now, you stay at home, don’t go out. okay,

he cupped her face, she nodded in yes, don’t worry. he pecked her forehead, giving her one hug, he went out, calling his trusted employee to be there with him, in the meeting with commissioner.

Geet looked at the way he gone, she prayed silently for his safety.

Later at night, Geet was alone at home, Maan wasn’t yet back, she walked out in balcony combing her hairs, when her eyes suddenly caught the sight of Rajdeep, who standing down on the road side, looking above at her.

she was numb for a while, she started sweating again, and ran inside, peeking out of widow, she still could find him there, she was so scared now, she pulled the curtains together closing the window, and ran downstairs, when the intercom in the house buzzed, making her stopped in her track, she gives one fearful look at it, knowing who must be on dialing her at this night, with scary steps, she reach to it, taking the receiver in her hands, she put it on her ear with shaky hands,

and as she was expecting she heard his voice, hello Nandini..

listen Nandini.. listen to me. don’t cut the call without listening to me.

Nandini, I know you are doing this all drama, muzse piche choodane ke liye. I know Nandini, you are lying as I can read your eyes.. you are Nandini.

I am not Nandini.. she cried out. I am not Nandini.. how do I make you believe this? for god’s sake, leave me alone, she cried.. why are you behind us.. humne tumhara kya bigada hai. she spitted in between her tears, when the door bell rang making her gasp.

hello.. hello.. but there was no response on the other side, just silent, she was scared, thinking he is on the door now. she with very slow steps reach the door, the door bell was continuously ringing, while she take a while to reach the door in her fear, who is it.. who is it? she screamed getting damn scare.

Geet. I am here. Maan.

and she opened the door, Maan.

she throw herself in his arms, not caring about the person who was accompanying Maan, he was his assistant.

Maan took her in his arms, he was here, Maan.. who..

Rajdeep.. here,. I saw him standing below our room window.

she stammer burying her face in his chest, as he cocooned her.

don’t worry, nothing will happen. he patted her head, trying to make her calm, she was shivering badly, while Maan asked his assistant to make call to commissioner, who was his father’s friend.

Geet was calm now, she and Maan looked at Karan, his assistant, kya kaha .

he told that, if Rajdeep again call, then they will trace his call.. don’t need to scare..he will get caught soon.

Geet left a sigh of breath hearing it, don’t worry, geet.. kuch nahi hoga.. Maan kissed her head, dragging her towards sofa, while all three started to wait for his call.

don’t’ worry.. Maan was consoling her, patting her arms, as she was still hugging him partially, resting her head on his shoulder, when phone buzzed again, taking their attention, Maan makes her stand, let’s go, receive the call, Geet was reluctant , scared, tired, she gives him pleading look, kuch nahi hoga. main hoon na.. he assured her, walking her near the receiver, he took that and handed her , who was still nodding her head in no, she put it on her ear, hello.. meekly answering the call,

hello Nandini.. rajdeep spoke from other side.

usika phone hai.. she whispered to Maan, putting her palm on the answering side.

make him busy in talks, Maan whispered back in low voice.

karan called commissioner uncle now, and inform him, saying okay karan went to do his job.

aren’t you tired Nandini, playing this hide and seek game, ha?? till when you will run away from me? kaha tak bhagogi.

police started their work of tracing him on the call.

the world is so small Nandini.. there is no such a place where you can hide from me.

Maan insisted her to keep talking with him, so police can able to tap him.

why aren’t you trying to understand, you are misunderstood.. I had told you thousands of times, I m not Nandini. yelled Geet , tired, frustrated.

again those non sense talks, Nandini.. why aren’t you understanding, I am not that Rajdeep anymore.. I have changed.

look, if your wife has been missing, then report to police, why are you troubling us? she cried, Maan rubbed her shoulders, trying to comfort her.

Nandini, I have ask sorry from you as well. plz try to understand me.plz..

just then, karan received the call from commissioner informing him about the phone getting tap successfully. karan informed them both about the same, silently, he is coming here to catch him.

Nandini.. Nandini. are you there?

Geet couldn’t take more of it, she slams the receiver down, Maan. I can’t take it more.. she buried her face in his chest, crying silently, don’t worry, Geet.. he rubbed her back.

he get caught now. don’t worry. he patted her head, she cried in his arms.



10 thoughts on “SANAM MERE HUMRAAZ | S2 | CH.15

  1. Scary…. How it feels when you are being watched in your own house that too by a psycho like person…. Thankgod maan trusts her.. he knows she has some past but never doubted her….

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  2. Awesome update n geet is so scared seeing Rajdeep alive n he try to get close to her but she ran from there n she told maan everything whatever happens in mall n maan told commissioner about Rajdeep n they track his call n ready to arrest him n thnxx for pm me

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  3. It’s was so scary update I thought Rajdeep will kidnappe Geet by finding alone in shopping mall thanks Mugdhaa somehow it didn’t happened I am waiting for Geet explain the truth

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  4. Omg geet is so scared of rajdeep’s constant torcher keeping on thinking as nandini poor girl cannot take it anymore maan and Karan started tracing his call hope he is caught waiting to know the truth too..

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  5. It’s such a horrified Rajdeep creepy
    Hope maan give him good lesson
    Geet condition is worse as she shivering inside still she manage to talk
    Please next time do pm me also and want to read your story maid wali where I got all complete part

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