Is it?? 

Toh phir.. when I went in front of him with his cup of coffee..he threw it away angrily..and almost strangled me..Nakul was blabbering about his boss’s anger .

Geet started sweating now hearing all this.

And asked me furiously , where is his violin?? 

Nakul added further, scaring the hell out of poor girl.. 

Give it back..

Okay…here take this..she pick up that violin going to hand him back but Nakul instantly step back. 

I…no.. I can’t.. 

Why..?? (Both girls in unison..)

He will think that I taken his violin. give yourself.

Okay..Annie, you give it..she turned to Annie who also step back saying, not at all.. I know well about his anger. You brought it , now you yourself give it back.

Geet just gaped at both of them as no one ready to budge. 

She sighed, fine..I will give it back, usmain kya.. she got up taking that violin and went straight to his room.

She slowly opened the door, and peek inside, there he was on his knees, finding his violin below table.

She smiled, Maan…softly called him but he didn’t notice.


Again no response..

She held his violin & tried to play it.. 

And hearing that voice , Maan instantly got up, turned swiftly.

Geet jerk back seeing his red furious eyes, he was so angry..

She was sweating now, as she stuck to the wall behind while approach her madly.

Giving her furious glare, he snatch his violin from her hands, making her startled. 

Geet left a sigh of relief, but that was short while, before he pushed her angrily out of his room.

Geet took no time to made a quick run out of outhouse then to the Mansion.

She ran upstairs madly, only to bump with dadi who was descending the staircase.

Geet beta, what happened?? She cupped her cheek, why are you looking so scare, she wiped her sweat from forehead, 

Nothing dadi, woh Maan was angry..

Why?? Dadi asked curiously as both descended the stairs.

Woh..uska violin mere paas tha.. 

Then it’s bound to happen beta..he can’t tolerate that someone touches his violin.

Dadima, I want to talk to you..she faced Dadima

About what?? 

About Maan, as I know everything about him, Annie also told I have decided to do something to cure him..

Is it..I would have really happy beta..but you know we tried a lot to cure him..but..she left a sigh..

Dadima, you want your grandson fit and fine na..

Why not, dear . 

I want my old Maan back who was very much normal. 

Then, it is decided . 

But kya karna chahte hai aap…?? 


Keep one thing in mind, Geet. to cure this type of patients, it takes whole of energy.. time..and it’s really difficult to cure those patients.

Doctor shah spoke..

As geet & dadi sat on either side of table in his cabin with Maan along, who was looking around really confused , like innocent child..he didn’t know what was happening..

Instead of doing all this efforts, there is so less chances to cure the patient.

Then she is too stubborn, doctor..dadi looked at Geet then at him back.

Then for that do one thing, …

He explained her about few therapies..

This type of patients needs their close ones, family members to help him to cure. 

Because they give response to them quickly..

He was explaining and Geet kept looking at Maan’s innocent face, she was getting more stubborn to cure him at any cost just seeing his innocent face.


Next Day, 

Whole outhouse  thundered with roar of one other than MSK, who made all men run out of the house who dare to touch his hairs. 

Well..after dadi’s permission, Geet has took the matter in her hands, to cure her grand son. She had shifted to outhouse last night, and now first step was change his appearance . 

But here the great MSK was not ready to go operate..

Geet inhaled sharp breath, as she looked at her friends, who was as always having teasing smiles on their faces, however scared they were at that moment seeing Maan’s fuming avatar not to forget, those red furious eyes.

Annie gives helpless look before departing.. followed by her devil friends, all left her alone with raging Bull named MSK.

Geet slowly approached him, Maan..

He turned behind angrily to look at her, his long hairs swept in the air, giving him scary look.

She gulped taking step back, 

You won’t..touch Maan’s hairs.. he blabbered pointing  finger at her.

I….she don’t know what to speak..and how..she shook her head in yes then no..

Look Maan, you have to look good, hai na.. she took slow steps towards him, still scare of his next move.

Maan kept staring her, she reached him, let me help you. 

Help me.. for what Geet?? He was restless, desperate but she was taking lot of time to speak.

I will just cut your hairs..she said touching it lengths.. 

and hell broke down..

He madly pushed her towards the wall, banging her back , he was caging her in between him and the wall.

Geet squirmed, muffling the scream…tears already filling her hazel eyes.

Leave me, ..leave me Maan…she whispered painfully.. still his grip was tighten,he pressed her small waist, feeling it’s softness. 

His gaze turning dark again seeing her beautiful features, her pink shivering lips..he licks his own lips desiring to taste her. 

Geet was in great pain by now, seeing him lost, she pushed him back, rubbing her wrist which was clutched between his strong hands.

God!! He is so strong..she curse seeing those red imprints on her beautiful wrist.

Maan watched her confused, 

You are really a devil!! Look what did you do! She blasts with tears tickling downing her soft cheeks , more of frustration for not tackling him.

But he threw the comb angrily at her way, hearing her, that hit her forehead, as she wasn’t prepared for this.

Maan is not devil.. he roared, 

Ahhhh.. she winced, touching her temple..her eyes widen in horror seeing the blood on her fingertips.

You are really bad, want to hit me more..hit me.. she shouted making him angrier if he wasn’t much before. 

He started searching for things to throw on her. Geet handed him another comb which he threw, she dodge this time cleverly.. handing him few things, he took out his all anger then being tired, thump on the floor itself. 

Geet compose herself and went beside him, she kneel beside him , Maan looked at her, then her tears, why are you crying.. he asked innocently, 

You hurt me, 

Maan never hurt..

he became angry.

I am not lying..look..she show him her forehead, which had little scratch with dry blood. 

It’s hurting?? 


Next moment, he pulled her down as she was on her knees, she lost her balance, and falls on him, making him hit the floor.  

His gaze was only on her wound, he slowly cupped her face, Geet shivers, before she could move or think anything, she felt his lips hovering on her face, he switch their position and hover on her.

He kissed her wound softly taking her by surprise, is it hurting yet?? 

Hmm…she unconsciously muttered lost in the warmth , his innocence cascading around her.

He looked at her closed eyes, and thought she is really in he kissed her again, then her close eyes one by one, she slowly opened it, seeing his face so close to her.

His lips touch her little nose, he went to her soft cheek, kissing her there.

Maan..she smiled, feeling his beard teasing her soft skin…

His face broke into huge smile seeing her smile, he followed his kisses to her other cheek, 

Look..your beard is pricking … We should shave it.. 

Maan couldn’t hear  as he was lost in his task, his lips linger on her pink lips. 

Geet , her breath stuck in her throat, getting his next intention, she was so shock.. 

But before he slam his mouth on her, she put her palm between.

Maan frowned, geet quickly pushed him apart, 

You push Maan.. he are bad girl.. 

Geet rolled her eyes & give him her hand, let’s get up fast, Maan.. 

She helped him in getting up & called servants to clean the room first.

After a while, she walked up to him with scissors in her hands, 

Maan , you need to look good. 

Maan look good!! 

No Maan.. you will look awesome, after I cut your hairs.

NO!! He screams madly.

Maan..fist stop shouting.. she got the courage back after encountering his violent side. 

Now listen to me carefully. 

to be continued..

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  1. Wow geet is facing the violent side of MSK and hell bent to cure him…aww their kiss was super cute ..hope maan allows geet to cut his hair.. waiting to read more ❤️😘


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