Chapter 5


Girls rushed out to find him, everyone scattered around to find him..


Geet was much tense, it happened because of her, just then she heard some sound from behind, she turned around and saw him peeking from behind the pillar.


Maan.. she rushed to catch him but he was in a mood of playing hide & seek, he again ran and hide behind other pillar.


It went on for few minutes making Geet tired, finally she sat down on the stone .


Seeing her losing, Maan came out , main Jeet Gaya…Jeet Gaya..Maan won.. you loss… He was clapping his hands like kid very innocently .


But Geet was frustrated, hearing about her loss from her mouth, she was ready to blast on him but control herself seeing her friends rushing to the spot including Annie.


Bhai.. where was you?? Geet, you got him, didn’t care to inform us..Annie scolded her.


You don’t know what your brother did..


What he did that, you are so angry..& Geet before that don’t forget, bhai is now mentally ill, he bound to behave like kid.. 



Geet huff, having no energy to argue with her friend right now.. she gives her helpless look then Maan..who was right now pouting cutely hearing their argument, although he don’t know the reason..but knew his sis & this new girl are angry ..


Annie and group went ahead followed by silent Maan .


Geet was really upset,she got up hurriedly but in that process her knots got one behind, hooking into the pillar behind.


She was startled stood rooted on the spot, as the blouse was only holding onto with those few knots. 


She made crying face seeing her bunch of friends gone far, she ignored Maan who was giving her weird look.


Maan now & then was turning behind to see this new girl upset, he didn’t like it. He stopped in his track seeing her crying, .. and walked up to her innocently. 


Geet on the other hand, was trying to tied those knots but it’s impossible. She struggle for a while then turned leaving a frustrated sigh only to find Maan there standing again like a Ghost.


You!? What the hell are you doing here!! Want your Annie behna to scold me again for you!! She taunted regardless of the situation she was stuck into.


Maan knows to tie the knots..he very innocently said, making Geet confused for a while then as those words dawn upon her, she looked at him with wide eyes. 


What the hell he is speaking.. 


Are you out of your mind?? Geet asked, what I am asking..he is already..she was blabbering to herself while Maan was staring her innocently.. 


You don’t need Maan’s help? Then Maan is going.. saying so he turned around. 


Geet chuckle hearing his very innocent help her..she hold his wrist stopping him.


She looked around, there is no one’s isolated.. then she thoughts about her friends, they wouldn’t help her before taunting her,teasing her long. It’s better to get his help.. after all he is just a kid.. , isn’t he?? 




Having no option, she turned her bare back to him, not sure yet but her breath hitch, soon feeling his bare fingers on her back. 



You are too soft, …


Geet didn’t get time to think on his words as her cell rang..


Controlling herself, she took it only to hear Annie’s worried voice, has Maan bhai with you, Geet?? And where are you?? 


Annie.. relax, he is with me..she turned sideways to get his glimpse, he was very much looking at her, while his big palm rested on her marble back. 


She stiffened, feeling him rubbing her back.. Annie we will be there soon.just coming..saying in hurry, she cut the call and turned to him angrily.. actually she couldn’t be angry on him seeing his innocent eyes.. then his pouting lips, 


Are you really trying to help me?? 


He nodded innocently with that pout still intact on his face. 


Geet sighed, already melting .. kaha phas gayi Geet..she cursed herself..then again trying to tie the knits with herself, she was successful with one atleast , so lost to see Maan’s eyes on her all the while . 


Her hands stopped moving feeling his hands in her, she looked behind to see him doing his work with great concentration now. 


Ho Gaya.. Maan did it..look…he grabbed her waist, sending chills down her body with his touch on her bare skin.


It’s okay…thank you Maan..she tried to peel off his hands but his hold tighten on her..


Maan..let me much she tried he was grasping her more close as if possessed.


Maann… She trembled.. seeing his gaze turning dark suddenly..


What the hell is happening.. she don’t have any clue.. 


Maann… She pushed him hard, breathing heavily, gives him murderous glare that freaks the hell out of him. 


You are angry on Maan.. !?? He asked innocently, turning back to himself.. 


You don’t like Maan!?? What wrong Maan did!?? He asked very innocently but Geet was just looking at him. 


The scene sometimes before drain out of her whole energy.


Let’s go .she said and turn to walked ahead .. she was walking fast, almost running away from him.


He was following slowly still muttering those words.. 


Geet looked back, and controls herself, looking at him, she shouldn’t behave like this..or his condition will be worsen than getting better, he is not in his senses Geet.. 


You shouldn’t have been rude to him.


Maan..let’s go..she grasp his wrist and started walking towards her friends, 


Annie watch the scene in amazement so as the girls.


Kya hua Geet.. ?? 


Nothing Annie.. 


We were just wondering around,


Annie wasn’t convince but she didn’t asked further seeing her tired face.




Geet was lost in the thoughts of what happened in the temple..she now & then looked at Maan, who seem not bother at all but giving her silly smile whenever she gives him look.


When all of a sudden, Annie asked him to play his violin, he straightly refused, turning angry again.. possessively held it closer.. her friends started pleading him but he wouldn’t budge.


Stop it, guys!! She busted making everyone shut applying the sudden break, that Maan would have hit ahead but he was saved by her hand, which got hurt slightly in process.


Ahh..she winced.


Geet.. are you okay..Annie asked concerned.


Are you okay, Geet?? Maan copied his sister very innocently looking at her concern then her hand.  


Hmm..Geet hmm..shaking her hand, really frustrated with the things going around recently but she knew to composed herself.


Yaar..itna kyon chid Rahi ho.. we just simply asked him..


Arey nahi tasha, don’t you know..our Geet is scare to lose the bet..


Enough’s not the time to discuss all this..we are getting already late.. 


Waahh..look who is saying..Annie couldn’t leave a chance to teased her buddy.


Geet sighed ..not having power to argue with anyone, she started her jeep. 


All of a sudden she turned to him, Maan, can you play it, please!?? 


She so sweetly asked turning to him.


All with batted breaths waited, to their surprise , he just nodded in acceptance and pulled out his violin to play his own tune.


Geet was having winning smile on her face, as she shows her teeth to her whole gang who sat bewildered.


The journey started again with a happy note this time as Maan playing his tune very beautifully, making everyone please..


Geet was no less, she lost in his tune then look at him, he too was just looking at her, don’t know why.. she didn’t know either..



Hum aap mein kuch hogaya

Kuch mil gaya, kuch khogaya


But their eyes locked for a while, his eyes having ting of something shining bright seeing her happy face. She couldn’t miss the glint those chocolate eyes flashing her.



Jo chaahe tum isse maan lo

Lekin suno, yeh jaan lo


Breaking the eye lock she concentrate on the lonely road ahead..


As the road was of village, unsteady & jumping..Geet involuntary kept holding him with caution, so he never got hurt. 


In between her eyes asked him, face as if talking..Maan didn’t acknowledge but only could smile at this new sweet girl who seem taking care of him. He was happy with the fact & that was reflecting through his music.



Hum tumpe marte hain,

Hum tumpe marte hain – 2


Annie had never seen her bro so happy before..she too smile seeing the scene..


Unknown to three of them, gang was just looking around enjoying the surrounding.


Woh dekh Sher.. 


What!?? Where..pinky..tasha looked startled..


Pagal..sher yaha kahase aayega..!?? Pinky bust into laughing.. 


Whole gang broke into laugh.. making Geet too laugh.. 

Maan couldn’t stop himself either seeing the girls laughing.. he too joined.


Ha bilkul, tiger don’t have the guts to come here, either..wanna know girls, why?? Tasha asked eyeing pinky to which all shook their heads.


Arey hathi Joh humare sath baitha hai.. and she breaks into laugh,. 


Gang couldn’t stop, they almost roll fol on their seats.


Pinky attacks on tasha pulling her pony..




Next morning, 


Tune Mujhe Pehchaana Nahin

Jaana Main Koyi Anjaana Nahi

Aashiq Hoon Main Tere Naam Ka

Deewana Hoon Main Deewana Nahin


(It is male version of songsmiley2 but you know Geet in this FF smiley15.. )


She was trying to play his violin.. trying to sing properly those lyrics of song, offcourse remembering Maan & how to cure him..smiley2smiley36


Nakul entered with the cup of tea into her room, he gives her pleasant smile seeing her happy.


Did Others wake up?? She asked desperately




She was disappointed


Did Maan wake up?? 


Yes..he has woken up, & ready too.


He went leaving her to pour on his thoughts, their was small smile on her face.


Good morning.. Annie rushed inside 


Good morning..


The amazing thing is, after coming here, mam has started waking early..


Annie hugged her sideways , Geet was instantly irritated..Annie .let me drink tea..kya kar rahi will be spoil..


No Masti please..she tried to push her making Annie astonished.


Wahhh..and what about the Masti you used to do…??


But Geet after coming here, you have started changing..Annie said with amazement giving her teasing smile.


Both couldn’t argue further as Nakul rushed into her room, he was looking really scare, and had came running.


Annie Madam..Annie Madam . Woh Maan Saheb.. he is very angry& he walked inside pouting to the violin rested beside Geet.


First give that violin of his.. 


Maan Saheb has gotten really angry for he was not able to find his violin anywhere..he was giving info with having horror expression on his face making Geet scare.


Is it?? Annie asked


to be continued…


hope you like this chappy 🙂 

guys..everyone said in the comments.. that they are first time reading about maan being mentally ill.. so i wanna let you know guys, that me also never read the ff on same.. i have always read about geet being like this.. i so wanted to read one.. so thought to just type this down.. so itching to read from long.. 😊

about story :- 

Geet have not met maan before , she only knows dadi and annie in their family.. because maan was abroad. and anytime she didn’t have time to meet him.. there was no need ..

while geet’s friends are Naughtiest one.. like geet.. although not daring like her.. 




6 thoughts on “HUM TUMPE MARTE HAI.. CHAPTER 5

  1. Maan is different waiting for Mugdhaa to reveal the character and the update is so sweet and innocent because of Maan and the story is different from all your story and it's very challenging story all the best for the story

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  2. Awesome update n maan told her that he will help her n she thought he is kid mentally so no problem taking his help n she taking care of him n maan likes her bcoz she is very sweet n taking care of him n he played violin n Annie is happy seeing her brother happy after a long time n thnxx for pm me

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  3. Wowwww so loved it…geet maan are having some strange feeling for eachother when geet is Happy maan too is happy ..he feels contended seeing geet caring for him…awww he played violin when geet told how sweet waiting to read more ❤️😘 thanks for the password dear

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