You know Geet, my big bro. Maan, he has been mentally ill from long while now…

Girls gasped hearing her, while Geet was shock, what!?? You never tell me about this, Annie..Geet questions back little hurt with Annie’s revelation for she hide this big thing from her. 

But he the Maan Singh Khurana, how can it be possible..other one asked as every one knew about him through magazines or newspaper ..

Why can’t.. he had accident few years back, and from that time he lost his memory..along with his mental stability. 

Geet was listening curiously..

For the prestige & reputation of our family we had hide this thing from the word. 

You hide this from me..Geet asked pained feeling her friends pain, she must going through seeing her brother like that.

I couldn’t have tell you, geet.dadi had taken promise from me.. 

We tried a lot to cure him, did everything but everything failed.

Now listened my bet, you have to cure my Maan bhai in a month.. all normal..

Annie.. yeh kaise Shart hai?? Pinky was worried for Geet, she didn’t like a bit about this whole thing .but real thing was going to come..

I agree.. Geet spoke determined. Now tell about punishment also. 

Annie turned her back while everyone listen to her curiously, and if you not cure him then you have to marry him. 

Now everyone gasped with eyes widen in horror, what the hell Annie speaking.. everyone share a look and Geet spoke determined, I will win the bet for sure. She was so sure about it as she spoke each word with force .

Tell me , when we have to go?? 

Tomorrow !! 


It was dark night, as their gypsy drive through the forest, on uneven road.. jumping forth and back.. all girls enjoying the tour.

Finally they reached the huge palace in village. 


Every person’s mouth huge open, even in dark night the palace was shinning like a bride.. illuminating whole place surrounding him. 

Annie, you didn’t tell us, you gave this huge mansion. 

What to tell about it…?? 

Dadima welcomed all, while Nakul their head servant rushed to take their suitcases..

Aayiye beta.. so how was the journey..

Dadi patted Annie’s cheek then turned to look at Geet, who bend to touch her feet.


Geet…she held her lovingly,  patting her cheek, I thought, my this grand daughter again betrayed me.. 

Dadi..Geet whine cutely hugging her tight. Dadi took her in a warm hug while other giggle.


Annie smiled seeing their bond. It’s been long while Geet met dadi, dadi always asked her to come along with Annie but our betting queen have no time to visit the old lady..she always said, she will come & come but never succeed.

Finally dadi was so happy to meet her today again after years. She notice her wearing sari.

You don’t have to beta.. 

Geet looked confused, while seeing dadi’s gaze on her sari she blushed, 


you know I don’t want to disappoint you.. 

You never, child.. dadi caressed her face lovingly.

Oye hoye.. humari Geet Ko sharmana bhi aata hai.. ?? Pinky teased..

Dadi..Geet complained to dadi like a small child, 

Enough of teasing now..let’s walk inside first..all must be tired.

No ways..all screamed except Annie who shush them all, dragging inside. 

All rushed behind Dadima exploring the place, followed by Nakul with their baggage while Geet was stuck with her sari, she was damn irritated, just because she loved & respect dadi so much, she agreed to wear sari offcourse from Annie’s hands as she could wear one.. for God’s grace she didn’t even wear a any dupatta dress, sari toh dur ki baat hai. thought trying to hold onto her sari pallu properly. She look here & there, no one was in sight ..if her friends saw her managing with sari, then hell no..she couldn’t let them watch her struggle or else they would tease her like hell..

It was a wind of gush , & in next second her sari flew apart from her body making her gasp, she try to hold on to it.. 

She was struggling to hold her pallu when her gaze went on to huge stair case, and she stood rooted seeing someone standing there. 


[Just for imagination]

That what come in her mind seeing the huge figure of man with long hairs & beard as she continues to gaped at his face..

Hum Aap mein kuch ho gaya

Kuch Mil Gaya kuch kho Gaya.


The man stood there, continued to stare her with great intensity , 

Geet couldn’t move for a while , scare , embarrassed and what not .

Just then…


He turned briskly and ran upstairs just like a gush of wind.

Maan… He was that..her eyes widen and she looked at her own state.. she was highly embarrassed & quickly put her sari on her shoulder in proper way. 

Fastening her steps inside she caught her group following Dadima.

Dadima had arranged  two guest rooms already for the girls, one separate for Geet as per her choice beside Annie..

Everyone freshen up & ran downstairs to feast upon dinner.

Girls were trailing down like a train on the stair case talking about Maan.

Hey..Kahi dikh Raha hai kya woh..

Hey Geet.. have you seen him..

I don’t know.. Geet spoke but their encounter sometime before just sent the current down her spine. She gulped hard, tucking her strands behind ear, feeling those weir sensations and feelings which she never felt before.. her stomach churning with the thought if meeting him again, when he had seen her like that..

Kaha hoga woh pagal.. 

Girls instantly gulp hard shutting their mouth seeing Annie’s angry glare who was down at the last step of stairs. 

Yeah.. geet , he is just mental , so he must have not know anything..why are you getting worried. Leave it. geet thought. 

Geet, kaise dikhta hoga woh..girls distracted her & Annie .who just shook her head, knowing her crazy friends.

Have I seen him?? No na ?? then why are you asking me..idiot..Geet taunted shutting them all, as the thoughts of their meeting linger behind her mind.

Girls giggled & ran down behind Geet. 

Hey..Geet & one mental..what a great combination.. Tasha high five with other girl.



As dadi walked in, girls stood up in respect.

Seat down girls!! So let’s start. 

All were relishing the food, but couldn’t stop whispering about his whereabouts, 

What happened girls.. khana achcha nahi hai..?? 

It’s not like that Dadima, 

Then what is this whispering about..?

All kept silence before dadi, Geet was just looking around trying to find him but he was no where in sight. Her attention was somewhere else while she drinking water and started coughing 

Easy Geet…Annie rubbed her back.

Kisine yaad Kiya hoga bete.. 


dadi smiled

Maan ne yaad Kiya , shayad!! And girls giggled.

Shhh… Annie hushed all of them for she not wanted to dadi to know about their betting thing. 

Dadima, where is Maan bhai? How is he?

Woh thik hai, beta! Had his dinner early.. have gone to outhouse to sleep,  will woke up early.. to play his violin…

Wow…he plays violin..

Ji ha..unka shauk hai..

And you know Geet, bhai plays it really beautifully.. 

But why outhouse Dadima? Woh yaha nahi rahte?? 

No beta, we can’t keep him here, he gets violent frequently. 

Geet gulp hard hearing this, while girls shared scary looks.

To keep it private we brought him here from Delhi.

Aur hum chahte hai, aap bhi is baat ko yahi rakhe, dadi gives everyone stern look , all girls just nodded in yes.


Early morning, Geet woke up against her own will & habit.. actually she didn’t get a proper sleep because of new place & then with the thought of Maan..

She quickly got down to see him and sneak out of mansion to go to outhouse. 

Ramu Kaka the servant of outhouse was astonished to find Geet there. 

Geet itne subah.. 

Just like that Kaka.. where is Maan..Geet asked muffling her yawn..

He is on the terrace, playing his violin..

As those words sink into her, she heard soft rhythm of music..on her own accords her steps move towards the melody of music.. 

She was taking steps to reach him, finally she was standing on the terrace gazing him, lost in the tune.

Neend bhi loot li, chain bhi le Liya

Aap ka, aap ke pyar ka Shukriya

Hum Aap mein kuch ho gaya

Kuch Mil Gaya kuch kho gaya


Maan was himself lost in playing his violin after a while like a soft breeze he felt her presence & looked up. 

World stopped for a moment ..

As both continue to star each other, one with fear while other with great curiosity, soon it turned into anger, frustration..

He turned angry seeing someone presence there in his vicinity..

He hated it..don’t like anyone presence in his home.. nor like anyone listening his music.. 

You played it very’s beautiful. 

Now hearing her he was startled and let go of his violin, which falls down and he ran behind the pillar to hide himself from stranger.

Geet confused, look at him then violin which on the floor, she walked up to it to pick up but before she touch it, Maan barge from behind the pillar, scaring the hell out of her, she gasp only to see him picking up that, he gives her furious glare..

Geet was damn scare seeing his furious red eyes… with sweat beads shinning on her forehead…she took steps back, as he started to come close to her angrily. 

Aap se Hai humein ye Gila o Piya

Jaan Kyun chod di, le Liya jab Jiya..


To be continued…smiley15


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  1. Omg loving it completely a different story…now maan is mentally ill and Annie wants geet to cure him as bet orelse Should marry him wohooo..their first encounter was lovely and geet made a point to meet him on terrace too super awesome waiting to read more ❤️❤️😘


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