Geet somehow successes in manofying her dear friend, & annie being her true friend couldn’t stay angry much on her. she accepted her sorry. 

but it was just for a short while.. because, 

next day………………

when she reached collage..found crowd there, &rushing further, her eyes widen In shock & terror to see the scene. he made her way through the crowd of students & prof. there Geet was walking on the edge of the terrace of huge building of college. 

here, geet after finishing her tast.. shouted. yahhh.. i did it… she gestures to her friends at down.. climb down from the edge just to see annie running towards her.without thinking further annie just ran madly inside building.. she hurriedly climb up staircase.. she was tired.. sweating furiously.. but couldn’t stop.. each step making her mad.. angry.. furious.. scare and what not.. 

her smile widen, annie.. i won the bet again.. she inform her cheerfully about her success just to get tight slap from her friend who was in extreme rage today. 

Annie… geet was shocked..

mar gayi tumhari annie.. annie blasted. from today.. our friendship is over. 

don’t say like that, please.. geet mellow down

what do you think of yourself.. why do you behave like this??? annie blasted

geet just stare at her friend, while she continue to blast out her anger on her, 

kis dhund mein rahti ho tum, geet?? you behave as if drugged.. annie turned emotional as she asked from her 

annie.. i am really sorry.. geet was guilty now seeing her getting so much worried for her

geet… annie cupped her face, you don’t put your own life in danger, but mine. she turned teary confessing her.. if something happen to you tomorrow .. whom i will go to.. while betting like this.. you don’t even think of me, ha geet?? she holds her shoulders. you are my soul geet. how can you take those dangerous challenges.. without thinking about me for once.

bet is my weak point, annie. and you know it. but i will manage myself.. and save myself for you.

sachchi… annie asked swear on me..

swear on you annie.. now smile.. please.. 

and saying so she tickle her neck.. making annie giggled.. 

that’s like a good girl.. and both share a tight hug. 

next day her parents were summon to college, 

we can’t keep this girl anymore in our college, she is dangerous to her own life. princi. spoke in stern voice giving her one look who stood silently with her head bend down. 

her parents look at her once then turning again to principle. 

take her living certificate along while you go. he finished 

i am sorry, sir.. on behalf of my daughter i am asking sorry. please give her one more chance.

impossible!! princi stress on the words.. bet is her life.. we can’t believe on this girl anymore. 

geet pouted.. sad and angry at the same time.. she gives stealing looks to her mother who w as really angry but has compose herself in office.. while she gives her daughter silent glares.

but sir. it’s the question of her life. her future..

oh… so if your daughter have future. then i have also mine.. which i cant keep at risk.. or else management will throw me out.

geet stood like a little child who had done grave mistake..hearing their arguments..

arey… teasing.. mischief are fine.. i can understand that.. it’s call a life. but walking on the edge of terrace..?? unbelievable … he left a sigh.. you should have to be there yesterday. he gulp hard.. scared with the thought even.. my BP has raise tremendously.. he rested behind on the chair, with his hand on chest. what if something would have happened to me?? leave about me.. but what about her..

just take this headache from here.

outside princi. office.. annie was hearing all this & turned really tense.

Sir please.. henceforth if Geet do something like this then we take the responsibility of it.. madhu tried this time. 

and principle agreed.. okay fine.. then give the written agreement about this.. other professors also agrees. while her parents shook their head in agreement. 

if you are going to stay in this college them follow the disciplines.. he warned geet who still has her head down. 

just take this headache away from here.

next day, to annie’s surprise, when she went to her home, geet was ready before time, humming the happy tune, she was combing her curls.. 

wow.. geet .. today you are ready before time.. 


geet, can i ask something.. 

bol na.. 

what do you think about marriage.

what.. geet got up giving her weird look.. 

are you out of your mind..??

i am in right mind set.. that’s why asked you.

look.. dont spoil my mood early morning.. she gives her irritating look..

let’s go..

I am really eager to go to college today..Geet said excitedly with that full smile on her angelic face.

Wahhh.. Annie was astonished as she look at Geet giving her small smile but that smile turn into frown soon hearing her next set of words.

Today, princi will know Geet handa kya cheez hai.. she said with devil smile plastering her face. 

Geet listen…

Let’s go..

Geet..Annie stopped her forcefully..listen to me, you won’t do any such thing today.

Annie..Geet glared at her.

You won’t do.. 

I will Annie..

Okay fine.. do what you please but keep one thing in mind, if you do something today, I will take whole blame on me then College se nikal denge muze.. phir rahna tum happily with your bets..

Annie was worried for her, hearing princi words from yesterday.

Now Geet can’t do anything..she pouted, gives angry stares to Annie and rushed out..


Time passed by very was time for exams…and both friends studied hard and given well..

After exams were over, whole group rushed out doing Masti.. 

All were deciding on what should they do in long holiday when Annie suggested to go to Hoshiyaarpur, her town. 

Yahhh…girls squeal in happiness..

Geet was also happy to visit there , yahh.. Dadima too always call me but I couldn’ we can go.. she said in happiness.

But how will our Geet survive there without bet!?? Pinky teased in middle which Geet pouted..

Is that so..?? Annie stopped all of them , who stared at Annie while Geet frowned hearing her next set of words, 

toh mein Geet se shart lagathi hoon aaj..

You & bet..?? Geet gives her shocking look acting as if she is fainting.. 

Geet…Geet..Annie hold her pulling her close, be I am really gonna challenge you.. Annie spoke in serious tone to which Geet nodded innocently.

But if  you are agree to it..

What is it?? Tell me ..kya hai tumhari shart?

this bet is not any casual like you guys every day do… Annie was speaking while all the girls listening to her curiously following her including Geet who walked beside her.

Before you listen to this bet, you have to accept that you take this challenge & if you lose this bet then you have to accept the punishment given by me.

How’s that possible..pinky interrupted.. and Annie..what type of bet is this..?? She was clueless what is going on in Annie’s mind.

Geet laughed out, stopping pinky, really..I can’t believe but then it’s okay for me.

Geet gives her look, know, I can’t step back from any challenge..aur jitni alag bet.. itna hi uska maza hai.. she stated excitedly with widen eyes unknown about the bet which was going to change her life completely.the bet which will bring different fate to her life.

Okay!!! Done!!! I take the challenge.. she announced proudly, you know, I take every challenge to win only.. 

And as per your saying, if I loss the bet, then I accept the punishment given by you.. she was so sure, she won’t loss, now speak up fast..she was very eager to know the bet.


Are you guys eager to know the bet..?? smiley2

Wait till next chappy.. 

And I want my previous quota fulfilled hereon thus Chappy, this time I updated fast for you guys.. but now first get my quota fulfilled then only next the guess what coming like & comment fast.smiley15


Precap :- 


First look & Geet was damn scare seeing his furious red eyes… with sweat beads shinning on her forehead…



  1. This is too.much don't she thought about her parent this is really dangerousAnie did right even she made her parent head down. What a self-centered lady she isWhat anie going to do What bet she want to give


  2. Annie was really pissed off with her act ..which lead her parents to come and face principal too very hard geet was given only warning…next day geet was about to teach lesson to princi but Annie made a sharth of taking all blame on her so geet was quite….now what made Annie to put up a challenge and what is the challenge precap is interesting… waiting to read more ❤️😘


  3. She's really dangerous to let her study in college but after her parents given written statement so principal have no issue Geet still same ready to accept any challenging bet


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