Group of girls were standing at the entrance of the class waiting for their dear devil friend, where is Geet? how come she is not here yet? just then they saw another girl walking towards them..

hey.. look,.. her dear friend has come, let’s ask from her only. 

let’s walk inside class first,, or else madam scold us.. another was scared little , knowing about their disciplined friend. 

just as she had said, the pretty girl came walking to her group of friends and ” hey.. you guys are still here?? let’s go.. next period gonna start soon.” she hurried all of them.

but.. geet has not arrived yet.. 

the girl chuckled,” she will come late like always, let’s go..” 

annie, she has taken a bet to come on horse, today. 

“on Horse..??” annie

just then all of them heard the voice of horse neighing. 

come.. let’s go.. 

Girls ran out to see the new drama their friend has came with..while peon ran into principles office to inform him,

How did the horse get into college? Principal wondered getting up & rushing out of his office.

There Geet came ridding the horse in the college premises, proudly smiling on her she reach near where all were gathered, yahhh …she patted her horse happily turning to look at the gathering, “listen girls & boys…Geet has always taken challenges, she is a challenge queen” saying so very proudly Geet raised her invisible collars. and I have proved it again.. she smiled cheekily touching Annie’s chin to made her look up, who looks at her friend and chuckle out seeing her craziness.

Just then principle rushed into the scene, scolding Geet, “what is this , Geet? You brought horse in college?? I am saying you, I won’t tolerate this behavior of yours! ” He warned walking close to the horse on which she was seating like a Queen. As he showed her his angry eyes pointing finger to her.

Sir..sir..stay away..or the horse will kick you, she said in fake panic voice, making him took steps back really scare but he composed himself listening her further, “& I won’t tolerate it if he kicked you! She did drama again as whole college bust into laughter.

Shut up.. principal shouted in frustration on geet, get down now.. come on get down…he asked Geet walking in either side, while Annie kept looking at her friend turning angry now, that what she hated about her friend, her ill mannerism. discipline in college also.

Don’t you hear me? I said, get down…get down first. Principal screamed again in anger.

Geet left a breath before jumping down to face the princi. with a pout, sir ..I am sorry..but we have to save our country, hai na.. by stopping the pollution.

Shut up!! He shouted furiously making Geet gasped, she was startled as she stared at her princi with wide open eyes.

Don’t you feel any shame.. where we to behave there.. what effects it has on other students.. do you even care about all that..? Infact, you have no sense about that…

Always you do some or other mischief.. he was scolding her and she was upset now, as she stood bending her head down.

And today, you did really do a wonder, coming in the Horse!?? He taunted

I won’t listen anything will have to pay fine of rupees 5000 now.

With that Geet looked up making pity face, okay give me punishment, but I had thought, you will appreciate me, sir.. you will give me reward of 5000 rupees.. she acted innocence patting her horse’s back.. means discipline… He suddenly stop as her words made him confused, why would I give you any reward

Sir..just few days back, you remember you have given the lecture in the program.. saying all girls have to be brave & fighter like Rani of jhansi..

Annie’s mouth open wide, as she gaped at her friend angrily.. she tried to stop her but Geet continue her drama ignoring Annie and her silent warnings..

While students were just enjoying the drama muffling their laugh seeing their betting queen making bakra of princi.

At the end , Geet was actually successful to get her five thousand rupees from principle..

I am proud of you, Geet., Were his last words before he exited the scene and whole gang bust in laughter.


Next day, Annie like everyday reach to Geet’s house, after greeting her parents, she asked for Geet…is geet ready.??

Her mother laughed, she is still sleeping ..go and get her ready..

Annie smiled back before rushing upstairs to her devil friends room.

While mr.handa smiled thinking about their daughter, birds got up in the early morning but my daughter is tigress, who get up after sun rises..

Hearing his words mrs.handa was skeptical..she shook her head, one day when your tigress will get into trap then you will see .

I will see that time, now go and make breakfast


Geet…hurry up…

Annie screams, while tidying her room nicely which was a total mess.

Give me my robe please, annie…


Geet scream from inside washroom peeking through the door.

Annie shook her head, get ready fast, she handed her a dress.

I think today also will be late..she thought

As geet walked out wiping her short hairs,

wow..Annie.her eyes widen seeing her room tidy, as she shook her head , there by showering Annie with her dripping short curls.

Geet…she steadied her, how naughty you are..

Geet hugs her from behind, while Annie screams.

Oh Annie baby..if you were boy, I would have got married to you..

Geet..Geet.. she got out of her tight grip and scolded her, didn’t you see the much it’s late.


Now no more of your naughtiness, go and get ready fast. Annie pushed her & smiled at her back.


Madhu(mrs.handa) had just put the dishes on table when, Geet ran downstairs like a storm,


 Good morning Dad.. and she flung into his arms, kissing his cheek she was ready to go but he stopped her, beta, first eat breakfast, he handed her sandwich which she fed him, I am so late dad..

She then ran to her mother, aapka gussa thanda hua…ya nahi..?? She felt her a bite Madhu  asked her to eat breakfast. am getting late..

Just because of you only.. Annie taunted.

Geet just hurried outside hearing her friend taunt, while her parents tried to stop her..Geet..Geet..

Dekh Liya..she went without having anything.


Geet pulled out her car and both rushed to college.

Just because of you, we are late today..Annie couldn’t Stop blaming her, just because of you Geet.

I am sorry go ..I will park car.

Come soon..

I will..

Geet smirked before eating her gonna make fun of prof.sharma.. she laughed..


Annie was really frustrated with Geet’s behavior, she couldn’t stand more.. and blasted seeing her whole group laughing after making fun of prof.


Look at her face.. Geet teased

Geet, what is it?? What is this craziness.. for betting.. when will it end.

Geet’s eyes widen hearing her, as she went on explaining Annie, oh’s fun to do brings fun & thrill in life..

But because of your this behavior, you are getting defamed in whole college.. whole college is taunting you on the name of bet.

Annie tried to put some senses in her.

But Geet handa was one stubborn girl who wouldn’t listen to others but make them agree to her.

Who care about others..I will remain like this.. hum toh bhai jaise hai waise rahenge . doing fun..mischief..betting hai na..guys..she forwarded her palm to other girls who agree to her giving her high five.

Is that so..then henceforth you & me are no more friends.. 


saying so & pointing finger at Geet, Annie walked away from there angrily.

Geet & friends shared a look if worry, and run behind her to manofy her.

Precap :- Annie slaps Geet

Another bet…??


Mugdha wondering..what would be that…


It’s the beginning.. and intro part, but story will move forward from next & next chappy..


Also you guys must have get Geet’s full CS from this Chappy.. so I don’t have to give separate cs for all characters..


something amiss…

come in next chapter..

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16 thoughts on “HUM TUMPE MARTE HAI..CHAPTER 1

  1. Good one so geet is a bubbly and a stubborn girl who is living her life care free…she indeed came in horse to college…😁😁 And won the bet…so Annie is her best friend…how our maan Babu will handle her waiting to read more ❤️😘 precap is curious..


  2. Nice update n geet is so naughty n she came on horse in college just bcoz she has made bet n Annie didn't like her this nature n she try to stop her doing mischief but geet wants to live life care free n thnxx for pm me


  3. Seriously geet did too much Betting it's not goodAnie is right she had to stop PRECAPE is wondering I am hira2010 if


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