Part 61

Geet stood in middle of both , Samrat and Maan stood on her either sides as if protecting her, Samiksha was next to Maan.As they started to took rounds around the fire , Samrat sense known presence of Someone Beside him . 

He tilted his head to saw the person and he was rooted on the spot as soon as he saw her. His lady love was just beside him praying silently, he couldn’t believe his eyes , Geet nudge him seeing him lost as they have to do the Pooja asap. She couldn’t hold herself more infront of the bonfire . 

Samrat came out of his trance and stable himself, he concentrate on the Pooja ahead as both Geet & he offered the things to the bonfire together. 

Sulkshna burn in jealousy seeing them both doing the Pooja together, she hold his arm behind her saree pallu that cover her hand.

Samrat stop for a while and looked at her confused, seeing her red eyes he understood the things. He sigh continued to do the Pooja. He was at fault from the beginning, now it is the time to redo all his doings , atleast place all on its perfect places.

Here Maan was not able to bear the scene as well. In middle of Pooja there arms touch each other giving both of them goosebumps.he was satisfied to see that red hue on her cheeks with his touch. He forgot all about there comprise relations and softly touch her bare waist , sending chills down her spine. Geet was so shock with his advance , her eyes widen , and roam around if anyone are watching them but Maan himself was hiding is hand behind her saree pallu that was hidden from others.Samiksha burn seeing the interaction between both, hell , she can’t do anything now . She was frustrated .

Maan was enjoying the play now of teasing his sweetheart.his hands continue to tease her soft skin , she bite her lips hare controlling her moans, her hazel eyes threw daggers at him for his naughty doings.He smirk seeing her glares, while his hands went on her blouse, Geet stop for a moment as she was just offering dry coconut to bonfire. The fire was too much for her now , her eyes burn , she started to feel dizzy and the coconut fall from her hand in the bonfire making Samrat and Maan to looked at her as it was so sudden before any prays . 

She lost her conscious and was going fall forward in the bonfire ,but before that Maan was quick to pulled her back as his hands were already on her waist. Samrat hold her from other side. 

Geet..Geet.. Maan patted her cheeks  taking her body in his arms he sat on the floor.he was horrified to see her condition . 

Geetanjali ..Samrat tried as well , people started to make a crowd around them wondering what happened to her suddenly. 

Samrat asked for water from the servants, and getting it he sprinkle some on her face patting her cheek.

Geet slowly opened her eyes feeling dizzy.

Rani , Are you fine ?? Samrat asked, Maan watched her tire face and just want to took her in his arms and went away but he couldn’t . He was frustrated with things going around . 

Samrat took her in his arms to take her inside the palace while his guards make  all crowd clear . 

Rajmata got another chance to be angry on her daughter in law as she ruined the Pooja according to her. She wrap the party biding to the royal people . 

Sulkshna fumed and was ready to storm from there when Rajmata stopped her.

Rajkumari sulkshna ?? Are you going ?, sorry , I didn’t got the opportunity to introduce you to Samrat. She apologize though it was Sulkshna who came late, she was princess of other place , it was unknown to Rajmata that both her son and she is already in love and have known each other from long time now. 

It’s alright Rajmata, by the way, it’s been too late now . Sulkshna was fuming in anger remembering the way Samrat had took his wife aka Queen in his arms. Her eyes stuck to the palace. 

Rajmata looked on her each gestures, and something click inside her clever brain. 

Princess, you are not going anywhere, stay here at night, tomorrow is holi festival , you should be here , join us . You would also meet with Samrat. She gave her a warm smile welcoming her inside the Palace. 

What happened to her ? She has taken rest aswell , hasn’t you Rani ? Rajmata started as soon as she step inside the room.

Geet had tears in her eyes now , she was already not well and this lady didn’t leave a chance .

She was just exhausted , had not eaten anything from the morning , Samrat told the truth only hiding about her pregnancy.

Is that the truth , Rani ?? She directly asked from Geet , who only nodded in acceptance. Maan was on burning in pure rage just with her sight now. 

Rajmata exited the room leaving one eagle glance at her daughter in law’s way.

Your mother didn’t do the right thing !! Maan spoke out rashly taking the seat beside Geet.

What do you mean , ? Samrat was frustrated now with his rude words.

The thing she done sometime before in the party. Maan replied taking Geet’s hands in his own.Geet flinch a bit reminding that ,she crawled closed to his chest she hide her face there seeking his warmth while Maan cocooned her closed caressing her head.

Samrat got what he was talking about and he replied ., I don’t know she has problem with Rani , it is like that from when our marriage happened . He sigh finishing it , his mother’s behavior  still make him worried for Geetanjali , it is just for her respect , he ignore it.

Before Maan could replied him back both heard Geetanjali’s soft muffles . 

Hume yaha se le jaeye Maan , in Sab sazisho se door, hum ab aur nahi sah sakte, hum thak chuke hai !! Maan squeez her closer to his heart hearing her.his eyes darted at Samrat, for a while Geet forgot about Samrat’s present there, it was when she heard his voice, she pulled out from Maan.

I am sorry , Geetanjali , because of me you have to suffered all this. I will looked after our divorce thing soon enough just after holi festival ends tomorrow . Saying so he left from there to another room beside them , as it can be easy for him , if his mother comes again to visit them again, he can switch to maneet room fast enough, though she visit them upstairs only few times if that was really necessary. 

Samrat entered inside another room which was actually guest room , unknown of that his mother had already given than one to her new special guest called Sulkshna, who he have forgot for a while with Geet’s health issues.


It was after Samrat went away leaving the love birds alone, Geet realized what just happen, she was initially shock with the events, first her confession in front of her Husband , then his own words about leaving her, breaking this Marriage. She couldn’t believe her ears, did he spoke what he spoke just now.

Maan understood her turmoil as he continue to gawk her beautiful face holding her in his arms , almost she was in his lap.he loved the feeling as he pulled her more closer jerking her out of her thoughts.

He said the right thing, he knew all about us and ready to leave you , Maan whisper trying to get access to her beautiful neck but  her necklace prick him making him frustrated, 

Geet looked at his face cupping his one cheek lovingly , both of there faces were so closer to each other , almost there breaths mingle together . 

There was wet smile on her face, Maan adore her , his eyes  passionately bore into her hazel eyes ,while his hands went around her neck and he unhook her necklace softly, without hurting her soft skin. 

to be continued ..Wink

don’t assume the next things going to happen just as now.. what will happen at next moment none knows not even maan or geet Evil Smile



Part 62

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Geet couldn’t believe just that he agreed so easily. She didn’t understood how show would feel sad or happy. Sad that her marriage is going to broke soon , whatever that might be she had saw so many dreams for her marriage which was broken brutally, she couldn’t yet get to the thought that how suddenly now everything is going to be fine with her life . Or is it really ?? She couldn’t believe now.

Her hazel eyes question him silently , she remembered about his fiance. Why did he brought her here, when he doesn’t want to married her and claims to loved her.

Her hands stroll down from his cheek , down on his neck ,she clutch his collar.

Maan who was busy removing her jewelries , once done he looked at her face to see her again drowning back in that same pool from which he was trying to pulled her out.


He cupped her nape and pulled her face closer, kya baat hai.. itna Kyun pareshan ho Rahi ho. He whisper on her face sending chills down in her spine.

Your engagement happened??

She asked in crack voice trying to pulled away on the verge of breaking down now.

He didn’t let go of her instead he pulled her more closer taking her wet lips in his own. He bite her lips in frustration , for seeing her always sad. He couldn’t saw her like that. He want to see that beautiful dimple smile on her face that makes his heart light.

Ahh..she moan in his mouth leaving a soft cry .


He licked her lips at instant soothing her pain , sorry..he whisper softly licking her lips.

Geet pushed him angrily, for she herself was so frustrated with her so called life. If it was not for her baby, she would have die long back with this  mental trauma.

She was holding herself together , but He knew it well or the people around her knows how to break her down or make her vulnerable.

Bas sorry se sab kuch wapas aa jaeya..?? She blasted glaring him furiously. Kya woh din wapas aa jaeyenge jo humne aapke bina guzare aapke liye pal pal marte hue..


Maan was dumbfounded with her confession yet again.


Guilt started to arise in him again for doing that.

Geet turn her face from him feeling so defeated. Her palm touched her belly , feeling her unborn child.

How she wished in her heart that time to told him first the happy news of there baby coming. However she was mad at him or herself but her heart crave for his presence beside her to hold her in his arms to share the happiness that both are going to be parents soon.

Her eyes well up, I am sorry baby…she murmured softly which Maan as always listen only half of her words.

I am sorry, sweetheart. I know sorry is not the word you needed at this moment . Maan came closer from her back caging her in his arms. Geet made a futile attempt to come out but he hold her firmly.

Our engagement didn’t happened Sweetheart !! I am only yours . He whispered in her ears and trail down few wet kisses on her bare neck.

Geet, her heart beat fasten with his confession. She looked at his eyes turning her face at his side.

Yes, Sweetheart , nothing happened as you are thinking. I clearly decline to Dadima and come here to you.because only you are the woman I love with my life. I realized it that you are the only girl of my dreams and my reality.

He cup her cheek giving wet kiss on her other one. As he wiped her tears,


Geet closed her eyes hearing his sweet confession. Her heart felt at light hearing him ,

It is Dadima who tag her along with me as she is not ready to listen to me.

Hearing this Geet opened her eyes, confused , nervous or little scared now hearing him.

You don’t have to worry for anything, I am only yours just like you are only mine. He jerk her closer holding her both shoulders.

Geet blushed seeing his passionate gaze.

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She lower her eyelashes not bearing the intensity in his chocolate eyes.

Maan pushed her back softly on the bed , she willingly lay down looking at him.

Maan pulled out her saree from her body leaving her in her short blouse & skirt. .

Geet blushed furiously with her arms cross on her half bare chest. She lower her eyes .

Maan adore her antics, he kissed her pink cheeks making it more red. He left a soft chuckle on her still staying on her cheek making her shiver in his arms .

Geet clutch his arm tightly which was on her bare waist wrapping her in his arms.

His lips rolled down on her neck line leaving soft kisses there. Geet squirm under him, just what she wished all this days in her pregnancy, his love. she hold his nape and pulled him more closer almost crushing his lips on her soft neck.

Image result for maneet ff his precious possession

He groan sniffing her scent mix with jasmine . He left open her hairs making them fall on the bed , he looked at the serene beauty in front of him .

Geet had her eyes closed with ecstasy, anxious for his next move, her lips quiver in anticipation, while her chest was heaving up & down with her rag breaths.

He found it more sexy and beautiful, he buried his face in her soft curls,jasmine flowers spread across there body making the atmosphere more sensuous with its scent.

Maan.. she moan desperately feeling his hands cupping her br**** on her blouse. He rips apart that cloth making her gasp , she snap opened her eyes his move, before could she do or think more he was all over her licking her bare skin. She hold him tight in her arms while he pulled out her *** from her chest .

He got up and in a swift move took out his shirt joining her half bare body.

Geet blushed furiously hiding herself in her saree.


Maan smirk naughtily at her as he closed all lights leaving small lamp on at side table.

Geet..he whispered huskily crawling down on her he pulled out the blanket from her body furiously , she pulled it again on her body trying to hide it from his devil eyes.

Sweetheart . He called out to her with his husky voice seeing her behavior today.

Geet smile softly shying along with her stubbornness.

She was lost for a while when he pulled apart the blanket leaving her bare, she instantly hide herself with her arms .

Maan clutch her wrist tightly pulling apart from his view . He clasp them tightly on the bed with his both hands .

Geet shut her eyes tightly, feeling herself bare in front of him. It’s been long now, he was seeing her like this.

Maan was mesmerized yet again with her beauty that was shinning in the golden light of lamp.

He caressed his fingers softly on her chest making her shudder with his touch. She slowly opened her eyes , feeling his hold loosen on her on hand while other was touching her femininity.

Geet gulp down , seeing his gaze , she turn her eyes away , closed it softly feeling the moment.

He left her hands and started to lick on her both globes feeling it getting tighter with his act.


Geet wrap her arms on his back pulling him more closer ,she felt something in her tummy. And at instant her eyes snap opened.

His hands went on her tummy feeling it,


Maan stopped for a moment feeling something different . He shrug off his thoughts taking her full mount in his mouth , cherishing it.

When suddenly she pushed him apart , feeling his Body pressure on her stomach.

Geet..?? He was shocked with her sudden push looked at her confused.

Geet was fluster , she wrap herself quickly in the blanket trying to feel her baby with her hand .

She looked at his questioning gaze and lower her lashes instantly, not knowing how to face him now.

She couldn’t hold the strength right at that moment to reveal him about the pregnancy. She was confused, how to do that , will he be angry on her for hiding that big thing that too it’s his own.

Will he believes her ?? The question buzz in her head along with his words that night before his departure. His accusations, or her disability for not being his dream girl.

What happened ? Are you not feeling well, sweetheart ? He asked worried seeing her tear stricken face. As he went near her cupping her face, he wiped her tears.

Geet once looked at him with her wet eyes, and put her head on his shoulder not knowing what to do and how. She was not in her right senses now, she concluded closing her hazel eyes, for a while wanted to forget everything and just drown in her own little world.

Geet dozes off in no time as soon as she kept her head on his bare shoulder. He was holding her tightly in his arms ,


He looked at her innocent face, she was not in a peaceful sleep , as there were still worried lines on her forehead.

What is it , that is bothering her so much or what is she still hiding from me ?

He thought combing back her curls with his fingers, leaving soft kiss in her forehead , she snuggle closer in his arms holding him tightly.

His hands went inside the blanket, as he lay down on his back on the bed taking her sleeping form in his arms.

As his hands touch her at side b***** , he heard her soft moans , he gulp hard Controlling his all urges to take her that instant.

He pulled her closer softly holding her bare waist. His hands went upward on her bare back , he felt her side bulge, he couldn’t stop himself from pressing it slightly , earning a soft moans from her, he looked at her face, she was in deep.sleep but still could feel his touch.

He smile with satisfaction and closed his eyes wrapping her bare body in his own protecting her from all evil.

Geet woke up suddenly feeling thirsty , she wore her saree hurriedly and glancing once at his side got down from the bed to fetch some water, as there was empty jug on the side table.

As she went into empty corridor, her heart started to beat fast with fear and restlessness as she saw there were no guards there. It’s strange she thought.

Somehow she reach at downstairs, that’s when felt someone tugging her from behind on her dupatta.

Her eyes widen in fear , she gulp hard, sweat beads appear on her forehead , she slowly turn around asking along,


Kaun hai ??

Turning around she faced the person and her eyes widen in shock ,she felt her heartbeats raising to new level of madness, her heart fill up with terror, anger, or what not ??

AAP yaha kya kar rahe hai, ? Woh bhi itni raat Gaye ? She somehow managed to utter those words, 

to be continued..Evil Smile

What must be going to happen ? Evil Smile

And who is that ?? Evil Smile

Will Maan know about his baby?Shocked

Will Geet tell him ever ?? Wacko

??????? D'oh



Part 63



What are you doing here , at this late hours. Geetanjali somehow managed to utter those words though inside she was all scared.

I came here only for you and you are asking me this ? His lusty voice sent chills down her spine.

Me ?? She shiver sensing the danger ahead before hand only she took her steps back but found herself falling back on the stairs behind , she gasp in horror when he hold her wrist pulling her towards himself .

She bang on his chest wincing with the disgusting feeling that surround her. Geet tried to come out but he didn’t let her go instead keep her glue to his hard frame forcefully. 

Leave me..she whispered in her rag breaths .

Not so soon Queen , he laugh historically sniffing her scent from her curls which were left open. 

She somehow managed to get of his grip and shouted loudly for help but heard only his laughter in return in the dead silent Palace.

No one is here to saved you , Geetanjali not even your King .saying so he laugh again pulling her sari duppatta off , 

No..she scream and ran away from him , her saree was clutch in his hand that got unwrap from her body in the process .

MAANNN…  She shouted with her all might. 

Maan got up from his sleep hearing her scream. He looked at his side only to see her body twisting and turning on the bed furiously , her whole body was filled with sweat beds even in ac room . me..she cried in her sleep , tears well up from her closed eyes falling down on her sweaty cheeks.

His heart churn in pain seeing her like that. He shook her hard trying to make her woke up from her nightmare.

Sweetheart..Geet..wake up .I am here .

he patted her cheeks continuously holding her tight from her bare shoulders. 

She was still crying in her sleep when heard his voice calling out to her , she tried to open her eyes but everything was so blank and dark .

Sweetheart.. opened your eyes..I am here.maan again patted hardly this time , and she snap opened her eyes wide , Geet gasp coming out if her nightmare, she saw his worried face before her open eyes and next moment she pulled him in her arms caging him in her arms tightly almost strangling him bounding her arms around his neck.

Sweetheart..he tried to loosed her hold but it only tighten , at last he turn himself on his back taking her fragile body on his , she was sticking to him  likea a second skin, like small child who was not willing to let him go. 

He wrap his arms around her making her loosed her hold on his neck a little bite but she didn’t left him fully.

Maan groan feeling her soft br**** pressing into his hard chest as both were half bare.

After a while Geet was back to normal , Her sobs were subsided .

Are you alright ? He caressed her head lovingly trying to sooth her fears.

Hmm..I thought it’s real , she whispered still hiding her face in the crook of his neck when she felt his hands doing naughty things. 

She tried to pulled apart but he switch there position again and without warning her took her one mount in his mouth cherishing it while his other hand played with her other one.

Maan..she moan loudly clutching his back of hairs .

There sweet moments were disturb with the loud knock on the door. 

Geet gasp with her eyes widen in fear realizing the situation.she tried to pushed him but he was not ready to leave her, sucking on her b***** like a hungry baby.

You have changed Sweetheart , Your looking more beautiful , he whispered lost in his own pleasure still his mouth was on her chest.

Geet gasp hearing him, she blushed hard trying to pushed him away when both again heard the loud knock .

Plz..Maan..let me go.someone is on the door. She whisper rapidly fearing for the consequences , just hoping in her mind that it not turn to be her devil mother in law , when she felt him loosening his hold on her . 

She stood up wrap in her sari and looked at Maan who was ready to open the door with his bare chest.

She cursed him under her breath and wrap his shirt around his shoulders asking him to wear it silently.

He shrug off his shoulders nonchalantly seeing her antics.

He was about to open the door when her shivering fingers clutch on his bicep , he looked at her confused.

Maan..Kaun hoga.she whisper slowly gulping hard thinking about the person on there side of the door. She don’t want to be caught red handed .

He hold her palm pressing it assuring her silently with his eyes and asked her to went inside the washroom.

Par Maan AAP ..she was scared for him.its her and Kings room after all. It would be risky for Maan.

Geet !! Go inside..come out wearing the sari properly, he warned her when both of them heard his phone ringing.

Maan took it seeing Samrat name flashing on it. 

How much time it takes you to open the damn door. He heard Samrat’s angry voice on the other end and sigh heavily.

You ?? 

Who else are you expecting. I am writing here on the door from last 10 minutes. And you seems busy in romancing with my Queen.he whisper in low voice ,

She is mine, how many times I have to warn you !! Maan was furious now , he fail to see Geet’s reaction.she was frustrated with his words, to whom he is referring.she poke on his shoulder angrily .

What ?? He spat on her angrily already he was frustrated hearing Samrat.

Geet glared back at him and rushed from there angrily inside washroom banging hard the washroom door.

Now will you open the door , or my Hitler mother will show up any minute.

After a while Maan opened the door angrily and Samrat went inside shutting the door behind.

I think you forgot to button your shirt Mr.Khurana !! Samrat turn his eyes from him seeing lips marks on her bare torso.

When are you giving her divorce, Maan still couldn’t forgot his words , he was still upset.

Relax Khurana, why are you being so upset .

Because she is only mine, and I will took her away in just next 2 days if you sign the divorce or not. Maan whisper in dangerous tone, glaring him furiously.

Khurana, beware you are talking to king and talking about the Queen.

Yes I know, that’s why just telling you before I take some drastic step.

Khurana !! Samrat was going to argue back as his behavior was not acceptable To him being the King.

But before talk more Geet come out  taking shower, in same sari .

It’s you ?? I thought 

Rajmata ?? Samrat completed smirking at her condition playfully.

Geet only smile back embarrassed of being caught.

You should get ready fast as holi party was just going to start.

Mr.khurana I will again like to invite you for the holi festival.

Pleasure is all mine.Maan spoke but his eyes were only Geet eyeing her with mischievous smirk.

Geet blushed beetroot red herring to know his gesture.

Ok I will take a leave now but you guys hurry up , I had sent guards here away for a time being , I will not able to hold the situation more .

He turn to leave when her voice stop him.

Samrat , she called him and asked further.where were you last night ,she asked hesitantly not sure if she is right on asking him .but she was only curious and worried for him.

Umm.i was in guest room beside this one.saying only this he rushed out hurried not wanting get caught again in her furious glares listening about sulkshna.

Geet frown seeing his behavior , she was lost in her own thoughts that fail to realized how closed he comes.

She felt his hands resting on her stomach on her sari .she gasp with the contact. Layer of tears adore her beautiful hazel eyes thinking about the little life of them breathing inside.

Do he feels it ? How come he didn’t yet realized it. She remembers his words sometime before when he was not ready to left her.

Kya hua sweetheart, you seem always lost , why this tears , Maan looked at her turning her towards him.

Kuch nahi..AAP jaeye yaha se..Hume taiyaar hona hai. She diverted his attention and pulled out from his arms. 

No.i will not go without my answers. He said adamant, frustrated with this hide and seek play of hers.

What is the thing you are hiding from me ?? 

He clasp her shoulders shaking it a bit asking her, he was so furious with his burning eyes .

Hum aapse..kuch nahi..chupa..rahe hai..

She stammer on the verge of breaking down , while she hide her eyes from him. 

Look at me and say again.he jerk her closer making her look into his furious red eyes that make her scare , she wince with his pressure on her soft arms.

Say it he again shook her But she kept her mum not really in senses now.

Don’t you trust me ? He whisper rather painfully waiting for her to say something. 

Geet was now crying silently , not knowing how to handle the situation , 

But it hit him hard and he left her looking at her unbelievable , it take him sometime to realized that there is no fault of hers but only his if she is not able to trust him again.

He turn furiously to go out when Geet couldn’t took much and her head started to spine , she hold it tightly leaving a soft muffle , Maan turn around hearing her painful cries and was horrified to see her falling back .

Geet ..?He ran towards her to catch her , taking her in his arms he patted her cheek. She was still in her half conscious. She looked at him with her dizzy eyes. 

Sweetheart , tum thik ho ?? He asked hell scared for her, as he took her to bed again.

Hum ..aapse..kuch..nahi chupana chahte…bas hume thoda waqt chahiye..she whisper trying to make him understand.

I  am sorry sweetheart , I know I am at fault not you. He kissed her palm with his eyes moisten regretting his each deed . 

Geet shook her head in no not liking it today to see him heart has already forgiven him , she only needs little time to make it believe .

I am ready to wait, wait forever for you believe me once , I am only yours , I loves only you no one else. 

Saying so he peck her head and order through the intercom for her breakfast.

Hume ready hona chahiye , it would be late otherwise.

Geet tried to get up wincing slightly with the pain in her arms., He looked at it and drown in more guilt Seeing it turning blue now .

I am so..before he start it again she placed her palm on his mouth .

Bas kijiye..Hum thik hai, she slowly pulled down her palm shying away with his passionate gaze.

You are my angel !! He whisper huskily softly kissing her lips , leaving her lips he took her arms in his hands and shower wet kisses on her bruise area leaving her all red.

After a while he applies some antiseptic there blowing it softly making her shiver . She closed her eyes  feeling goosebumps All over her skin.

The maid came there with her breakfast , keeping it on side table she went .

First eat something, then get ready. No need to hurry. He spoke softly warming her heart with his sweet voice.

But it will be late.

I will inform Samrat, he will handle it , you will not go out of this room without having breakfast.

Finally Geet have to be agree listening his warning, she was also hungry along with her baby. She thought patting her stomach silently when felt his his hand near her mouth carrying morsel of food.

Her eyes filled up instantly reminding there first meet where he had offered her her favorite Parathas.

Hume woh ..she tried to control her tears but few slip from her hazel eyes.

Sweetheart ..Maan was clueless about her inner turmoil. 

He make her drank some water looking at her worriedly.

Hume woh..Maan..wapas Mr.Khurana . She sweetly confessed like a small child with her pouting lips ready to burst in tears. 

hearing her he was left dumbstruck , next moment he just placed the plate on the side table pulling my her for hungry kiss.

Hearing her sweet confession , he couldn’t Hold himself back.

I will sweetheart , I will !! He promise himself more than her as he whispered those words in her mouth.

Hearing him she cried furiously banging on his chest venting out he all anger on him.

He took it silently knowing it will calm her down afterwards. While he kissed her back furiously .


Part 64

Geetanjali got ready quickly , after having her tummy filled and her outburst to her mr.khurana, she was finally feeling light. 

Ready for the day, Queen ? Samrat’s enthusiastic voice came from behind making her chuckle. 

She was actually blushing , her face was glowing in maan’s love but she couldn’t either ignore the glint in Samrat’s eyes as well.she narrowed her eyes on his face suspiciously , asking him silently.

Samrat’s all enthusiastic was gone and was replace by nervousness now.

I think we should hurry, guest must be waiting for us .Saying so he rushed out waiting for her to join him.

Geet came out , she was wearing flowery skirt and matching blouse with flowery duppatta along with that her hairs were tied up adored with jasmine.

Geet was little nervous to go out after the incident happened last night and added to it her nightmare . She shiver a bit just then felt his hand wrapping around her shoulder assuring her.

What happened ? You seems down Geetanjali, before few seconds only you were happy. Samrat spoke his worry seeing her shivering.

Geet looked up to him , how she would tell him about her nightmare , that was still fresh in her mind. Her heart turn restless just getting those flashbacks , something gonna happen , it scream out loud making her sweaty.

Don’t worry , there are only few guests , I have taken care of that this time. Samrat assured her again trying to make her calm .

Both were in there own world that fail to realized the upcoming presence of there respective love. Who were fuming high in jealousy to see them both together.

Maan walked from other side of the corridor towards his Sweetheart fuming in jealousy to see the scene while Sulkshna was burning in hell , she was one high headed girl with Royal attitude.

Samrat at instant make a distance between both him and Geet, while Geet frown seeing this. She cutely pouted taking one step towards Maan to meet him as Samrat got busy with sulkshna , Geet let them go for a while .

But before Geet could reach him Samiksha appear from no where and Geet’s eyes pop out seeing her cloths. She was actually wearing nothing in the name of saree.

How shameless. geet murmured as she saw her walking towards Maan calling him from behind.

Hey Maan..

Maan turn to looked at her, and he was disgusted to see the view. Her saree was so revealing ,

Happy Holi my would be hubby !!

She was about to apply color on his cheek but he stop her and that moment holding her wrist tightly in his tight fist almost giving her pain .

Geet , her eyes filled up shinning with anger and pain.she dash passed from them while Maan called for her pushing Samiksha out of his way.


Take care of her..Samrat shouted with slight grin on his face.

What was that ?? Sulkshna asked making a face .

Nothing Jaan.. Mr.khurana is in love with the Queen of Jodhpur .

Sulkshna was taken a back with that as she was still unknown , her jealousy was swipe off instantly knowing this new fact .but hearing him calling her Queen she frown again in frustration.

Samrat chuckle to see her expressions. She too loves him deeply but not ready to forgive him for his past deeds.

Samrat clarified further making sulkshna almost calm now.

Geet in her anger rushed out though but as soon as she was out , Rajmata came before her suddenly making her flinch a bit with her sudden presence.

Holi mubarko , Rani ! She put the big Tilak of red powder on her forehead along with she applied other color on her cheek .

Geet stood silently observing her but to her astonishment there was no emotions on her face , her face was blank decided of any emotions. Soon she smiled at Geet rather warmly after wishing her though that smile didn’t reach her eyes, it was only formal.

Will not you wish me , Rani ?

Geet come out of her lost state hearing her voice , Geet just nodded unsure and took small amount of colour on her palm from passed by maid and applied it on her cheeks , her hands were trembling to touch her even.

She tried to bend down to took her blessings but Samrat’s voice stopped her from behind.

Geetanjali !! He almost shouted stopping her in mid. Geet stood up straight instantly looking behind her where Samrat was standing with little anger glaring at her..

Geet was confused , when he walked forward and wished his mother taking her blessings , while along with him Geet was also going to bend down but Samrat hold her hand firmly stopping her in mid again. Geet looked confused again , and next moment she realized the reason.her eyes widen in horror.she instantly put her palm on her tummy.

Rajmata was going to took her class for not taking her blessings but soon she got busy with new guest at Palace.

Maan was watching all this silently from a little far while he was suspicious with the scene he just witness before his eyes.

Dadima , I am saying you , that character less girl has done some black magic on Maan , and he is following her everywhere like a puppet.

Samiksha added dramatically trying to convince Dadima about her lies.

What are you saying , Samiksha ?

Yes Dadima I am saying the truth, And she is Married , the Queen of Jodhpur . Shameless people , taking the opportunity of her Royal status, even hiding from the King itself.

Dadima was now disgusted hearing this , she was worried for her grandson now.

Maan, how could he ? I have fixed his engagement with you then also.

Not his fault Dadima, That woman is such a witch.

Samiksha keep an eye on him and stay with him always , don’t let him go away , specially to that woman . Try to keep him away from her and get back immediately here back to Delhi . I will announce your engagement soon.

You don’t worry Dadima , I will take care of him .I just thought to inform you .you might be getting worried there for him .Samiksha voice out her yet another lie perfectly with her sugar coating voice.

Thanks beta. I am worried for him now .do take care of him , don’t leave him alone .

Yes Dadima. I will .and I will bring him soon there to Delhi.

Saying so she cut the call and smirk evilly in victory.

You have to pay hard dear MSK along with your Queen.

She mutter angrily reminding the scene before just how rudely he pushed her and ran behind that Queen.

Rang barse Bheege chunar wali Rang barse 

Are keene maari pichkaari Tori bheegi angiya 

O rangrasiya rangrasiya 

Colors are showering The girl with the dupatta get’s wet 

Colors are showering 

Who has hit you with the water-jet 

Your bodice is wet With colors of passion Rang barse

Just as the song started , Geet was been pulled by her maids at the other side of the party , it was specially arranged by Samrat for her . Rajmata scorn seeing it , she even tried to interfere saying it’s against their status to play between maids and alone leaving the guests .

But Samrat was firm to his place this time, Geetanjali’s safety was more important for him than anything today.

Happy Holi , Rani !! He applied little color on her cheek making her smile big .

Thank you Samrat ..she gives her gratitude to him for the special efforts he done in arrangements .

It’s my duty Rani .you didn’t wished me by the way. Samrat teased her.

Geet took some color from the thali and applied on his cheeks.happy holi Samrat.she was going to put the Tilak on his forehead just then sulkshna voice stop her from doing so.

Yeh humara HAQ hai , Rani Geetanjali !!

Geet first looked stun , then anger rushed through her veins with an audacity of the arrogant woman.

Sulkshna , Samrat called her and signal her through his eyes to stop , she kept mum but glared at him back.

Geet , though wanted to teach her lesson but her own heart and mind refused her to do so , that she withdrew her hand and rushed away from there.

Geetanjali..Samrat called from behind but she was so upset to listen him.

Sulkshna why did you made her upset . ? Samrat scold sulkshna making her more angry.

What did I do , I only told the truth, she no more have that right when both if you are going to part ways now.

Still she is my friend , Sulkshna.

I don’t accept this .

You have to sulkshna, you have to understand  me , my love , I am only yours.

I know .still ..

It was not the way to told her , you made her upset on this special occasion when she is going to be m.. he stopped suddenly realizing what he is blurting out .

Though sulkshna knows all but he couldn’t just blabber out the truth outside , it could be risky.

In palace nothing could be hide from evils, it could harm her and her baby even.

Hume maaf kare dijiye, Samrat..hum bhavanavo main bahkar..humne ..hum bhool hi Gaye ke woh.

Sulkshna realized the depth of her behaviour and it’s effects on Geet.

You must ask sorry from her not me .

Ji ..hum bilkul maang lenge.

I am waiting.

Hearing him sulkshna flied from there to do her task.

Here Geetanjali became more upset, all things seems to be slip from her hands ., She felt her eyelashes wet , her maids tried to cheer her up but she turn her face away , not in the mood now.

Maan who has been searching for her at first , but then got hooked in between Royal people and businesses associates. That he couldn’t able to caught her.

Finally he made his way towards her , seeing her upset seating at the corner on the bench , it slit his heart paining him.

Maan stop in mid seeing sulkshna walking near her and she called her.

He saw her taking the color from thali placed beside them and she went and stood before her. Geet looked up to see who is it and before she knew sulkshna colored her both cheeks smiling big.

Happy Holi Rani Sahiba !! She chirp happily, seems like forgetting there whole quarrel till now.

Geet looked surprised , without her will small smile appear on her face and she let out chuckle seeing sulkshna laughing .

She got up hurriedly while Sulkshna held her shoulders stopping her,

Aaram se , Rani ji. Ab AAP akele nahi hai . She whispered softly making Geet blushed.

Hume maaf nahi karengr..hum maafi chahte hai..woh bas hum bahot Possessive ho jaye hai unhe le kar. Sulkshna clarify guilty on her acts.

It’s alright sulkshna, i understand, her voice suddenly turn sad as she remembers him with Samiksha.

Arey AAP toh lagta hai Abhi bhi humse naraz hai. Sulkshna said seeing her upset face.

Nahi nahi .hum naraz nahi hai.

Toh phir aapne Hume Abhi tak rang nahi lagaya.

Hearing her Geet immediately took the Coloring her fist and was ready to fill her cheeks but before that Sulkshna ran from there giggling along.

Geet turn shock as she never expected this but she too took her step to ran after her but then immediately realized that she couldn’t do that , .she pouted sadly and walked slowly .

Maan thought he had waited enough now , he was confused seeing her walking silently instead of running behind Sulkshna.

But he let it go and rushed towards Geet and caught her wrist from behind stopping her in mid.

Geet was first shock then recognize his touch. She blushed hard but the remember about her anger on him .

Hume chodiye..she tried to Wriggle out her soft wrist from his hard clutch. But he came more closer to her , few maids ran from there giggling seeing the scene.

Geet , her heartbeats raise to new level feeling his hot breath on her neck , she shiver high in his arms as his arms wrap on her bare tummy coming forward, she had her duppatta wrap on her stomach like sari but he thrust his hand inside it on her bare skin making her moan out slightly as she put her all weight on him.

Maan felt something again as soon as his palm touch her stomach, his heart flutter badly recognizing the new feeling yet he was unknown.

Geet , her eyes widen as she put her hand on his on her sari pallu.

She gulp hard soon felt him rubbing his rough palm on her soft skin.

She closed her eyes tightly with mix emotions lurking inside her.

Mujhe rang de rang de, mujhe rang de

Haan rang de, haan rang de

Haan apni preet vich rang de 

[Color me , color me 

Yes colour me

Yes , color me in your love] 


Maan..she moan out realizing he had rub wet color there on  one side of her waist line.while his other hand hold her protectively in his arms .

Happy Holi , Sweetheart !!

He whispered sensuously in her ear sniffing her fragrance that was mix with her jasmine flowers.

Geet turn around not able to control herself more and hug him tight burying her face in the crook of his neck. She press her shivering lips there .

Happy Holi maan.. she whispered back just before she felt the burning on her skin.

Maan.nn… she cried out suddenly feeling slight burn on her skin.

Sweetheart ..?? Kya hua..?? Maan was horrified seeing her crying suddenly .

Geet ?? He pulled her apart to see her whole face tear stricken.

Mann…she muffles not able to speak because of pain.

to be continued.. Evil Smile

Precap :- truth is out …

5 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 61-64

  1. Superb update dearie…So happy that the situation between both couples are sorted out. But I am disgusted by that wicked moron Sam and how she is poisoning Dadima's mind against Geet…I really hope Maan punishes Sam for all her evil deeds! I am waiting to see her punished…


  2. Wohooo what an update geet forgave maan but still her past affects her to tell the truth about her pregnancy… Maaneet Romance was nice..maan could feel some moment in her stomach but be couldn't come to any conclusions… samiksha told everything to sulakshana was releaved to know Mr.khurana is in love with geet and their bonding was cute… waiting to read more ❤️😘


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