MEHBOOBA [Sweetheart] PART 59

Geet, her eyes pop out hearing the knock , she pushed lost Maan from her body,who was startle with her push and stumble back.

GEETT.. he was furious when again heard the loud knock .

Geet was fluster, all red, she some how managed to gather her cloths, without meeting his eyes, she quickly ran inside washroom.

Maan went towards the door to opened it. A very curious Samrat entered inside gazing around the room.

Uh..Mr.Khurana , you should check yourself first in the mirror. Samrat teased him without his notice as his gaze landed on the messy bed.

Maan narrow his eyes looking at him confused, and went towards the mirror. To his surprise there were nail marks of Geet on his shoulder , he was not embarrassed but was proud of that.

Returning back, Maan gave him his signature smirk.

Khurana, she is all yours . As Samrat spoke knowing the meaning of he hidden smirk ,  but just then Geet step outside the washroom fuming to no extent hearing him.

So you two had made up a team against me ? She fumed , partially hurt , partially angry , her eyes were red moisten.

Both men were shock listening her, they could see her pain .

It’s ..Samrat tried to define himself but Geet was now mad with rage.

You broke your promise. She furiously blame him.

It’s not like that .Samrat again tried.


I should have known it before only , you are not trustworthy.

Geetanjali!! I didn’t broke any promise, or anything like that. He yet don’t know anything. On this Maan looked at him curiously, Geet was fluster now, she sneak her eyes from Maan and rushed out of the door.


What is it ?? Maan asked curiously.

I said , she don’t want to tell, I had promised her. Samrat spoke in hurry and dash behind Geetanjali for he couldn’t loose her friendship now ,

Maan ran behind worried and curious at the same time.

Listen Geetanjali, I didn’t do anything . Samrat tried to pacify her.

Geet stand still, comprehending on everything, after a while she spoke , Maan stand behind them.

So that is why , you left me here alone with him. She threw daggers at him.

I left you here for your own safety , Rani ! Geet looked at him confused while he continued.


Do you forgot the blast which happened yesterday, so soon ?

Geet, her eyes widen , she again started to shiver just reminding it. Maan walked further and cocooned her in his arms .

That was not accident but someone had planned it and I thought there is danger for both you and me , so I left you here yesterday just for keeping you safe here far from the Jodhpur. He completed with a sigh of breath .

Geet was convinced by now , she calmed her raised heartbeats when Maan asked from Samrat.

Do you found out who is it , behind that blast.

Unfortunately , not yet ? He was furious so as Maan.

He make a call quickly and soon blasted on the person other side.

You didn’t found out yet or you didn’t tried ?

Do it ASAP !! He shut the phone angrily when his gaze met with her furious own.

What !!

Leave me..and then shout as much as you want. Saying so she released herself from his clutch and stand few feets away from him making him frustrated.


Now we have to leave for Jodhpur . Samrat reveal making both of them curious now. maan was quick to react before Geet,

Why ?? Geet can’t come there, there is still danger awaiting for her.

Till the time we  wouldn’t get the main culprit.

I know , Khurana ! He left a deep breath and continue .

It’s holi today, so Rajmata has asked for the Queen to be present there to do all the rituals of it. And it’s good for the people of kingdom also.

I am doubting her even , Samrat !! Maan spilled out without thinking of the outcome or fearing even from the King.

KHURANA !!  Samrat shouted with his red eyes fuming to no extent, for he couldn’t tolerate bad words against his mother, he loves her too much.

Geet turn panic seeing him this much angry , she drag her feet towards Maan and clutch his arm tight .

I can’t help it . Maan scoff it off making him more angry

Do you know before whom you are speaking it. Samrat blasted.

I know , but this is Maan Singh KHURANA . I said what I had seen this days living in the Palace. Maan backfired holding Geet tightly in his arms.

You are crossing your limits now..Samrat pointed his finger on him.

I am not… it is the truth. Maan argue.


Before both quarrel more Geet interfered thought little scared from both of there anger.

Enough !! Please AAP dono bhi shant ho jaiye, Hume baichainisi ho Rahi hai.she hided hid face on Maan’s chest feeling dizzy with the events.

Both stop suddenly realizing  depth of situation , they looked at her, she was crying silently.

If you don’t want to come , Geetanjali , and will not force, Samrat spoke softly patting her head, Maan darted angry glare at him .

Before he could denied , Geet pulled out from him , and wiped her eyes.

I will come , Samrat.

Geet. Maan tried but she stop him with her eyes.i have to go for the kingdom. For the people. I know I had fail in my duties before, but I will not make a same mistake again.

You don’t have to , you are no more going to be The queen now. Maan argue , Samrat listen silently admiring her.

Geet looked confused when Maan continue. I will take you away very soon with me by marrying you .

Geet was dumbfounded hearing him , she felt if she was dreaming , hearing something wrong . Her eyes filled up , no it might be her yet another dream or illusion.her fate is so cruel to make it reality.

Maan as if reading her each turmoil , pain nodded at her in yes,

I will, Sweetheart. He peck her head lovingly promising her.

Geet was still not convinced, how she had to after suffering too much.

I don’t know ,and I don’t want to know either , Her voice was horse , Maan was hurt hearing her, his heart pinch while Geet continue.

If this happens that time I believe it !! She ended walking further towards the Car.

Don’t worry, she needs time, everything will be sort out, give her some time !! Samrat press his shoulder,Maan looked at him surprised, despite his bad words against his mother, he is here to support him.

Don’t think too much, I am here for my only friend , MY QUEEN . He press the last words making Maan fume.

She is mine ! Maan argue.

You know it’s fun to tease you , Khurana .

It’s not fun , I will marry her soon. Maan said frustrated on reminding Geet’s words sometime before.

I am waiting for that day. Saying so Samrat walked from there and Maan followed behind.

The drive to Jodhpur was silent , Geet was in no mood to speak , she even forgot to speak to her baby in all the events around.

Samrat thought to gave her space knowing her turmoil, he sat beside the driver, while Maan and Geet sat at the back seat, two other cars followed them filled with Royal Guards .

After a while Geet was dozing upon his shoulder, he hold her in his arms wrapping his hands around her , he cocooned her securely.

She snuggle closer and slept off feeling relax. Maan admired his Sweetheart, tucking her soft tendrils behind her ears, he caressed her soft cheeks lovingly.

As they reach in the portico of the Palace , Rajmata came down , followed by few maids taking the Pooja thali in he hands.

Maneet were surprised, with her sudden sweetness, Geet was feeling uncomfortable in her piercing gaze and masked smile.


Welcome, Rani Geetanjali, she welcomed her inside,pressing big Tilak on her forehead of the suhagan .Geet was standing in the middle of both men.

Samrat smile seeing his mother’s loving gesture.

Thanks Rajmata,

You don’t need to son, it’s custom.she replied in attitude.

After that maneet were going to step inside together but she stop them quickly,

Ruko, what are you doing ? Step inside with Samrat !


She was stern this time , geet shiver a bit with her attitude, Maan could feel it, he clinch his fist tight glaring at Rajmata silently.

Samrat gulp hard, and step inside taking Geet’s hand in his. Maan follow them inside angrily, Rajmata smirk at him leaving him frustrated now, he was so curious now seeing her that smirk .

Get ready in the evening for holi bonfire,all heard Rajmata and went towards there own room.

It was sunset time, Geet got ready wearing the saree given by Rajmata , she hated it, she hated that woman but sometimes we can’t do anything against some situations. She wanted to fulfill her this duty at least , frowning in her own guilt that she fail in her duties in past life. Being the Queen , it’s her responsibility also to looked after the people of her kingdom. But she didn’t notice it before , today she got that chance that she didn’t want to fail in it now.Till the time she is here, she is bound to do it.

Her maids surrounded her to help her with her royal jewelries and accessories . She was lost in the moments she shared with Maan in Sheeshmahal, his words.

I will take you away very soon with me by marrying you !

His words buzz in her heart making it thump badly against her rib cage, she feared her maids could heard it , her cheeks turn red like a new bride.

It’s done , Raniji !! Maids called out to her competing there work.

She looked up herself in the mirror , shying away seeing her beautiful refection.

AAP Aaj bahot khubasarat lag Rahi hai , Rani ji !! Maids teased her.

Geet blushed furiously , when maids continue.

Kya baat hai ? AAP toh Abhi se Sharma Rahi hai , and they giggle. geet can’t help it, she was not able to stop them today from teasing her, she loved it , getting the flashes of Maan , she herself giggle along with them.


Maan and Samrat walked from both sides looking dashing and hot in there own Royal outfits.

When Geet walked outside from her room followed by her maids.


Both men stood dumbstruck seeing the beauty standing before them. Maids giggled from behind and ran out from there.

Geet blushed furiously seeing his hot gaze, her cheeks turn rosy Pink. She stood still waiting for him .

Samrat admired her and walked further, Maan was still lost in her but seeing Samrat he almost ran towards her.

You are looking amazing , sweetheart !! He was mesmerized by her glowing face , she blushed further knotting her sari pallu.

Looking Gorgeous Rani !! Samrat complimented .

Thanks Samrat !!


She replied giving him sweet smile.

Let’s go downstairs ! Samrat said when Maan eyed him , getting the clue he walked alone from there leaving both maneet alone.

Muzse kuch nahi kahogi ?? Maan asked eyeing her top to bottom, his desires shoot up , making his body hard, she was looking so beautiful and sexy .

Geet was so red in his piercing gaze , she tried to moved from there , but Maan was quick to hold her , he pulled her in his arms.


Geet left a breath which she was holding, her heartbeats raise manically  smelling his cologne , she was high on her hormones now.

Marne ka irada hai kya , with your hot looks . He commented , making her more blush , soft smile spread across her lips .

He was blown by her shyness. His palms press on to her bare waist making her shudder, she closed her eyes leaning on to him, her both hands went on to his shoulder, holding him tight.

There breaths mingle together, his eyes went on her soft supple pink lips, her nose ring caught his attention which was teasing her petals.


He felt jealous and tried to kissed her but that ring came in a middle and Geet snap opened her eyes, wincing slightly.

She check her nose ring , as it’s been long she had wore it , it is paining her slightly.

Remove it !! He demanded getting angry on that stuff.

Geet glared at him for his attitude, chodiye Hume. She tried to Wriggle out of his hold but he pulled her more closer,

Maan..chodiye..koi dekh Lega. She whispered eyeing her surroundings ,

You don’t have to think of others , he said grazing his stubble cheek to her soft one.

Leave me.. have to go downstairs , she Wriggle hard but he was in no mood.

First give me a kiss !! He demanded eyeing her beautiful lips naughtily .

Geet blushed ,still trying to Wriggle out of his hold , while Maan was holding her so close almost grazing her lips with his.

to be continued ..


1. will she give him his kiss?

2. Same Precap

3. Holi dhamaka

4. Danger is still there for Geetanjali .

4 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA [Sweetheart] PART 59

  1. Aww so maan is even doubting on Rajmata but forgot the one who came with him…I loved this trip scenes maan's possessiveness and samrat teasing sessions.. waiting to read more ❤️😘


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