MEHBOOBA [Sweetheart] PART 58


The food was served and Maan looked up to see his Sweetheart was now dozing with her head on the table.He sigh painfully seeing her condition and cursed himself again and again. 

Sweetheart .. he called her going near her, he patted her head softly. She jerk open her eyes . 

Uhhh.. ?? She completely forgot her appetite and looked him confused.

You were hungry , he answer watching her confused expression. She seem behaving wired recently , he concluded seeing her mood swings. 

Hume bhook nahi hai .Hume neend aa Rahi hai . She yawn keeping her palm on her open mouth and she stood on her feet. Maan was surprised now .

But Sweetheart , pasta is ready, let’s have it. He pulled out the chair for her .Geet make a faces and looked at the dish. 

Par Hume..she tried to denied again when the smell of it filled her nostrils , she sniff hard and a big smile spread across her lips, she quickly sat on the chair he offered and pulled the bowl near to her.

Maan was dumbfounded seeing her behavior , she was completely seem to child to him now non the less he was happy that she was ready to have his hand made dish.

He sat near her pulling out the chair and looked at her with small smile adoring his lips.

As she took one spoonful in her mouth , she was mesmerize just with the taste.’s so yummy.. she widen her eyes in delight chewing the food in her mouth she looked at him.

Maan, his smile widen hearing her and seeing her expressions , he continued to admired her though he was also damn hungry and seeing her licking the spoon , his hunger increased, he lick his own lips wanted to eat her lips raw .his throat dried seeing her full lips enjoying the food.

 as if listening him , Geet chirp up suddenly.

Maan , AAP bhi lijiye na, taste kijiye, kitna accha Bana hai !! 

She offered him one spoon full of Pasta , with the same spoon she was having. 

He was more than willing , that he grab it quickly. 

He lick the whole spoon eyeing her meaningfully , that left her shiver , she got the cue , her cheeks turn pink , lips quiver with anticipation, her hold loosened on the spoon and it fall down making the sound.

Geet jerk back , and tried to got up hurriedly leaving her half bowl.

Sweetheart, where are you going? Seat back. 

Hume nahi khana. Humara Ho Gaya !! She blabber turning nervous. It seems all new to her again like a beginning . She was still scared to trust him now , his intentions , or the events which would take place.

Seat back Geet and finished it , he was stern this time that she sat back silently not meeting his eyes.

He saw her fluster and realized the reason . He sigh heavily not liking the way all things are going, but it is his own fault , he have to repent .

He took out other spoon , taking the pasta he offered her lovingly. 

Tears spilled out of her hazel eyes falling drops on his hand . He clutch the spoon more tightly when he heard her .

Hume ..dar..lagta..hai.. she whisper with her head downwards. 

Maan couldn’t take it more , he stood up pushing the chair behind angrily that chair fall back making her shock. Geet was frighten now , seeing his anger, she started to shiver badly with her recent condition she couldn’t  took this furious behavior . Already she was emotionally weak .

Maan didn’t realized it , he just pushed the nearby chair hard making more sound . 

Ahh..Geet shouted not bearing it , Guards ran towards the direction. 

Maan hearing her scream looked at her and realized just what he did in his anger. 

Sweetheart. !! He tried to reached her but she took few steps back in fear , shaking her head in no , her eyes were red with crying , in anger and her long time pain. 

Just then guards reached there to see the scene but just with his one glared the took there steps back .

Leave. !! He ordered them and they ran back listening his orders.

Sweetheart, he again called her, when she cried out furiously

Hum aapse..kabhi..baat nahi karenge.. don’t talk…with…me . She shouted furiously in between her bitter cries and ran out of the kitchen.

Geet !! Sweetheart!! Listen..he ran behind her to manofy her now. 

Geet stumble few steps in dark and he hold her from behind . 

Sambhal ke. Sweetheart . He whispered and she pulled out of his arms furiously when he clutched her hard in his arms not leaving her. 

Leave me .she Wriggle in his hard hold frowning at him with her wet eyes.

He lift her furiously in his arms while she continues her attempt of wriggling in his arms.

Chodiye..Hume.. she bang her fist on his chest furiously for she was so angry on him now .Chodiye .

Sweetheart..I am sorry. 

Nahi..aapne Hume..kitna Dara diya.. har waqt gusssa.. humari koi kadar..nahi..hai..( you don’t have any value of me ) 

She fist his collar glaring him angrily.

Aisa mat kaho..sweetheart. 

No .leave me .she again tried to Wriggle out when he jerk her closer . 

Nahi chodoonga is bar. Aise hi Apne bahon main chupa ke rakhoonga tumhe..I told you . He whispered possessively , his breaths were fanning on her face , she inhale sharply and feeling tired stop her attempts. Both reached back in the room and he let go her fragile body softly on the bed. 

She rest back and closed her eyes feeling tired with all adventures. Maan sat beside her gazing her lovingly , after few minutes he found her snoring softly. He smile and slept beside her pulling her body in his arms. She snuggle in his warmth , and slept off sniffing his scent in the crook of his neck.

Next morning, as usual Geet was again showing her tantrums on him after waking up in his arms .though she loved it but couldn’t yet believe on her fate or luck which always show her its true color, as if slapping across her face so brutally.

She stood up with irritation , that little frown was still there on her forehead.

What is it , sweetheart ? Why do you getting frustrated recently.he asked unknown of the reason.

He layed lazily on the bed and continue to gap at his beauty , who was busy in own self , Geet was adjusting her saree while muttering curses for him.

Maan continue to watched her , showing her revealing parts of body as she was busy with adjusting her cloths. He was lost in her view when she suddenly ran towards washroom holding her mouth. 

He jerk up from his laying position and ran after her inside washroom .he saw her throwing up in the basin , he got worried and rubbed her back softly to give her relief. 

After she was done , she was almost crying , he helped her to washed herself and both come out of washroom. 

Maan lift her and placed her softly on the bed , he could saw her tired face ,

I am sorry , sweetheart. .


Geet looked at him confused with her droopy eyes . 

I you did not need to ate the food last night which I made against your wish. He was really guilty now thinking its because of him, 

Geet looked at his face and thought for a while , when reality stuck her , it’s because of her pregnancy , it is bound to happened. 

She watched his worried face and couldn’t bring herself to told him the truth now. It made her selfish heart happy to see him worried for her, see him taking care of her and baby.

She smiled cheekily leaving at things aside for she couldn’t resist that smile of happiness.

It’s alright Maan. It’s not yours fault . She whisper going red suddenly thinking about there baby. 

Their ?? Is it ?? Her heart thudded badly against her rib cage .It is first time she accepted it and felt so light at heart. 

Is it that easy. ?? She asked herself. . keeping her palm on her chest to clam her over happy heart. 

Yes . It is his part as well but ..only he could have not left her. She pouted yet again but control the urge of crying now.

Maan , on the other hand was happy hearing her , he was over the moon seeing her cheesy smile only for him.

Sweetheart. He called her seeing her lost. She lift her wet eyelashes and he turn again confused .

Kya hua.. ?? Tum itna Kyun tense ho Rahi ho..kya hua hai Jaan. He sat beside her, and cup her face dearly.

She closed her wet eyes and felt his touch nodding in no.

Maan watched her silently , he knew she is hiding something big from him .and he hoped that would not hurt him as he was thinking now. Whatever that is , and however it may hurt him in future , he wouldn’t be upset with her, he thought. He can’t knowing if she is hiding it then it’s only because of him.he us the soul reason.

Take rest , I will bring some drink for you ! He peck her forehead lovingly and got up.

Ask maids , she hold his wrist .

He did as she said and went to took shower. He was thinking of her wired behavior, her vulnerable state, her mood swings , about her disoriented health but couldn’t come to conclusion , that what had happened to her after she came back here from Delhi. 

After he was done, he got out of the washroom just with his jeans on with towel hanging on his neck . He was lost when he heard some giggle sound.

He looked up to see few maids there beside her bed who was now standing and ready to go out seeing his state.

His confused gaze turn towards his Sweetheart only to see her red fuming eyes, her face was whole red in anger. When next he heard her screaming in anger.

Leave !! She shouted almost scaring the hell out of those maids who ran out scaring from there Queen’s anger.

Maan gulp hard watching her this much angry now.he took his steps towards her slowly, she continued to glared at him furiously. 

Dont you know any manners. Ya phir aapko bahot gurrur hai aapke body pe ? That want to show every other woman. 

She blasted on him and after that one cushion landed on his face hard.

GEETT..!! He glared at her back throwing that cushion away.

I was unknown of there presence. He replied furiously .

Unknown the ya phir ja buz jar yeh Sab kar rahe hai AAP ? She back fire getting mad just reminding how those maids were gaping at him .

Geet ?? How could you ?? He mutter angrily.

And how dared you ?? She pouted angrily turning her face.

He left a breath of frustration , soon it dawn on him that she was actually jealous .

He smirk going towards the door , he locked it and went near her. 

pulling out his towel from neck he hang it on to her neck .

Maan ?? Yeh kya kar rahe hai AAP ?? She frown angrily at him throwing his towel aside. 

Loving my sweetheart.he whisper huskily nuzzling his nose on her neckline . 

Umm..chodiye..she whisper getting lost in him. 

He didn’t listen to her and pulled her more closer in his arms, his hands caressed her soft waist , his mouth travels the path on her throat towards down on her valley . He pulled out her pallu and shower wet kisses there making her mad. She was yearning for his touch so desperately from long time that she pulled his face more closed. 

So ? Are you jealous sweetheart? He teased her still lost in her .his breaths shiver her making her core wet . She could listen his soft whispers on her chest.

Nahi. She whisper back with her closed eyes. Her hands couch his bare back and whole burn with raw desires. She wanted him badly. her hands rolled on his bare back feeling him.

You was.. sweetheart !! He whispered biting hard on her bulge .she hissed with pain and pleasure, that he lick the part. He patted a little and open her blouse buttons , pulling that out he threw that aside. Her skin was glowing more this days making him hard just with the view. 

He shower soft kisses on her whole upper body , his hands went inside her skirt rubbing her core. 

Maan. She moan loudly writhing under him like a fish. 

There sweet moments halted , with the knock on the door.


to be continue ..


I know I am so late that’s why this long update for you guys. Now want long and lots of comments .


Precap :- 


King , uska pata chal Gaya hai, jisne aapki car main bomb Rakha tha . 

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  1. So geet is turning possessive for her maan hye love the way maan manofy his sweetheart hope she tells him the happiest news of his life too.. waiting to read more ❤️😘


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