MEHBOOBA [Sweetheart] PART 56

It was late night , that Maan thought to have a sleep now ,since she was not ready to woke up . He chuckled on his own thoughts as he stared at her beautiful face . He opened the curtains of the room and let the moonlight to come inside through the huge window . He looked back at his sleeping beauty and couldn’t able to take his eyes away from her shining face , there was new glow on her face recently , he don’t know how ? Unknown of the reason that his love was growing inside her womb making her more beautiful this days.

He sigh going beside her , he slept next to her  . Geet at instant come into his arms on her own accord as if waiting for his warmth only. 

She snuggled closer in his arms and slept off again making him surprised non the less he was more than happy to sleep with her closed like this that he wrap his arms around her cocooning her dearly.He peck her head affectionately and soon his eyelids turn heavy 



It was midnight when Geet woke up suddenly , she felt him closer, she felt his aroma , that soothing touch , those muscular arms caging her in his hold. She thoughts , it must be her dream and ignored it. 

Her hazel eyes slowly opened ,and took in the view around her. The room was different, she rub her eyes still feeling tired to got down from the bed that she again closed her eyes snuggling into him. 

Maan was too tired himself to woke up, he just realized in his half sleep that she had woken up but didn’t opened his own eyes.

Geet , suddenly snap opened her hazel eyes feeling his beard pricking onto her soft skin of her neck , his hot breaths shiver her to the core  . She felt goosebumps all over her body. , Just with his lips touching her on her neck line. 

She control her all urges which were making her weak. She turn her eyeballs toward his Direction. 

His gorgeous face was so closed to her taking her breath away. She gasp loudly seeing the sight of his face . It’s been long he is closed like this . Her finger tips rolled down on his stubble cheeks but soon she snap out if her lost state. 

Her eyes burn with un shed tears , how could he ? How could she ? Her hands went towards her tummy feeling her unborn child. She had decided for her baby she wouldn’t weaken to him again.

Geet just pushed his strong arms away breaking his sleep rudely. He jerk open his eyes and tried to get in the view that where is he . Soon all incidents ran before his eyes making him widen his eyes and he quickly looked at her.he got up and cupped her face. 

Geet ? Tum thik toh ho na ?? His voice was heavy coated with his emotions , fear to loose her.

Geet glared at him with her moisten eyes and pushed away his hands . She got up from the bed hurriedly that lost her balance feeling her head heavy, she hold it with her both palms.

Sweetheart ?? He was at instant at her side holding her shoulders.

She jerk away his hands angrily and make some distance between both that hurt him deeply.

I said , don’t show me your fake concern !!She blasted on him trying to stable herself .

Geet !! 

He was hurt and and angry hearing her .

Bas . She show him her palm 

Chale jaiye yahase .AAP humare room main is waqt kya kar rahe hai , where is Samrat ? Her eyes roam around the room searching him but he was no where and more shocking for her was that the room was not hers but it was different. 

Maan stood still gawking her each expression , when she turn her questioning look at him .

Yeh AAP Hume kaha le aaye hai ? It’s not my room ? She blabber without thinking not letting him to speak anything.

He left a breath once she was done with her queries, and went near her .

It’s Sheeshmahal . 

Sheeshmahal but what are we doing here ? She murmured totally clueless when something dawn on her and her eyes widen in horror reminding that blast. Her whole started to shiver in terror still feeling that horrible blast as it was so near to them and they almost had died in that if not for Samrat had saved them.

Soft cries left her mouth , Maan quickly took her in his arms hugging her closer. 

She cried furiously holding him , she couldn’t control her emotions ,her hands tried to feel him and she knew , he is there safe in her womb .

Baby..I am sorry.. I will take care of you well henceforth..mumma is so sorry..she mumbled on his chest that Maan was not able to hear properly , he just heard her words like mamma and sorry .he thought she must be missing her mother. 

He cocooned her in his arms and patted her head , trying to make her calm. 

After a while , Geet was clam and she pulled out if his arms just realized what she was doing again.

Where is he ? She asks blankly turning her back at him she wiped her face with her saree pallu.

Are you alright ? He asked instead seeing her emotional breakdown.

I asked where is Samrat ? She blasted while Maan clinch his fist tight hearing her yet again .

He has gone to Jodhpur , you have to be here taking rest. Maan told her keeping his anger in control for he knew he has to bear it as his own punishment for giving her pain.

Woh Hume yaha akele kaise chod ke ja sakte hai ? Jarur us chudail ke paas Gaye honge !! Geet mutter angrily rushing out if the room while Maan was irritated now with her talks and moves , he followed her behind confused with this chudail word.

Kaha ja Rahi ho itni raat Ko . 

He asked running behind her , guards who were sleeping there got up with a jerk hearing sounds .

Maan glared at them furiously for there negligence , they murmured sorry for there behavior.

You should keep an wide eyes , not sleeping like this !! He blasted his anger on them for he couldn’t do that on his Sweetheart and rushed behind her down stairs.

Ruko sweetheart, kaha ja Rahi ho ? He caught her hand jerk her closer.

Ouch.. chodiye Hume . She wince with his hard clutch as he just hold her injured wrist.

Sorry sweetheart, is it paining ? He asked concern leaving her hand abruptly .

Ji nahi.. Balki sukun sa lag Raha hai..she taunted rubbing her wrist . There was cute frown on her face as she turn to go again and she entered inside the kitchen .

Bhook lagi hai ?? He asked switching on the lights there ,

I am also damn hungry . He spoke going behind her closed to her back.

Hume koi MATLAB nahi hai !! She blabber turning around suddenly and bang on to him with her sudden move as he was just behind her.

There lips crash together igniting burning lava inside both of them. Geet , her hormones shoot up just with his warm lips , she press her lips onto him getting lost herself, her hands clutch on to his broad shoulders while he press her body to himself , his hands wrap around her bare back of waist.

to be continued ..Evil Smile

want kiss or not .. Wink


4 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA [Sweetheart] PART 56

  1. Geet was scared for her baby and did not want to take risk for her life again trusting maan but her heart and harmones are going against her when maan is here waiting to read more ❤️😘


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