MEHBOOBA [Sweetheart] PART 55


Geetanjali !! Samrat shouted with worry as he caught her before she fall down. He patted her cheeks but she was totally unconscious.

He took her in his arms when he saw one person rushing out from the same car which was following him..

his anger rose to new level as he thought to confront the person now but to his astonishment , the person turn out to be Maan who just saw the blast and came running towards there way.

He was actually following them behind , seeing them going into hospital it make him suspicious but soon worry took over him guessing that something must have happened to Geet only.

When he saw Samrat rushing out of the car taking her along with him , he stopped the car that instant and the scene in front of him made his all shook in terror.

He feared for Geetanjali, and rushed out at instant to reached her.

Once reaching before them he left a sigh of breath seeing that they are saved. There was little bit of black dust smear across her face and body ,so was on Samrat as they were so closer to that blast.

Woh thik toh hai ? He patted her head , she was unconscious , his heart was beating rapidly in a fear of the consequences if they both had not saved. His whole shook just with the mere thought , he couldn’t loosed her now , she is his life.

She is fine. It’s because of blast she must have blank out. samrat spoke with his rag breaths.

Who did this ?? Maan mutter angrily , glaring at the car which has turn into ashes now from the blast.

It’s not the time now to think this , first we have to took her to hospital. She needs to be take care. Samrat spoke looking at her face. And both men walked towards Maan’s car.

The same doctor checked her again , she was in shock though with the incident as she was already in fragile condition.

Maan and Samrat both were pacing restlessly outside the room.

Once doctor come out looking worried herself both ran towards her .

How is she ?? Both asked in unison.

She is fine King, but do take care if her, it’s not good when , her condition is already fragile. She told them her worry .

Maan was confused with her sentence and now was damn sure that something serious had happened to his sweetheart.

What is it ,Doctor ? What had happened to her ? Maan asked desperately wanted to knew his answers now.

Samrat hold his breath for a while but he couldn’t have stop him today, he is not telling him anything but doctor was going to reveal it to him ,he thought .

Doctor looked at him suspicious for she was unknown of the person asking her this question while she couldn’t told anyone apart from the King and the Queen . It’s matter of there family only. She thought looking at him just then nurse called her for emergency and she rushed from there asking Samrat to take care of Geetanjali.

Damn it..?? What the hell has happened to my sweetheart ? He blasted on the Samrat .

Khurana, it’s your own fault that you are unknown to this fact related to your sweetheart, I can’t help in it. And you shouldn’t have raised your voice in front of the King .smirking at his blank face he went inside the room to check on Geetanjali who was still unconscious.

Maan stood there still frustrated on himself for all the mishaps today. He is the sole reason he thought ruefully and rushed inside as well to see her.

Maan sat alone beside his sweetheart , while Samrat had gone out to make few calls ,regarding the incident took place .

He sat near her holding her hand in his own he kept staring her beautiful face, she was deep in a sleep unknown of her all surroundings.
Kya Ho Gaya hai tumhe ? Muzse kya chupa Rahi ho , Geet ? He press her palm which he was holding in his palm.
Agar tumhe kuch ho Gaya, toh main Zinda nahi rah paunga sweetheart . You have become my life. You are the dream girl of mine to whom I didn’t recognize before , Sweetheart.
He kissed her hands, in regret ,in pain for the whole situation they are in now.
I am sorry, I will asked for forgiveness from you for whole my life ,if you wished, just don’t go away from me geet. 
I know I had hurt you , given you pain but I am the one who would shower you with all the love I have in my heart. 
I realized it later , Sweetheart, but believe me now I will not leave you again henceforth. 
He pour out his heart once again in front of her when she was unconscious.
His heart pained to see her like this , he was restless to know that thing which he felt is closed to his heart, he could able to feel that but still was unknown to the thing.
He regain his posture , hearing some footsteps. Just then Samrat came inside and smiled at him.
Doctor has given the permission to take her home .
But she has not yet woke up.maan told him looking back at her sleeping form 
But we have to take her Mr.Khurana as after that blast we can’t risk her life .Samrat clarify the reason.
And you thought , she is safe there in that Palace of yours. Maan mutter angrily reminding her all suffering till today .
Who told you we are going back there, Samrat smirk seeing his anger only for his love while Maan arched his brows hearing him.
Let’s go and  Take her .Samrat went outside leaving him behind as he have to took Geet also.

Maan took Geet’s unconscious body in his arms and went out near his car where Samrat was already inside , seating on the driving seat.,Maan went behind on the back seats, and sat with unconscious geet laying half on the sat and half on his lap. 

he cocooned her dearly , his heartbeats raise insanely feeling her closed. 
he had almost lost her ,if not for samrat had saved her in nik of time, he hugged her closed to his heart pecking her head. 
Thank you for saving my life ! Maan spoke with gratitude looking at front . 

It’s my duty , Mr.Khurana !! He spoke with attitude glancing him through the mirror but as soon as he see the scene he groan .

Maan was kissing Geet softly just making his heart believe that was really fine and beside him in his arms now.

Urgh. Khurana, she is still my wife !! He taunted at him seeing him so shamelessly kissing his Queen in front of him only.

Not anymore, I am going to take care of her now , you shouldn’t worry . Maan spoke more with pinch of authority hearing him ,his blood boiled and he pulled her more near to him. Geet stir a bit but again snuggle in his warmth sleeping peacefully .

Samrat smirk playfully seeing the scene behind through rare mirror , that  is what her true place is . He thought leaving a breath reminding his own love.

It took them almost few hours to reached the place, and the Car stop before the grand gates of the Palace.

Maan took in the view if his surroundings and left mesmerize with the grandeur of the Palace. It was more beautiful than the Jodhpur Palace.

He looked at her to see her still sleeping like a baby , he chuckled and got down pulling her unconscious body in his arms.

This is Sheeshmahal !! 

Samrat spoke walking further , while Maan followed behind taking geetanjali in his arms.this is the same place because of which all started, he got his sweetheart just because of Sheeshmahal , Maan thought gazing her lovingly.

The guards greeted them bending there head in respect , they didn’t dared to looked up at there King.

Here , took this room , Samrat step inside one grand room of palace followed by Maan.

Maan made Geet softly lay down on the bed .her hands were bound on his neck , when he tried to stand up , he was jerk forward as she was not ready to left him .

She really do love you insanely , Samrat chuckle behind seeing the scene and exited the room leaving them privacy.

While Maan smiled affectionately at his sweetheart and softly unclasped her hands from his neck . He peck her forehead with all the love and respect for his sweetheart.

He wrap her inside the blanket and went out to see Samrat waiting for him.

What have you decided ? Maan questions

Hmm. Going back to palace now .You stay here with Geetanjali, she needs you !! Samrat spoke thoughtfully turning back to face him , Maan nodded when Samrat continue.

Needs to find out who dares to mess with The King . And he rushed out leaving Maan behind to think on the same.

He make few calls as he couldn’t sat back in peace witnessing that in front of his own eyes. He could have lost her , if not for Samrat had saved her.

His heart burn in pain and he rushed inside to see her.

She was still sleeping , with effects of medicines , he went near her and sat before her on the bed just staring her beautiful face .

His phone rang just then breaking the moment, he took it at instant thinking it must be related to his work.

But to his dismay it turn out to be Samiksha. His anger rose hearing her nasty voice.

Maan..where are you from morning.i have not seen you anywhere, when will you coming back ? She asked in one breath making him more irritated.

Will you just shut your mouth ? He shouted but seeing geet stirring a bit he got up and went to balcony.

Maan.?? Samiksha was shock and angry hearing his shout.

Why did you called ? Maan asked though not in mood with her for any conversation but he have to be just for dadima’s sake.

When will you be back ?? Samiksha again repeated .

And why ??

What why ?? Hume wapas bhi toh Jana hai na ?

You go back then , I have some important work here, he spoke nonchalantly wanting to shut the call now.

But it’s your responsibility to take me back now , beside I am your fiancee !! She spoke with attitude that made him frustrated more.

You are not , there is no relation between us and not going to happen in future as well. Better , you understand it now only and go back. Maan utter each words in rage for her talks irritating him to extent and he just cut the call in anger switching his phone at once.

Samiksha left baffled and furious with his rude behavior, she crushed the phone in her fist.

How dare you, Maan ? Just because of that girl you are insulting me constantly. But beware dear , she is going to far away from you very soon.

She smirk evilly thinking of her evil plan she had already executed for she couldn’t left MSK that easily. She will get him by hook or Crook , thought Samiksha unknown of the thing that his love was already saved and now was beside him safe and sound far from her evil clutches.

4 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA [Sweetheart] PART 55

  1. Awesome update,I thought some how Maan will get to know about the baby but the nurse came in middle hope Geet gets better soon and it was so shocking that Samishka was really witch


  2. Oh so it's samiksha behind those incidents..I guess so…uff maan is assuring that his sweetheart his near him sound and safe waiting to read more ❤️😘


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