He kissed her furiously untill she could bear no more as her stomach started to paining as well with his pressure .

She left a small cry pushing him hard from her body.

Sweetheart . He became worried for her to see her in pain as she started to cried suddenly,holding her tummy.

What the hell ? What are you doing here ? 

Samrat blasted coming out of washroom.he was hell shock to see the audacity of the man.

Rani ? What happened ? He rushed towards her supporting her. She didn’t spoke a word only continued to sob .

Maan rushed forward as well and jerk her in his arms startling both of them .

Just speak up dammit ! He shouted making her stop her cries. She glared at him furiously with her wet eyes.

What happened to you .his tone turn concern and soft .

Samrat turn furious as well with the way he was manhandling her when she is pregnant and in a fragile condition.he shouted on him .

Will you just stop ? She is p.. He was about tell him about her pregnancy when she raise her voice glaring him back.

Samrat , don’t.

What ? Tell me Geet , what had happened to you. Maan turn restless seeing there hide and seek from him . He turn worried for her health seeing her now and then crying in pain.

It’s non of your business, Mr. Khurana . She spitted coming out of his hold.

Every related thing of yours , I need to know he again pulled her in his arms .

Leave me . She wriggled in his clutch when smart rushed forward and pulled her away from him.

What are you trying to do Khurana? You are our guest here, so I am stopping myself. Non the less don’t forget ,you are standing in my Palace,

And you have no right to entered inside our chamber without our permission. geet smirked to see his face turning red in fury and jealousy.

He pulled her again closer holding her both arms .

Get this straight in your mind that you are mine forever .Only mine. His gaze turn towards samrat meaning each words.

You have not change certainly.what I had thought about you . But you can never change , she spitted glaring him furiously when he left her abruptly rushing out of there room.

Geet sigh heavily going to her bed again .

Are you fine , Rani ? He asked softly giving her glass of water.

She only nodded curtly taking one sip from the glass he offered.

I am fine. But he is not. He is making it all worse.

He really do loves you .as his words left she darted one angry glare at him.

Just a over possessive for you. He added amused to see his this side.

I don’t have time to hear about him , she spoke nonchalantly taking the blanket on her body .

You wanted his love , don’t you ? He continued after a while seeing her turning her back towards him.

I wanted but no more , my baby is enough for me . She spoke in low voice almost as if talking to herself going into memory lane ,her hand rested on her tummy.

So it is his ,Geetanjali , it’s his flesh and blood as well. It’s your both of love . He tried to convince her , as he could really able to relate with Maan’s feelings today seeing his restlessness ,the way he was possessive for her. He remembered his lady love and couldn’t stop the smile that tease his lips. The same possessiveness and jealousy .

Love ?? His thoughts broke with her voice,

It was not love it’s only lust for him.

It was Geetanjali but I can see he really do harbour the same feelings today for you.

Why are you so speaking on his side she blasted turning towards him.

Because I can see true love , regrets and guilt in his eyes today.

It is too late now  .

It is not Rani. If you would just give him one chance .

No ..I.. 

You are doing the same mistake as him , think on it.

You are speaking this because you didn’t went through , what I had  to didn’t suffered what I had.Tears spilled out from her hazel eyes.

He sigh thinking on her words. Is it really getting difficult for her now to love him back , trust him back ??

I can ever able to trust him or anyone .she whispered painfully.

Not even me..

She looked just confused , frown at him.

I don’t know but if I wouldn’t have then I might have left long back your palace.

Geetanjali ?? He was shock , he sat up quickly from his laying position.

You won’t do such a thing . He warned her worried for her safety.

I am not going to leave you in peace. That’s why I am not going to leave you or your palace .

Her words made him surprised as he raised his brow .

My first priority is my baby which I can’t neglect now .I don’t want to be in trouble being outside somewhere when my baby’s safety is more important that my own pain.

Her words touch him deep stirring all emotions inside .he gazed the mother in front of him lovingly with raising respect in his heart for his Queen.

I want to sleep..bahot neend aa Rahi hai . She avoided further conversation and soon drifted to sleep as she was worn out already.

Samrat was drown in deep thought or her pain.

He looked at her innocent face sleeping with that little frown on her forehead. He knew she still loves him deeply , it’s just that only her heart was hurt badly by the same person whom she loved & worship.

The thing which asked for importance is she is badly hurt and suffered that couldnt have to go through more , then whatever reason that might be .

He couldn’t sleep whole night .he was damn furious on own self. For ruining all things with his own hand. He dash all things furiously from dressing table breaking the mirror with his bare hands.he felt no pain but the pain was in his heart too much deep .

His sweetheart. Her words rang into his mind.

He regret deeply on his each actions and painful words he threw at her.

He went into gym but as he step inside his shame full deeds came back haunting him. He touch the table there which was as it is just the way it was placed there that night of her confession.

Hum aapse Beintehaa mohobbat karte hai.

He was lost in a moment..of there togetherness. Soon his fist tighten on the same table reminding the events followed after that .how ruthlessly he betray her faith on him , he kick her love . In his own selfish reasons he hurt the pure soul.


Maan smirk devilishly before pressing the trigger and the bullet hit him hard making him fall hard on the floor.


8 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 51

  1. awesome update

    maan understood the pain that geet felt when he is betray her
    hope maan comes out of the guilt soon.
    loved the way you potrayed strong geet.
    waiting for the next part

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