Part 50

Maan was sweetly shock once he heard her calling out to him. Its been like ages since he heard her calling to him ever so warmly. He turn his expected eyes towards her to see her giving him yet again that warm smile. Oh sweet lord , if that could be possible?  But it is happening in real , he thought while small smile left from his side as well.Thank you . 

His heart stop beating just that small words of hers , he looked on astonished when she continue with her sweet voice.Thank you for saving my life .she put her palm on her stomach which went unknown to both samiksha and Maan but samrat did notice it along with her meaning in the words. He slowly put his hand on her own which was on the table.  She frowned glaring at him angrily and she was going to pulled her hand back but just then her gaze caught his one to see Maan burning in rage while his eyes spitted fire looking at their link hands and she let it go again to let him taste it , the burn of jealously,  the pain of love.

Hum aapke shukarguzar hai !! She added genuinely to him when he could take it no more and dash out of the Palace. Maan..Maan. .samiksha ran behind him.Once both left alone geet angrily pulled her hand away from his clutch leaving samrat startle. Yeh aap kya karne ki koshish kar rahe hai the ? She asked pouting her lips in anger while her gaze travel back towards her parathas,  and her mouth watered at instant as she started to gobble it fast. I was just trying to comfort you,  he replied honestly. Don’t you think , you are crossing your limits now ? She taunted continue on eating her favorite food.Rani , you are talking with the King .he warned her turning furious with her attitude today.So do you talking with the Queen Samrat ,she glared at him .And you have lost that all rights on me .It was just small gesture as your friend.But you did lost that right. And I don’t need it now when I was in the need of this all emotions,  support you were not there then why today.? She barked on him completely forgetting her apatite now.Maybe it is more easy being friends than Husband and wife ?? She continued standing up and he too stood up facing her . 

Its alright King , I no need your explanation just that stay away from me , But why ,Rani ?? He was confused with her behavior .You are asking me this ?? Your closeness stir those all painful memories in me which I am trying to run away .. she poke onto his chest angrily. But guess , God is so cruel that he was not letting me in peace , sending him as well in front of him ( she sigh heavily referring to Maan ) Na Jane kis janam ka badla le rahe hai babaji !! She cried out and ran towards her room while samrat could not do much instead getting angry on himself. …
It was another night and Maan couldn’t stop but get restless with thought of them sleeping together.  He just made a wild dash towards her room , since he had seen him in the palace itself from yesterday , the thought that she just thank him in the morning gave him some hope .

Geet yet again was there seating on the window pane , really in a cranky mood , She was Happy for a moment in the morning when he saved her baby , but that all went in drain once after her argument with Samrat. she continue to mutter curses for both men , and blabber around with her baby. He was just in the study and he came back finishing his work only to see her red fuming face chanting away with her baby. Seeing him she glared at him and turn her face angrily. While he couldn’t held back the smile seeing her each antics.Just then his phone rang breaking there reverie,  he was just busy in putting his work papers in the drawer safe that he couldn’t pick his cell quickly .the sound irritated her to no end and she angrily pick it up to his horror shock.Before she could utter hello even , she heard the other side .Samrat , what  took you so long to pick my call . Sulalkshna busted from the other side much to her annoyance ,Geet was already in a cranky mood  from the morning that hearing her furious voice she lost her own temper.This is how you speak with the Queen ? She shouted furiously while Samrat was dumbfounded .he definitely was known of the caller , he suddenly turn very tense.Where is he ? Sulkshna gritted her teeth on there side , burning in rage,it was the first time ever both are talking and now she clearly known of the happenings in his life.He is busy , not willing to talk with you , so what will you do ?? Geet couldn’t stop but mock her yet again , she really was not willing to back up today hearing her venomous voice.Rani, give it to me , Samrat called out from behind forwarding his hand demanding his cell when geet glared at him furiously.Give him the phone , sulakshana warned literally from other side hearing his voice. You dare to raise your voice in front of me , nahi doongi. Kya kar logi? Geet was now fuming .Rani, give the phone , Samrat again tried but she didn’t budge instead throw her angry words at him Ji bilkul bhi nahi, first teach your mistress some manners, as the words left from her mouth sulkshna just threw the phone down in anger breaking it. How dare she ,??GEETANJALI ?? Samrat was really upset with her for talking like that for his love. 

Kyun Kate chube, aur humare dard Ka kya? Her hazel eyes turn moist in her pain and jealousy , to see his unconditional love for his lady, and here she has still remain thirsty to get that one ounce of love. Unhe bhi toh kuch sikhaiye, your ROYAL manners and whatever that ? Jaise Humare piche pade rahte the . She gulp hard before throwing his cell in his hand angrily. Samrat have no words to spoke now , he stand still contemplating her each Words.Geet storm towards her bed not before muttering some words which he heard.Ab dekho, kaise hum sab Ko thikane laga the ?? He sigh sadly and went inside washroom , just as he closed the door Maan barge inside her room.He slowly sneak behind her bed and went inside her blanket and before she could scream he shut her mouth with his palm.Her widen eyes spitted fire at him to leave her which surprised him as she was never before this much angry on him. Abhi bhi gussa ho ??He asked lovingly ,to which she wriggled under his hard grip . I am leaving your mouth , just don’t shout , ok ?  He spoke lovingly , while his eyes roam around to search Samrat,Where is he ,?? He slowly removed his hand , on the other hand geet was on fire with everything going around her and his question just make her remind her heated argument with his mistress, How .. she was going to shout on him when he just slam his lips hard on her .

to be continue..

14 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 50

  1. Love maan being jealous and also loved it when she spoke about kingin that way for manners and all waiting for more updates please update soon can’t wait to read the full story

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  2. Thanks for the update. Loved this Geet who can vent out her anger n hurt towards both these men. It was really needed for Samrat to know his mistakes. Even Maan should witness this side of Geet.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Heyy there… hope all good??…it was an amazing update as always…so sorry for not commenting since long…life is a bit busy since few weeks…but I absolutely love ur story…and i try to read in between my work even if it’s just a paragraph i read at a time…keep rocking
    Take care

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