He was furious with burning rage as her words continue to buzz in his head. He was regretting badly to even utter those harsh words to her.

He swam furiously taking one swift stroke , he get to the edge of pool .


His words came back to him hitting him hard like a sword ,making him flinch back with the effects. 

I love you , sweetheart, maybe from the beginning. I am sorry , sweetheart. Please forgive your mr.khurana for once. I am sorry. 

How could I hurt her to this extent that she is not believing me now . 

Do you really thought I will love the second hand thing .

How dare he to utter those harsh words for her. He slam his fist hard on the wall of swimming pull. 

His restlessness grew deeper as he took each lap furiously , swimming furiously reminding each of his rude words and behavior with her,. His sweetheart. Her words in the garden came back hitting him.

You did hurt me a lot,  you have broken me to this extent that I am not able to forgive you now.

I know geet , I hurt you a lot, just give me once chance to rectify it all for you for me.

Next day ,on the breakfast table , everyone gather apart from The king and the Queen. His eyes were searching for her one glimpse. He don’t want to asked from the only person who was on dinning table but samiksha did the blunder.

Where is the king and queen ? Aren’t they going to dine with us? Samiksha asked impatiently .Maan glared at her and soon his glare switch to Rajmata who answered ruefully.

They will come down , when the Queen will manage to broke her lovely sleep. She taunt yet again which make him fume.

It’s not the way you should entertained your guest. Samiksha took her side and Maan busted on her.

She is not here to entertain you or why do you even came here when you have got more entertainment in Delhi. He was going to get up angrily , when both descended down taking slow steps.

His blood boil more to see his hand on her back supporting her.

Here on the huge staircase , as they descended down , he hold her in case she skip a step since she was not in well condition recently ..

I should called the doctor today to recheck you. He spoke softly

No need I am totally fine. She argue while clueless of his hot gaze .

I am going to called the doctor.and no more arguments on this . He spoke in authority making her angry that she glared at him , and pushed his hand away furiously climbing down the stairs.

Her foot stuck into her saree and she stumble few steps down before skipping on step .

Maan , who was watching her from the beginning , ran towards her throwing his fork in the plate itself.

No… She scream horrified for her baby . Her hands went on her tummy protecting him while he rushed forward to hold her.

And she landed in his arms , his hands snake around her waist as she hugged him tightly in fear. Her breaths were rage ,sweat beads appear on her face furiously . She buried herself more into him while he hugged her back tightly patting her head.

Shh.. you are safe here , sweetheart . He whispered softly near her ear soothing her fears.

Rajmata smirk devilishly to see the scene while Samiksha just got up furiously and ran towards them , Samrat ran down the stairs hurriedly.

Rani , are you ok ??  His voice made them both broke apart . Geet was flustered , embarrassed not knowing how to react, she was still in the shock of what happened just few minutes before.

Her hands went on her stomach to feel it , while tears roll down furiously on her chubby cheeks. Soon she started to sobbed hard.

It’s alright , Rani, aap thik hai . Samrat wrap his hand on her back trying to sooth her.

Maan was clueless why she was crying so hard just with the incident. He could not stop but blame himself only for making her like this. As he thought it’s because of him she had turn so vulnerable to every small things.

But it was Geet’s pregnancy hormones who were making her cranky , and now with the thought of loosing her child ,she was totally shaken up.

Can’t you walked down properly ?

Samiksha bark on her for she was in rage that how Maan rushed forward to save her and there hug , she can see and knew everything what is going on.

Maan was going to shut her mouth but instead Samrat spoke rather harshly.

Behave Miss. You are talking to the Queen of Jodhpur. His eyes threw daggers at her , she flinch back with his voice and couldn’t stop but mumble sorry to both of them .

What to do , humari Rani hi aisi hai . Rajmata spoke behind when all four joined her on the table .

Geet was too much in her emotional turmoil she thought to just ignore her while Samrat and Maan both threw hard glares at her way which she ignored.

As everyone started to eat , Geet only fiddle with her toast, she didn’t wanted to eat this dried food , she pouted eyeing her plate sadly .

What happened ? You have not eaten yet ?

Samrat looked at her plate still fill with the food as it is.

Hum yeh nahi khana , Hume kuch tikha khane ka man Kar Raha hai . 

She made a baby face trying to make him understand .

Maan who was watching it all felt angry and hurt at the same time that she was confronting into him .

Subah subah , aap spicy nahi kha sakte. He spoke softly seeing her baby face.

But I am not able to eat it , Hume kuch aur chahiye, .hmm.. parathe. Hume parathe khane hai .

You will not get it , eat this only . Rajmata spoke with authority.

Kyun nahi , hum jo chahe kha sakte hai , Geet spoke stubbornly glaring her and turn towards Samrat ,hain na .

He couldn’t have refused her at that moment  , he just nodded in agreement.

Rajmata turned furious and left the table angrily , geet frown cutely and turn her expecting eyes towards Samrat waiting for her parathas.

He order his servants to make ready two fast ,and looked at his Queen who was now smiling cheekily .

Maan only burn in anger seeing her smile for Samrat but not once she looked at him. Non the less he was feeling at peace seeing her glowing face , she was looking more beautiful than previous, he wonder admiring her silently.

Mr. Khurana , if you have finished, you can leave. Samrat spoke seeing his gaze stuck on Geetanjali. He could really able to see his feelings for her but the fact that how ruthlessly he rejected her true love made him still not believe on him or keep angry on the egoistic man.

Maan have no reason to stop , that he stood up furiously and turn to go when he heard her sweet voice calling him making him stop shock on his place. He couldn’t believe , his sweetheart just called him. He was over the moon , he happily turn around to face her.

7 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 49

  1. Aww lovely update maan came to the reality where he remembered all the rude words he used to hurt her hit him back and the realization Dawn to him…maan was hurt badly thinking he did this to his sweetheart geet was about to fall from stair case and was worried for her baby and was frightened maan cannot see his geet ignoring him but she is talking with the king… waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  2. Nice update. Loving the bond between Samrat n Geet. The way he is taking care of her n her cravings, it’s even good that Maan has witness this. Though he is realising his mistake but is it soo easy to make amends?? What did he think of Geet in the first place, just using her ??

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