Geet was lost in her self talking , that’s when lights come brightening the whole mansion. Maan turn towards her only to see her pallu was laying on floor and she was standing there in her blouse and skirt only .

As geet was busy in thoughts of how to pin her saree and that’s when lights come up and she saw her saheb turn towards her, she just stood there shock, rooted on the spot. Before sometime, lights was not there so that time it was hr fear which talk through her action. But now her saheb was seeing her like this half bare in bright light of his room. 

She immediately hide her body with her hands from his piercing eyes and turn to run from there but got stuck in her saree and going to fall but two strong hands catch her on time before she fall .

Maan stand there staring at her continuously without any shame as he saw her pallu was on the floor and her blouse coming to his vision which was showing her assets prominently to his hungry eyes. But his stare broke when she try to hide herself from him and that anger him to the core. How dare she hide from him, which is his right to see. He was going forward to her when he saw her going to fall and he catch her quickly before she hit the floor.

Here geet was all scare with sudden happenings and clutch him closing her eyes in fear. Maan just lost his all control now and started to massage her bare body with his hands. His hands was moving freely on her bare body sending shivers in her spine. Geet who was going to open her eyes got lost in his touch and forgot about every other things. His cold hands was touching sensuously on her bare body , he bend toward her bare neck and kiss there softly bringing the soft moan from her mouth and his hold got more tight on her soft body leaving his hand prints on her.


He continue to kiss her on her neck and and upper chest bringing her more close if that was possible.. and lastly bite her on her neck bringing her out of her lost state.

Geet just opened her eyes in shock of realization what was happening. Her saheb, what he is doing, he seemed to be so lost n her , but what she is doing, she herself got lost in him. Infact it was all her fault. She is the one who was not in proper state of cloths and here got lost in her saheb again. She just try to push him from her body, atleast to move him from her but he is not moving as he was really strong for her small strength. Feeble cry come out from her mouth and finally few tears made there way from her hazels.


Geet .. she hear someone was calling her from outside. Her eyes widen in fear . if someone will see her in this condition with her saheb, then… no. she come out of lost state and started to wriggle out of his strong hold furiously and that wake him up from his lost state. He look at her tear stricken face. She is all messed up. And it hit him. What he is doing . he looks at her struggling furiously and got very much angry, first her face was troubling him very much as there was all tears and pain on her face. Was this because of him. But she is the one who started this all together on the first place and now bringing that tears in her eyes. He leave her furiously , she stumble few second and stand there holding herself with hands hiding her body crying silently adding to his fuel more.

He was going to burst on her but that’s when he hear someone was calling her.he looked at her devastated state and control his anger. “It was your fault too maan . why you lost your control like that.” He takes step towards her and take off his jacket and wrap on her front body .

 geet at once look at him with gratitude. She hug him at once startling him crying furiously. Maan was just too shock . what happened to her suddenly that she hug him like that. Geet , kya baat hai.

he asked softly patting her head as he know there is some other reason behind her crying this much hugging him. Maybe something was bothering her. Sometime before also she was crying at the time of he was applying cream on her wounds. He never forgot that as he was not convince with her reason of crying that time.

She just cry her heart out, how she can tell him she herself don’t know the reason, she just wanted to hug him, Rest peacefully in his protective arms.tell him her all pain which she couldn’t able to share with any other even dadima too. But she cant do anything of that, so just hug him.

She was crying now too much which was not bearable for him now. He just pull her from his body and look at her face , geet , its enough now, batao muze tumhe kya pareshani hai. ab rona band karo. He spoke in hard voice. Hearing him she looked at him controlling herself somehow, pareshani, ek ho to bataoungi na. she looked at him earnestly , which confused him.He didn’t get her look


.her eyes was telling him lot of things which he cant able to to read. There is much more pain hidden in her hazels. Their starring session broke at the knocking on his door. And both get startle as her condition is not good. She just stared at door first and then at him fearfully. He quickly comes in action mode as he pull her towards his bathroom and lock it up pushing her inside.

Maan open the door to see his dadima was standing there on his door looking restless.

What happened, Dadima? He asked seeing her looking worried. .

Beta kya geet hai kya yaha? She asked looking in his room from doorstep.

Maan for few seconds got startle by her direct question. But he said in rough voice, how I was to know about her ?

Why are you getting hyper I just ask about geet as she is not to be seen from long time now. And she is your maid, isn’t she? My son. dadima fired at him as she is already so much tense not finding geet anywhere. And lights also had gone off . Na jane kaha hogi meri bacchi . Lights bhi chali gaye thi.dadima thought as she knows about her fear.

Dadima just went from there , she knows she is wasting her time here.


Maan just sigh in relief and rushed to washroom and open it to see geet is now in good condition. He sigh in big relief to see her fine with good state of cloths now.

Geet there was standing little scare of what happened sometime before.she also saw his bitten mark on her neck as it’s pained her , still it is stinking but she ignore it and brought her braid on that side of her neck so that anyone will not see it.

Geet tumhe pin mil gayi ? He asked her seeing her saree, she has her pallu on her shoulder from back wrapping her back completely. He like that. But her pallu was sliding from her shoulders means she have not pin it still.

He look at the floor if he find her pin . He roam his eyes there and get the sight of her pin. He quickly pick that and

Takes steps towards her , she stand there still looking downwards . he comes from back and pulled her towards himself scaring her for his next step, what is he doing now?

Maan just getting lost in her again and again. He get her pallu in her his hands from her other shoulder and pin it there only not reviling her body further . he is enough of this torture now. Geet just got lost in his proximity.

Ho gaya, geet. That brought her out of her lost state and she confusingly looked at him on which he smirk geeting to know his effect on her. Tumhari saree maine pin kar di hai. he stated softly making her realized about what he done.

She just got too much flabbergasted, her cheeks turn red in embarrassment and she run from his room not able to bear his intense gaze.

Geet, geet, ruko, he called her, but she was long gone.

 He smile softly remembering there sweet moments, pagli.. but soon frown appear on his forehead as remember about her pain and that tear stricken face of hers. That bother him so much.


Geet, aap kaha the bete, hum aapko kabse dhoond rahe the, dadima fired her with question as soon as she sees geet entering in her room.

Maan ke room main bhi jake aaye , geet got startle at her Revelation, to wo dadima thi. She thought,

Lekin unhe kaha thikse bolna aata hai kisise bas gussa, nothing more.

Aap thik to hai na, wo light chali gayi thin a thodi der pahle to hum bahot chinta main the aapko leke.

Dadima, hum thik hai, aap itni chinta mat kiya karo. Aapke sehat ke liye bhi achcha nahi hai. aapka bp bhi badh jayega . kya apne dawai li aajki. She asked her.

Kaise na kare chinta, aap to khayal nahi rakhti khudka.Geet just looked sadly at her and kept her head downwards. .

Karvachauth ki tayari ho gai aapki.. dadima asked suddenly looking at her lotus getting sad..

geet smile brightly giving dadima’s lips also sweet smile. .

And here she start her chatter about her things she have make ready for Karvachauth. Her eyes was shinning in brightness as it was the first festival yes it is like festival for her child heart. It was the first time she is going to celebrate some occasions. And she is very excited. Dadima herself had asked to do this as it is very auspicious for unmarried girls too… for get good groom for them of there choice..but they can do that with there own will but dadima wanted geet to do that special she is doing but getting details from dadima she is very excited now..and very Happy too like a small child.


Kaha Ja rahi hai itni subah subah? Her mother asked her harshly clenching her wrist.

Aaah….maa dard ho raha hai chodiye na.

Pahle pata kaha Ja rahi hai. Her mother again asked pressing her wrist more strongly bringing tears in geet’s eyes. She wake up drink some water and sees geet is going somewhere. And it’s just 3.50.am now.. her evil mind got the reason to torture this poor angle.

Muze dadima ne bulaya hai jaldi..she said crying furiously now not bearing this pain anymore.

Aaisi kya khaas baat hai aaj jo tumhari dadima ne tumhe aaj jaldi bulaya hai. She very well know about dadima aka savitri khurana had soft corner for geet . She never liked that in fact she felt jealous but can’t do anything as she get money and that is much more than this faltu things to think but she never leave opportunities to torture geet.

Aaj karvachauth hai to usikeliye muze sari tayyari karne ko kaha hai. She innocently said about all the things but forget to mention her fast she is keeping.as she is not able to think anything other than her pain which she is feeling now. Her mind is getting blurred.

But her mother get the whole thing but she doesn’t care if she keep fast or stayed like this hugry all day, she needed only money and she is getting that from that khuranas..

She just pushed her harshly on the floor resulting in geet fall down hitting her head with cot there placed in the hall. She goes from there in her room leaving her in that state only.

Geet somehow stood up , her head is spinning with badly aching , she put her hand on her forehead as she felt wetness , she felt wetness on her fingers too. She brought her hand infront her own eyes only to see blood is sticking on her hand. She got horrified with that sight . though she always get this kind of torture but yet she is not used of it. she cant bear it even now also. She tear her saree pallu and bandaged that on her head.

she somehow started to go to khurana mansion as dadima will be waiting for her. But in half way only she fainted on road side not bearing much spinning in her head.


Where is she now. Why didn’t she still not come . ..the person was moving here and there in room with worry of geet still not arrived.  Kahi kuch ho to nahi gaya as she not make this much late. The person was busy in his thoughts that’s when  the sight infront made the person gasp in shock.. Geet…..


578395_693016840743732_187089927_n - Copy



  1. Wow so maaneet affected by eachother presence and get lost with eachother…geet was feeling bad and started crying maan cannot bear her painful eyes he couldn't understand what is going on inside her poor girl only yearns for pure love and respect so next day is karwa chauth ufff…her mother always hurts her now what will happen waiting to read more ❤️ 😘


  2. Maan is like some time sweet and some time sour but our Geet is like accident zone where our she will go only she gets pain and scolding special her step mother and that Annie please some one should help her from all the violence she is getting from her mother and brother


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