Geet was roaming in the garden trying to feel fresh but his thoughts didn’t left her mind making her feel sick again and again. Samrat had gone to meet his love with asking her permission.  Why did he asked today when he never before or who is she to him to grant him any permission like that. She scoff , staring at the full moon .

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alt ; iu4iky0.gif

LOVE. The thing she worship but Maan could only able to crush it under his  feet so mercilessly that she just can’t able to believe now when he is confessing or he really realized his feelings or just had came here to again uses her for his own needs.

Tears spilled out from her eyes which she tried to control , she didn’t wanted to be weak but the man knew all ways to do so with her.

Baby , I am sorry , I can’t give you your father but you mother is always there with you .Forgive me .She murmur keeping her hand on her stomach.

When she felt him beside her , His fingers flicked her tear drops away from her cheeks.

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stay away !! She pushed his hand away taking few steps far from him that hurt him deep.

Who give you the permission to step inside my vicinity. She asked with venom coated her each words.

GEET .. he was so shock with her rude behaviour. He was still lost in his own realization of Love for her that he couldn’t fathom her behaviour.

Kyun bahot chot pahunchi Mr.Khurana ? Bahot takleef hoti hai ? Geet don’t know when words left from her like a spitting venom which hit him hard on his heart. She could feel his pain , tortures for her but now she couldn’t help it ,when he himself is the reason for it . She wanted to just let go all of it , forgive him and forget all just to be in his arms , sooth him , his pain,  assured him of her unconditional love for him , only his .

But  if that  could be so easy ? Its not easy for her to forgive and forget. That needs all strength of endurance and she had no strength left in her now after what she had to go through . The only thing made her always weak was her feelings for him which overpower every other damn thing.

she knew it was not completely his fault . She was the one who was living in illusion ,thought he loved her , went behind him to asked for his love like a beggar . She was trying to forced herself on him. She felt sick now just with the thought but guess that what love makes you to do things.

But now she couldn’t let her self respect or her baby’s even to be rotten by anyone. She will fought this time if not for her but for her baby.

Yes it’s really hurt like hell , he thought going behind her. And turn her towards him pulling her in his arms.

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leave me !! She warned him with her pained eyes . He didn’t said anything instead kept looking at her beautiful face shining in moonlight making her all resolve weak.

Kyun aaye ho yaha?  She asked tired with all happening,  tire with this slow poison that was taking her every ounce of life step by step but she is standing here now just because of her baby.

Maan let her speak this time knowing there is something big behind her rudeness. Still was unknown the reason he is , himself.

Want to see me broken all over. Want to hurt me again so that I would never stand again . Her each words sends dragged on his heart making him furious. He hold her chin angrily pulling her more closer almost there lips touch now.

Don’t you speak this nonsense.  He glared at her not able to bear her accusations or her own pain.

Kya chahate ho phir ? Hume phirse tutkar bhikhrte dekhna chahte hai aap ?? She pushed him making some distance between them.

I can never hurt you again . He mutter regretting every moment he dare to hurt his soul.

But you did , Maan . You did hurt me a lot,  you have broken me to this extent that I am not able to forgive you now.

Just go…just leave from here.

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I am not going anywhere , not without you. You are mine . And I want you . He mutter ever so possessively holding her in his arms. As he slowly caressed her lips with his kissing her wet.

Geet was furious hearing him that she pushed him again this time more vigorously making him startle.

Hum koi cheez nahi hai ke aap jab chahe Hume use Kare aur jab chahe phek de. .

GEETT !! He clinch his fist tight , her words pinch his heart making it wince in pain.

Kyun bura laga? ? Par sachchaiyi yahi hai . Aapne wahi kiya hai humare sath. Jab chahha pass bula Liya,  jab chaha dur kar diya.

Maan listen to her each painful words carefully as realization started to dawn on him hearing her that how much has made her go through .

Khilona samaz rakha hai Hume aap sab ne. Jise jab man chaha khel Liya.

She sob hard going on her knees now  not able to bear the pain as her stomach started to ached due to her emotional stress.

Sweetheart .. he ran forward near her where as she was holding her tummy now.

He scoop her in his arms and rushed towards her room.

Hum ab aur nahi sah sakte.  Please aur mat khilwad kijiye humare sath ya humare zazbato ka toh mazak mat udaiye.  

(I can bear no more , please don’t play with me or don’t mock my emotions at least )

She closed her eyes feeling tired where as he stand still contemplating on her each words , her deep pain , reason is only him. He don’t know know what to do to reduce her pain or how to .

He then sat beside her staring at her beautiful face continuously .

I am sorry , sweetheart ! He could only mutter this when her next outburst came.

Kis baat ke liye sorry kah rahe ho aap?  AUR kin baton ke liye kahoge ? She snap open her eyes glaring at him hiding the pain he has given her.

Maan could bear no more of her pain which he knew only because of him.

You could have just deny in simple or straight way Maan?  Why you have to insult my feelings or even me ?? She cried shocking him with her words.

It was my pure love for you which you insulted , you mock my love which I bear happily hoping you will realized your love for me but guess I have now realized that never ever hope for anything .

He could felt that how much his words and deeds had affected her.

After that as well I came to you to beg you my love. But…?? She couldn’t have continued breaking into yet another painful sob.

Maan engulf her lovingly in his arms for giving her pain , his heart and mind both started to blame him .

You would have not laugh at my feelings then might be things would be fine between us or I couldn’t have broken this much. You couldn’t even show a bit of humanity  when you threw me mercilessly outside your office at late night ?

Her words came banging hard on his head.  I was there geet after you went away , I was there to search you but found you no where sweetheart.  I was regretting and now even i am regretting . Forgive me , sweetheart.  He pleaded her cupping he face. He was really ashamed of his each deeds as he realized just how deeply he had hurt her.

No … she pulled out of his arms nodding her head in denial for she no more wanted to believe on him or his love or any other thing. She don’t wanted to broke again , what if she believe and again broke down then this time she would not able to stable herself . Not able to come out from this dark hole from where her baby had just manage to pulled her out. She don’t wanted that his efforts to go in vain. She don’t wanted to loose herself when her unborn child needs her now.

Hume akela chod dijiye , please..she wrap her arms around herself protecting her own self  as if from the world.

Hum ab bharosa nahi kar sakte. . Hum nahi ji payenge . Hume samzne ki koshish kijiye,  hum mar jaeyenge .

(I would not able to believe now . I would not able to live . Try to understand me , I will die )

Geet was high on emotions when he was there to hear her all outburst. Maan was beyond shock this time hearing her words.

GEETT.. he shouted for her words only squeeze his heart badly .

Dare you speak again about death.He engulf her in his arms she tried to wriggle out but it was fragile.  She was already emotionally and physically weak that she stop her attempts only murmuring something.

Humara dam ghutta hai ( i feel suffocated With Such Pain )

He heard her realizing just how much he had hurt her pure soul.

12 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 48

  1. Finally geet broke out her burden heart to maan where he realized the damage is done beyond limits and now deeply regretting and seeking her forgiveness but geet is not ready to believe him anymore waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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  2. Such an emotional outburst. Mugdha pls don’t forgive Maan easily in this story. I understand that ultimately Maaneet will n has to be together but still want to see Maan facing a tough time for all his deeds.
    Maan is not good, he just played with Geet’s emotions. I know Samrat already got his love otherwise he wud be better than Maan.
    Nicely written as always. Thanks.

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      Let’s see..
      I have already done typing this story..
      So.. 😜😉
      Let’s see..when does Geet forgives Maan..😉


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