Geet got ready herself without any interest though , she had to for the Party being held for the Sheeshmehal renovation complete.  Her thoughts again went to him . She was at first shock to know that he was also called but it is the fact , He needs to since , Mr.Khurana is the main guest here. She sigh painfully as his all accusation came again haunting her. He didn’t betrayed her but his own heart . Own self. She held her head which started to spine again with much more tension. 

Why do you needs to stress yourself this much when I said leave everything on me , I will take care of everything.

Samrat rushed forward and hold her from shoulders making her sat on the bed.

You would not nor your mother will help it . She spoke ruefully with her eyes still closed feeling dizziness .

I will just call the doctor. He spoke taking out his cell.

No..please. its already late. She stop him .

You need not to attend it if you are not well.

I am all fine . She assured him adding further.

Beside,  i need to be there as well when you have started it all for me . She smile ruefully at him .

Yes it’s only I can gift you. He told back without failing her.

I know !!

As soon as he entered inside the Palace , his eyes started there own work of searching her everywhere .

Already he was frustrated with media mishap outside , their nonsense questions , the girl tagging along with him just made him more angry by her foolish or irritating answers.

His thoughts halted , as darkness spread across the hall room,  making his heart beat raise to new level of insanity waiting for his sweetheart to descend down  soon as he knew it was all same with there first meet as well.

And his peace of heart descended down gracefully with her cham cham anklets giving the sweet music to his ears. Spotlight fell on her and Samrat who came along with her holding her protectively in his arms.

That boiled him to no extent , it started to seem now all illusion,  her love , there beautiful moments together , seeing the same scene again of her with other man. The same night , the same reason , the same she and the same he !!

Geet was spellbound again with the man of her dreams , yes only her dream which can’t be her reality now. Her eyes filled up non the less they glared at him for making her like this. She was not comfortable today with his hold around her but just one look at his fuming face and she let it go. She today wanted to see him like this burning for her. Wanted him to feel the same way she was feeling from long time now.  She wanted him to feel the burn maybe that could cool her heart.

Welcome back , MSK. Samrat welcome him keeping his calm in front of all guest non the less he gritted his teeth only to be seen by Maan who glared back at him.

How are you? ?

He question directly to his sweetheart ignoring the king all together . That made both samrat and Geet to be Shock .

Geet ignore him and turn her face away while samiksha could feel the Passion on between both which she couldn’t like .

Maan , you didn’t introduced me , she hang on to his arm smiling at him sweetly.

Maan just pushed her away angrily without caring for the people around who gap at the sight.

Geet nudge samrat and both went away from there leaving angry couple behind.

You stay in your limits , he warned her silently glaring at her and ran after Geet.

But before he could have a word with her Samrat toss his drink gaining everyone’s attention.

I heartily thank each of my guest to grace The Palace with your presence.

As you all know today Sheeshmehal renovation just got complete.  It is all new and fine now thanks to Mr.Khurana. 

So this toss is for him..

He gesture towards him unwillingly as its his duty to thank him for his work.

Maan only nodded slightly in recognizance and everyone cheer for him , His eyes only could see the sight of his Sweetheart who was seating in the corner on sofa away from the crowd. She looked tired , he thought.

CHEERS !! everyone cheer for him and success of the work. toss I would like to honor to my wife , The Queen Of Jodhpur! !

The sheeshmehal is a present from me to My Wife! !

He toss again and everyone cheer yet again this time For The Royal couple and the Queen. 

Geet drag herself unwillingly towards him and just smile warmly at everyone who cheer for her and congrats her.

Rajmata burn with the sight but kept her calm giving to the situation.

Maan was boiling in extreme anger to see her smiling along with that Man.

He crushed glass in his hand braking it into pieces .


After sometime dance floor opened for the couples and samiksha drag him on the dance floor where as his eyes only caste on her way . Geet could feel his hard gaze on her while she and Samrat were moving softly on a slow rhythm.  Just then she felt him going stiff and his eyes were mirror of horror or guilt.  She turn her head to looked into the direction his eyes hold  .

She turn confused seeing the lady standing little far but glaring at there way. It took her few minutes to realized about her true identity and she flinch back with her anger that she pulled out from his arms and left the dance floor leaving both of them space.

He caught her at lonely corner of long corridor. Geet gasp feeling him so closed after long time now. 

She melted at instant and just hugged him at once feeling him to her heart content as her hormones gave into her will and her hands started to roam all over his back making him groan with her touch.

He pulled her little away and at once smack his lips hard on her , she moan in his lips as he kissed her lips passionately sucking them hard , he was damn thirsty for her and now he could control no more .


Geet kissed him back fiercely , pulling his hairs harshly. His hands clutch her bare waist tight not leaving her on the floor ,as he lift her up.

He parted after there furious kiss ,,only to see her red face . She was breathing hard still lay on his chest trying to calm her heartbeats. 

Sweetheart. . His one call and she was back to her raging senses. She pulled apart that he again jerk her closer in his arms but she startle to wriggle fast in his tight hold.

Leave me !! She bang on his chest turning furious.

No first listen to me , he whisper huskily,  Geet shiver with his hot breath fanning her face.

I don’t want to and there left nothing to listen or talk. She spoke ruefully turning stiff in his arms .


He spoke without waiting further , but her reaction was still the same , she stand still not believing his words.  Not able to relate to his confession.

Ho gaya ??  Now let me go , saying so she pushed him hard behind and started to go when he again clutch her wrist stopping her.

What is your problem ?? I just confessed my feelings to you ?? He was shock with her aloofness,  didn’t get its only because of him.

You are talking with the Queen of Jodhpur,  so behave Mr.Khurana . And leave my hand . She gritted her teeth turning furious with his behavior now.

GEETT.. he was turning angry now , hearing her that he jerk her in his arms yet again making her dizzy now . She hold her head keeping that on his broad chest.

Sweetheart? ? What happened?  He cocooned her when she tried to come out but her body swing going into unconsciousness. 

SWEETHEART! ! He was startle seeing her suddenly blank out.

KHURANA? ? He heard Samrat’s roaring voice and turn to looked at him taking fast steps towards them.

He once looked at her and took her unconscious body  in his arms.

What are you doing with her ?? Samrat reached them and he was furious to see the scene.

Non of your business.  Maan spitted back taking her towards there room.

She is my Wife.  he countered back following him behind.

And that press the wrong nerve of Maan.  He glared at him back and lay her down on the bed softly caressing her cheek with care.

I will make her divorce you soon .. his words left Samrat in great shock as he continue to gap at him for he could see the changes in him.

You can go now , I can take care of her .

Yes I know how did you took care of her. His eyes spitted fire reminding about her pain and sufferings.

After few minutes he got the call and left from there angrily not willing to leave her side.


Hum koi cheez nahi hai ke aap jab chahe Hume use Kare aur jab chahe phek de. .

GEETT !! He clinch his fist tight , her words pinch his heart making it wince in pain.

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  1. Wowww so finally maan is here but samiksha too is with him..geet ignored maan completely but his closeness always affects her and maan cannot control anymore geet fell unconscious hope maan will get to know the truth waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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