If you are  angry on me for keeping distance with you ..he started when she clutch the bed sheet hard on her chest turning furious and disgusted at the same time. 

I know now , you don’t have to speak in front of me. She turned furiously wiping he tears.  

You know? ? So you heard the truth before you blank out ?he asked not sure 

What truth ? She asked back confused now.

Well , let me tell you then ,,the truth which I kept hidden from you , just because it would not hurt you but guess it’s hurt deepen than I was saving you from..his words trail off seeing her painful glares.  

Listening his each words shock her to the core as he narrated all about priest’s words and her kundali dosh.  

In a corner of mind she felt a bit suspicious,  knowing about her mother in law never the less her nave mind agree to this.

I am .she was about to asked forgiveness from him for her rude behavior without knowing anything but he stop her instantly. 

Nope , Geetanjali. You do not need to . In fact I am sorry for the all mishap I created in your life. I am sorry for what you have to go through just because of me. 

Geet started to fume just reminding his betrayal.  God..That’s hurt so much .she glared at him turning again on another side showing him her back.

You will not forgive me ?? He asked hopefully as the guilt now started to eat him up not letting him in peace.

Will you tell me one thing honestly?  Just then he heard her serious voice stopping him.

Yes. His reply was quick.

Do you really love her ? And from when ? She heard his painful gasp for questioning him like that , pointing on his love. Non the less she asked further .. from when it’s all started ..? 

I really do Geetanjali.  My feelings are true for her. Its all started at the path we got distance ..

So it was from the beginning . She scoffed painfully. 

Hmm..he reply not having strength to utter any words further.

Her tears spill out ,no she was not hurt but jealous,  big time ..feeling so vulnerable. 

Why God? ? Even my feelings are true,  why he made fun of me , my feelings , even my marriage.  ?? If he could only made me understand then might be i would be angry on him.

But he mocked my true love ?? She shouted out furiously making samrat shock .he was furious at Maan for doing so , non the less he couldn’t just blame him when he was also at fault. 

Don’t Geetanjali. It will hurt you and baby. He rushed to her side , seeing her in this state only increase his guilt. 

why do you even care ?? she spitted in between in her tears.  

i cared, i do care, you only could not .. his words linger , as he gulp is saliva seeing her red eyes. 

you will not inform anyone about MY BABY. or anyone should not be knowing this. she strictly ordered him wiping away her tears furiously. 

but.. samrat stop seeing her another furious glare ,eyes blaming him for each of his sin or hers even. 

what are you going to do or others knowing it, she shouted keeping her hand protectively on her stomach where her lifeline residing. 

it is necessary to.. when it will started to show.. he pointed towards her tummy. 

geet for a while was embarrassed but she was quick to back fire. 

it is not ,, i will see that time , you don’t need to worry anymore for us,, i have just learnt how to live now. she replied with her stern vice coated with hidden pain and betrayal. 

samrat closed is eyes for a moment in regret . when he heard he again, this time her pain hit him hard right on his chest. 

i know.. i am at fault also. i keep affair being married myself.. she murmur r lost in her past, that beautiful memories, in which she got drown. didn’t get what is wrong or right, non the less it was her pure love for him but for him it was that disgusting thing called lust. 

she felt the painful lump in her throat but she didn’t cried, gulp it hard like her deep pain. 

it’s not yours, it’s mine, you were not wrong . samrat clarify to her for he knew it all started with him. 

but in all this there is no fault of this little soul , why don’t you inform him about his baby at least. 

SAMRAT.. ??? geet shouted furiously, standing in front of him raging to no extent that samrat had to step back and little .

it’s mine, only mine,, not his or any one have right on my baby, he had lost that right the time he pushed me away from his life. geet was on fire to heard him .

You want to regret , don’t you ?? Her eyes narrow on his face as there was something going on in her mind.

Khurana Constructions …

Adi knock on to his cabin door frighten from inside though to go in devil’s room.he seem in really bad mood recently. 

Sir ,,here is invitation for us,  seeing his glares he corrected means for you . 

Who is it ? Maan continue to do his work at hand ignoring this new invitation all together . But hearing him further he stop the work and his eyes widen in surprise .

It is the King from Jodhpur inviting MSK for the Party as in a honor for thanking you .

Maan listen to him narrowing his red eyes on Adi. 

For completing that renovation work successfully.  Adi complete and his eyes went up to his furious boss who was in total rage which reason he don’t know. 

Keeping the card on his table Adi just ran from its cabin to save from his wrath. And that’d what happened. In next second outside his employees heard broken sound from inside the cabin and they knew again there boss was in bad mood.

Maan was furious to reminding about all that renovation thing.he was furious for the reason behind that.he was furious for he knew she is his wife. 

Damn…his sweetheart is his wife. The Queen of that Palace.  And he pushed down all things from his table furiously. 

He was not in peace from the time they parted , her pained eyes kept hunting him days and nights making him guilty for the reason of that pain. 

He wanted her badly to sooth his restless heart that had just realized about his new feelings which called love. 

He wanted her not for her body but her soul , her .her pure heart that scream out to him every now and then to listen but he was blindfolded with his ego .he hurt he tremendously.  His sweetheart . Yes only his !! No one had right on her .not even that damn king. 

Damn..I love her. I love her madly.  He kicked the chair furiously while his hand bleed being furiously bang on the wall.

I do sweetheart .I do care .. I do love you . He comb back his hairs furiously not knowing how to decrease this restlessness . It will only vanish once his longing eyes would see her , get her glimpse.  

He wanted to hug her , crushed her petite form in his arms . 

He just wanted to rushed to her and tell her his feelings. , shower her face with his wet kisses.  

In his own realization of love he didn’t realized about his deeds because if which his own love had to go through much more pain. 

Where are you doing son ?

Dadima asked from him seeing him getting ready to go with little suitcase.

On a business tour.

Not again , Maan.  your  engagement is just tomorrow.  Dadima couldn’t believe her grand son could back of from his words. First he decline then asked for more time and now he is going on be a tour when just next day his engagement is going to be held.

Dadima it’s urgent and important. He never wanted to lied her anything but he is helpless here for he knew his Dadima will not agree nor she want him to break this engagement thing with samiksha.

But now he know and decided what he wants and he will get it for himself .

Cancel it now,  you are not going anywhere.

Dadima. Please. He was on the door now when he heard her next. 

OK. You can go but not alone .take samiksha with you 

What ??

What what ?? She is your fiance. You have to take her or else you are not going alone.

I can’t. And now I am going .

He was out by now when again her warning this time stop him.

Not alone son. If you not obliged my words today then don’t step inside this mansion again.

You can’t  Dadima.  He was shock with what just she warned him because of that girl.

I can son  . Dadima argue back smirking at her victory as she saw his defeated face. She knew he couldn’t stay apart leaving her alone in mansion.

I am sorry baby. I don’t want to be like this but this hurt in my heart , it burn badly dear. that couldn’t be cool down soon . I myself don’t know what I am doing or going to do now but I know it is wrong still I am going with this flow for i don’t have anything now apart from you and don’t worry baby , nothing will happen to you as you are secure here in your mother’s womb.

I will take care of myself so that no harm would touch you.

Your ma loves you dear !!

She cocooned her unborn child dearly wrapping her arms around her tummy.


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  1. Wow woww finally geet became furious on samrat and not to disclose the fact of her pregnancy to anyone and that baby belongs only to her… meanwhile maan realized his own feelings for geet and want to confess his feelings for her so is heading to meet her… waiting to read more ❤️ 😘 do update

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