Geet was in hurry to reach kitchen so that she can serve all there breakfast. She didn’t realized from front also someone was coming.

On the other side Rajeev was coming towards her who is busy in his mobile didn’t see her.


And BANG. ..

both of them just bang with each other resulting in his mobile to fall down and breaking it into pieces. .

Geet just stop on her spot fearing to moved a bit also as she saw her chote saheb’s mobile just broke down in pieces. Isn’t problems enough in her life that this more add to her list… babaji. .. she murmur sadly …she just broke down in tears fearing for his reaction now..

Rajeev just fuming in anger ..he was chatting with his friends and someone just bang with him.he furiously look at front to see who was the reason of his disturbance in his chatting only to see his sleeping beauty is there all in tears and her mess up state of cloths . He just glance at her once from head to toe to see that she is wet and her saree also in mess up state almost revealing her gorgeous body to his eyes. . His eyes got stuck on her front that was showing magnificent view to his eyesight. ..hearing her sniffing sound he got back on earth and remember what had happened here.

Looking at geet’s crying face he somehow control his anger as he don’t like her crying. She look more beautiful with that smiling face of hers..

Oh my sleeping beauty, stop crying now ok..he said as softly as possible seeing his broken mobile..

And here geet started to cry more now making more sound as she didn’t understand what he said in English. .she thought he is scolding her first her mistake.

Rajeev just got startle hearing her crying loudly .it was funny actually for him atleast to hear that as he didn’t saw before anyone crying this much or in that way like here his sleeping beauty crying now. He don’t know how to stop her now.

Listen ..Listen. .geet. ..

Geet just cry more making more sound as she isn’t getting he is not scolding her..

OK ok..Rajeev sigh in helplessness

Dekho…as he say this geet quickly saw towards him and he get that she can’t understand English.

Oh God. . He left a sigh

Ab rona band karo  ..kya maine tumhe data ya kuch kaha. .

To which geet nodded innocently like a small child wiping her moist eyes with her saree pallu.Rajeev just got lost in her innocent.

To tum ro kuyn rahi ho.. he asked her again. .

Wo aap ka phone tut gaya na humari wajah se..to..geet said slowly sniffing

To kya… wo mera phone hai ..main sambhal Lunga. ..thik hain. .ab to thoda sa has lo my sleeping beauty. Now he is in full flirting mood of his.

Geet saw him confusingly not getting his last words.

He looked at her cute and innocent face and thought that how can someone be this innocent in this cruel world and she didn’t seemed to fake it also. She is looking so cute with that confused look of hers.

Oh tum bas has lo …like this saying so he make her spread her lips and cheeks by touching on her both cheeks there by startling her ..

Rajeev ignoring her reaction made her to smile further pushing her to do so.and she did forgetting his touch as first time someone was asking her to smile which was not done by anyone before as they only give her pain..and here her chote saheb was insisting to smile..

She smile full heartily forgetting all her pain or sorrows in that moment. .skipping his heart with that beautiful smile of hers.

Unknown to two furious eyes seeing this.the owner of this eyes burn in jealousy and extreme anger to saw the scene.



Maan was getting ready in his room still feeling her touch and smell. That’s when he heard some sounds outside his room. He got ready fully for office and goes out to see who’s this. As he got closed and the sight infront him made him to burn in extreme anger and jealousy which he didn’t know exist also in him..


Here he is worried for her as she got burn because of him and on that she didn’t treat her that wounds also…and here she is all smiling with his brother.

Wait a minute. . Is she all faking that crying of hers. But that not seems to him.


No maan… this all her act only … she is faking that innocent ..Yes that could be only..and all knows how is his brother is then she would be also knowing after this also she is Standing there with him..his mind said him.he forgot in his anger that he is slow same like his brother. He just fumed in anger to see them smiling together. He just come on spot when Rajeev was making geet smile and she was smiling with all her heart to see first time someone was making her smile or making this effort …but he got all wrong thoughts out of this and storm from there to meet dadima..as he has some business issue to discuss with her. He can’t ignore his work in all this…


Kya ho raha hai yaha? One strong voice startle both of them out of there smiling session and turn to see who’s this..


Sumitra just come to corridor only to see unexpected scene was happening there. Her son was talking and smiling with that maid of them. How ridiculous… that too he was touching her and maybe he again start his flirting here but with maid ..

Sumitra sigh in disgust …

He was getting close with her maybe ..how she could forget that she have to keep him away. And geet she too was standing there smiling with him ..

She forgot her place here in this mansion. She just forgot that she is mere maid here. ..and she is standing there smiling with her owner..

Kya ho raha hai yaha..she directly asked 

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Both turn towards her startling at her sudden presence there.

Geet started to shiver as she still remember her hard pinch at the of her bade saheb arrival. .

Rajeev gives silly smile to his mom.as he knows his mom sense of mind…

Mom wo bas ….he started only to be

Inturrputed by sumitra as she just now saw geet’s condition. And seeing this she started to fumed more. Cant this girl just once look after herself. Look at her condition now, she forgot that she wander here in middle of all people that also includes men species. And here she is wandering like this reaviling her body to the  world, that could be hidden only from there lusty eyes.

Geet ..she strongly called her , anger was clearly visible in her eyes, and heard in her voice, aap jaldi se humare kamare main aayiye, hume jaruri bat karni hai. seeing her still standing there on her place her anger increase and she called her again increasing her voice, geet aapne suna nahi , humne kya kaha, jaiye yaha se, and geet just ran from there for her life.

Mom, why are you screaming on that poor girl, already she was scared and you… sumitra signal him to stop by her hand. aapko hum baad main dekh lenge , She glare at him angrily,very well knowing his intensions of talking with geet here in corridor.

Mom, just spare me ok…. Saying so he rushed from there.

Sumitra too goes from there towards her room not missing broken mobile there which she lift in hand and goes.

GEET was really getting scare as the time passed. She was waiting for her malkin eagerly, as this fear killing her from inside

And sumitra entered inside and She once again glance at her mess up state and fumed more she was roaming like this from when only God knows.

She rushed towards her cupboard and take out her old saree with blouse of hers only with that while geet just standing there looking downwards not knowing what was going around.

Here, ye pahnalo, jaldi , geet just saw towards her with gratitude, she only know how it will be first to roam like this in mansion and do all the work..in her mess up state of cloths.

Seeing her standing there looking at her she again asked her to changed her cloths fast. Geet just started to goes out from her room so that she can changed her cloths in servants washroom.

Rukiye, geet, aap kaha Ja rahi hai..

Woh, Malkin hum apni saree badlne Ja rahe the..she reply softly keeping her head downwards.

To which sumitra said her, aap is halat main kaha bahar ghoom rahi hai, yahi pe apne kapde badal lijiye, humare washroom main.she can’t believe, this girl was roaming in this condition and saying that she will go to servants washroom. .

Geet cant believed her malkin was asking her to changed her cloths in her washroom only.. who just kept on scolding her. Her respect for her malkin increase.. she just smile like a child and rushed towards washroom to changed her saree.

Here sumitra stand shock there as she saw geet was smiling at her but why she was. In that condition, she is really mad,, she thought with soft heart of hers which also have motherly feeling. With that look of geets which have gratitude in her eyes for hers, yse she didn’t missed it, she got out of her feeling which she was started to feel when she saw her smiling there talking with her son, she got the feeling that time that geet was also like other gilrs, flirting or trying trap her sons.but here she wiped that feelings after seeing her reaction.

She seat there only waiting for her to come out as she cant leaved her alone in her room, whatever maybe, rality cant be ignore that, she is maid afterall.

Maan was talking with dadima, but his all attention on geets thoughts, which he saw sometime before.he just rushed from there to downstairs ending his talks with dadima.

All were on dinning table waiting for breakfast to be arrived , maan just had arrived , though he was not in the mood to have it, but his dadima’s force made him to stop ..whenever his gaze fell on rajeev his anger was increasing…here rajeev not understanding why his brother was glaring at him now and then.though he always remain angry but here his target was he himself, he didn’t know why? He just ignore his gaze and got busy in his new mobile.

As she come from upstairs descending the stairecase with sumitra, everyones eyes got fixed on her. ANGEL.. maans heart speak out..


he just got lost in his lotus, who was blooming in blue colour today, yes she was wearing sky blue color saree of sumitra, looking angle . maan was continuously staring at her,she is looking like as if some angle is appearing from heaven.

Feeling a silent all around him Rajeev just look upwards from his mobile only to be rooted on his seat. He just cant blink in the fear of when he will blink the gorgeous beauty infront him will disappear.

Geet just got nervous seeing all are staring at her, she felt strange as she first time feeling that all stairs on her, even dadima too was staring her continuously.

She rushed towards kitchen to bring there breakfast thereby saving herself from all  gazes.

As geet ran from there all come out of there lost senses, dadima just couldn’t believed her lotus was looking so much beautiful, though she have seen her in her old saree but that was hers very old one. But this was different and she knows this sareee is her DIL’S only, but how she give this to geet and when, and how, what happened to her saree. She have to talk with her, also she didn’t talk with her properly from 2 days.

Here annie was fuming in anger, she very well know, its her mom’s saree only, she knows her moms choices but how she wear this, when her mom give this to her, or this maid stolen it, but her mother didn’t tell her anything she, want to know it, and she didn’t like it either she was getting all the attention, even her both brothers also staring at her continuously, she didn’t like it, this lower class maid was getting attention which she not need or deserved it.. she is fuming in extreme anger from inside to see this maid in her moms saree.  She I’ll look after her later. Annie thought in her mind looking dangerously on geet’s way.

Here geet was really feeling uncomfortable in that blouse as its too much revealing. She didn’t used before. And also little bit loose as it’s not of hers size. So she finding it difficult to work in that saree.  She have her pallu on her shoulder closing her back .

She come out with other servants to serve breakfast to everyone. Both khurana brother’s just staring at her not leaving the chance at all.maan has first forgotten about his anger but when she rushed to kitchen he again remember about what he saw her fumed again and seeing Rajeev staring at kitchen add fuel more to his anger.. but she not look like faking her that innocent. Yes it’s real maan.. she is innocent  his heart said him but mind said another thing which truth of whole world now that is her innocent is all faking she just want to trap them like any other female species.. his thinking process got halted with the arrival of hers.and he thought to just not get on  conclusion. Maybe Rajeev was the who was flirting with her. But her smile his mind argue back..she is innocent one that’s why she didn’t get his flirting.  Ha. This is only could have happened.  Getting positive reason to his thoughts he get the relief  to his restless heart …

Maan just sigh in relief and looked at geet who was now serving him. He was staring at  her continuously staring at her making her to go red .

she was not knowing what she is feeling no or what is this feeling  but she was feeling like butterflies was dancing in her stomach at the gaze of her saheb’s on her. he remembered about her burn as he saw her hiding her stomach with saree which was getting revile . He stare at it and got lost in her body. .which was close to his eyes now. But he saw something pink there and he got it will be burn mark only. She didn’t apply anything there and now see what had happened. .he controlling his anger finished his breakfast. ..


  1. Hye hye maan is too possessive for his lovely maid…is jealousy could burn anyone the way he was staring sumitra was so caring and allowed her to change saree in her room ..❤️🤩 thankgod maan came to conclusions tht geet is innocent seeing burn mark maan was worried and get angry on geet waiting to read more ❤️ 😘


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