hey guys.. 

hope all fine.. smiley27

as i told you guys before .. here i am with MAID ff on it’s anniversary. smiley40

so, i am gonna post this whole ff again on  BLOG.. links will be here on forum for you guys.. 

i already posted 5 parts.. do check it out 

before going to read, i would like to warn you guys.. since it’s my first fiction.. first writing .. so it has lots of errors that includes grammar and vocabulary.. smiley17

and while posting again now,, i didn’t change anything.. i would like to keep this work of mine just same way.. it’s my most cherished memory.. my beloved story on beloved couple.. smiley27 

i never forget.. nor will.. because of this ff i got so many readers..and friends on forum.. 

so it has same essence ..smiley27

Take care..smiley27 


She was his obsession

She was his maid

She was his light in the darkness

She was his oxygen when he was breathless

She was always there for him

Because she was his maid

No matter where he was

He only have to think of her

His maid

And she is there on his way

She was his possession

She was his maid

He will get her by any other way

He will Make her his because

She was his possession

She was his maid. 



  1. Exited to read this ff..this is the first time I am reading urs…I am on India forums…but got your listing when searching on maneet…
    But curious to know y you started our Geet as Maid

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank You : )
      Glad to know…
      It’s different concept, so different character, I got bore with mg characters in the serial, so thought to write something new and unique,
      You will surely love it, just ignore the grammer mistakes…😋

      Liked by 1 person

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