She sat on the huge window pane gazing outside at the dark sky just as he life became , still there is little star shining through her that darkness. Her hands went on her belly caressing it.


Her shine in dark life. She smile with the thought,  a painful smile. A wet smile.  Still it’s pain , pain deep checking her to death but she can’t die now , she never thought life will became this much painful that she decided to end it for all in all but guess she can’t now when another small life is taking breath inside her womb.  Her baby it seems came here to save her  , caught her hand before she could go leaving this cruel world.

Her Angel! !

She put her chin on her knees and closed her eyes leaving a deep sigh . She has to be strong , not for her but for her baby. She couldn’t be weak when her baby had found out her to be strong to saved her before she could drown in that darkness. Darkness of betrayal.

But guess that what’s we gain giving others the same ..She scoffed at herself for she knew she herself was not at right side all along to point out her finger at him.

But why it’s pain so much ,?? Do her husband is feeling the same pain ?? Do he feeling the same. ??

No !! A big no !!

Then why she ??

It hurts even now seating here to think that he us going to be someone else’s.  He wouldn’t be there with her. His days will be with that another woman .His nights will be that another woman’s.  Where he could. ..

She can’t even think further. Its felt miserable. Miserable to that extent that she no more wanted to be here,  if she would die , ?? But what’s the guarantee that his thoughts will leave her . She laugh at her own weird thoughts. She wished if she could forget him but that was not possible now with his baby inside her.

She wished she could just lost her memory. Memory from beginning , then it would not be painful, no more worries . She could just live peacefully with her baby .

But destiny or God is so cruel to grant us our wish,  from which thing we try to ran away that thing come behind us chasing us , haunting us to make us suffered , suffered badly till you would get use if it , use of the pain .

Samrat entered inside her room to confront her. As soon as he was inside he called her furiously from behind.

Rajmata! !

She turn in her own glory taking her own sweet time as she was gazing outside.

Samrat ?? What’s the matter son , you seem in great fury.

She scoff off at the end knowing her son’s anger.

Why did you told my men to took her here forcefully without her will. ??

He directly threw his question for he no more in control now. Already he was frustrated and worried for his queen and here he got the new info from his men about there Delhi visit to get The Queen back.

He couldn’t believe at first his mother could do something like that . He knew there was no nice bond between two ladies but he thought with the time passes , it will ease a bite.  But here he is standing now right in front of his mother fuming but that time never came.

Its take time for her to register the question and when it did she was left shock for she couldn’t thought he would be angry on her for that New Queen of his.

I did , so ?? If you forgot then I am mother Queen of Jodhpur.  I have all the rights to bring back The Queen where she fail in her all duties.

Rajmata at last busted in anger making him furious as well.

But it’s not the way to brought her back to her own Palace. Samrat fire back.

But what the hell she was doing there on the first place. Rajmata threw her card, knowing well now there will be no answer came from him.

And that’s what happened exactly , Samrat don’t know what to answer ,,he stop for a moment before speaking again.

That is our personal matter. Saying so he rushed out angrily.

He was lifeless as if his soul just part away from him. It felt horrible,  he don’t know why ?? He just wanted to ran back towards her and never to be back without her being there with him. He wanted her badly, not able to forget her. It’s been just a few hours and he was already craving for her. He never wanted to leave the place , he never wanted to took further steps that were taking him far from her , parting there ways but he had to. Just when she went inside her Palace he got the call of his Dadima asking him to be back soon. He couldn’t had left his only family.

Coming back there was one more shock was waiting for him. As per Dadima’s planning of his engagement , the lady called sameeksha was there.

He found her beautiful,  beautiful? ? No.. average is fine. As he couldn’t gave that word to another lady apart from his sweetheart. Yes she is definition of Beautiful,  Graceful,  Gorgeous. He couldn’t define her beauty in words. He couldn’t think of anyone other than his sweetheart associated with that word .

This is samiksha son , 

Dadima introduce her.

Hi , Maan! !

She forwarded her hand for handshake which he ignore directly and looked at Dadima in anger.

What is she doing Dadima at our place at night.

What are you asking.  You are bring so rude son. She is our guest. And you always seem to forgot that she is your fia.. before Dadima could complete he spoke controlling his anger for he never wanted to raise his voice on her.

She is not. Still there is time for our engagement. And I am not ready. Nor with her not anyone. He gritted his teeth glaring back two ladies furiously.

Maan ?? Yeh kya mazak hai ? You thought marriage is some Game to play. Its includes two people’s emotions.  Dadima blasted on him.

So when I deny the fact. I just said I want time.  He was furious now.

How much more time you need son. It’s already too late. And you yourself had told me that you were ready that time.

No Dadima,  I am not still. It was in conflict of emotions ,  mindlessly I gave you my approval.

Whatever that son , now you have to married her and her only.

Whatt! ! You can’t just force me.

Its not force , but it is the thing you needs to do now for Khurana’s reputation.

And why so ?? He was fed up now.

Everyone from your business associates to press everyone know that you and samiksha are getting married soon.

Now it was shock for him.How ??

I clarify there doubts which they were asking me from the time the news got leak. samiksha smile evilly at him telling him her intentions.

You stay away from my way,  or else,  you never Know.

Maan !! Dadima shouted furious to see his behavior.

Excuse me !! He rushed to his gym directly without stopping to his Dadima’s calls as well.

Sorry dear,

Oh grandma it’s OK.  You should not worry.

Just give him sometime. I know he will understand.

She nodded her head silently smiling at the old lady.

He have to understand! ! She self thought smirking evilly.

He storms inside his room only to see her sleeping on the window itself. 

He rushed towards her and took her softly in his arms when she jerk in her sleep opening her eyes.  The face of her husband ccame  in front making her heart burn in anger and she started to wriggle in his arms.

Leave me.

Relax , Rani.

Don’t called me that. I feel sick now with it.

Rani ?? He felt hurt non the less he kept quite seeing her furious glares.

As he lay her down on the bed. She spitted again like a injured lioness.

Don’t you dare to touch me again. Stay away from me. She turn her face and closed her eyes tight controlling her unshed tears.

When did he ever touch her ?? It was only if needed that too in the intention to help her. The only woman he care for apart from his mother and love.

When did he even touch her ?? She question herself drowning in her miseries again.

8 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 45

  1. Wow geet is pregnant now her life is full of worries poor girl cannot cherish the motherhood too still lost in her love..there samiksha took a step ahead and about maan and her to press and daadima is also forcing maan…he is already fighting with his emotions…samrat scolded his mom and cared for geet waiting to read more ❤️ 😘


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