That could not be more worse could that?

He thought looking at her still figure and before he knew she scroll down on her knees as if defeated,  defeated with her cruel destiny.

Geetanjali! !

He ran towards her hell worried for her , reaching near her touched her shoulder but there was no response from her side .

Rani,  he called again this time she looked at him blankly without any emotions that worried him more.

Why ??

She asked the same question from him as well which had been asked from her LOVE before.

Why ??

She again murmur this time asking from her God,  Destiny.

Humare sath hi kyun? ?

She pouted sadly asking him again , he felt horrible seeing her this much broken , guilt arose in him for he knew already she was going through her heart break.

Kya humne koi gunah kiya hai? ?

She again questioned him like a child, asking for her answers.

Humne toh bas pyar kiya tha,  bas pyar manga tha,  aapse,  unse. (Have asked for love only from you , from him ) .she added drowning  her own world of miseries.

Kya hum kisike pyar ke kabil nahi.  ?

He shook his head saying her that don’t talk like this.

Bataiye na ? Kya kami hai humme  (tell me , what is lacking in me )

She hold his collar asking from him but yet again there was no answer.

Kyun kiya humare sath?  Kyun khele humare zindagi ke sath  ??

(Why did you do it ? Why do you played with my life ? )

She shook him holding his collars referring to Maan as well. He knew what she meant. It was his one mistake that cost her life.

Kya humare koi ehsass nahi hai ?sirf aapke feelings , aapke emotions mayne lagte hai. (Only your emotions,  your feelings matters not mine ? )

She poke his chest with her forefinger getting frustrated now.

Samrat have no words to said or explain or he don’t want to now when she is emptying her injure heart.

Hum koi katputali hai?  (Am I some doll? )

That was played by anyone and everyone? First my family , you , your mother and him? ?

Kya samaz rakha hai aap sab ne Hume? ?

She shouted going mad with the pain and anger.

Samrat sat there with lower head don’t know what to answer her each question or how as he knew she was right with every word.

Her senses were getting blank , she was on fire with the thought that nothing left in her hand now . She wanted to burst out her each hidden bolt up anger and pain .with Maan she didn’t get chance when she was fighting for her own love but now with her husband she got that.  Yes she was having right to do so but that was also snatch from her brutally.  She felt miserable , nothing left I her life.nothing. not love not her marriage not her own  which things matter to her most , for her dream castle but now she would live without this things . HOW ??

With this betrayal? ? From her LOVE from her Husband the only person she could relay on her most of life , but he also betray her.

Why ??

She is the only reason , she don’t deserve anyone’s love .but she betrayed also betrayed him , what else she wanted from him ?

Now she don’t deserve  this life .she can’t live her life like this with this betrayal.

She can’t.  She couldn’t have ?? She won’t.

Geet just got up with this thought and rushed to his drawer to fetch one pistol he treasure there.

And she took out it glaring at it harshly , her breath was raging as she was on fire , today no one can stop her .she will do today what she desire.

Samrat looked terrified with a Turn of events and he never ever thought in his wildest dreams that Geetanjali could took this step in her life.

No Rani. .no ???

He shouted running towards her and just as she was about to trigger it he stated have it from her furiously slapping her hard on her face.

She fell down on the bed hard while samrat was still in shock with his rage breaths.

There was silence in the atmosphere before he started to speak about her kundali dosh.

After he was finish he looked at her only to see her in all tears with red mark on her cheek which was swollen badly with his slap.

Oh Geetanjali! ! I am sorry so sorry Rani .

He took her shivering body in his arms and she blank out in his arms not willing to live more this torturous life.

Kyun kiya aapne aisa? ? Maan ?? He. ..

She murmur her last words telling him that she didn’t listen any of his words,  the truth of there relation.

Precap :-  more has to come …

Will she know the real truth ??

Will she know the reason behind his betrayal ?

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