Downstairs.. all broke into sweet laughter.. mrs. Handa gesture them to be low..shh.. she will hear.

Just then maan walked inside asking everyone about her.

Upar hai, apne kamre mai.. go  meet her.. kal se muh phula ke baithi hai, shadi ke naam se.

Maan nodded and ran upstairs,, leaving shock pinky behind, as she was also unknown about their whole plan.


Geet was irritated with her own behavior downstairs.. on that so much tension, she just threw her cell on the floor angrily.. tears were brimming in her eyes now.

How dare he.. main use chodungi nahi.. bas bahot ho gaya.. samzta kya hai apne ap ko.. dono ko bhi dekh lungi first us maan ko and then this guy.. bahot shok hai na muze dekhne ka.. aane do usko ek baar.. she went unaware about the person standing on her door listening her all cursing. He chuckled and said out.

Here I come. Mishty..

She stopped shock, first that voice then name..

Tumne bulaya aur hum chale aaye..

Gurmeet Choudhary as Maan Singh Khurana in TV Show Geet - Hui ...

he just said in straight line without singing.. while geet turned slowly and the tears which she was holding rolled down freely on her cheeks.

Maan. She ran and jump on him, hugging him tight..

maan almost stumbled on his feet, he smiled and hold her tight in his arms, as he shut the door with his feet dragging her towards her bed.

It was after long minutes of hug, geet parted and started hitting him with her small fist..

Geet.. geet. Kya kar rahi ho mishty. He hold her wrists making her look at him, and wiped her tears first.

Phone kyon switch off hai tumhara.. she pouted. Pata hai main kitna parashan ho rahi thi.. how many times I tried calling you..she blabbered. Went on telling him.. how much she missed him.. there in Dehradun as well as here.. how much she was tense. Cried..and blah ..blah..blah…

Maan calmly listen to her each complaints.. his heart felt numerous emotions at a time.. sad.. for making her upset.. cried.. happy that she missed him.. worried for him..

Now tell me, where is your phone.. chup kyon ho.. bolo.. bolo na..

Maan left a breath, putting his forefinger on her lips.. now first let me talk, then I can explain you everything. He said.

There is a reason for my cell been switch off..

Geet pouted. Confused, what??

First of all tell me, why were you trying to call me so desperately.. aisa kya hua..and why were so tense. He cupped her face tenderly now waiting for her answer, knowing about all, still wanted to listen from her mouth.

Woh.. i.. geet started.. looking down.. pulling apart, fidgeting with her dupatta. Then her eyes widen suddenly realizing something, maan. What are you doing here? And how come you here at this hour.. with at front door.. kisine aapko dekha nahi? Niche toh sab log the.. mom ..papaji..  dadima..

Maan smiled, who’s dadima.. tumhari toh koi dadima nahi hai na.. maan aksed with a hidden smile plaster on his face which she missed in her tension.

Who.. maan.. she stammered not looking at him

Bolo geet. Her pinned her chin.  And look at me..

Who muze dekhne aaye hai.. shadi ke liye. She finished and heard him laughing madly.

She gaped him like a fool, and then turned angry, seeing him laughing on her condition.

Chaddo.. you really do not care for me.. she pouted, on the verge of tears as she tried to leave the bed.

Mishty. He turned serious holding her wrist he pulled her back in his arms.

Phir kabhi aisa mat kahna.

toh phir. She started but he continued.. if I don’t care then dadima ko yaha bheja nhi hota.. to ask for your hand for marriage.

Geet for a moment was confused then after a while she realized what just she heard, her eyes widen in shock. She don’t know what to feel.. happy.. excited.. she jump on the bed, really.. it’s your dadima..

Maan amused looked up at her, and nodded silently, he had thought she would bust on him in anger but here , her reaction was completely apposite.

But boy, he was so wrong.. she suddenly stopped and looked at him.. gives him murderous glare. As slowly everything started becoming clear to her.

You ..main tumhe chodungi nahi.. she threw one cushion on his face which he dodge cleverly and got up running around her bed with her chasing him crazily with her blabbering.. you don’t know how much I tense.. you tortured me so much. Main tumhe chodungi nahi.. how dare you maannn. She screaming angrily blowing off her curls which disturb her on her forehead.

Maan caught her on the bed, as both falls down on the bed flat, with geet below maan..

First tell me, why was you so tense with this alliance thing..

Because I did not know, it was you..

So why this matters to you. If you knew it was me then??

Then. I wasn’t that tense.. I would be the happiest person..

Achcha.? Why..??

Geet turned to look at him having a smirk on his face…

why ka kya matalab hai, maan… she stammered and before she start giving another reasons maan intervals,

don’t mishty.. he stopped her, aaj muze bata do, kya hai tumhare dil main. Speak it out, geet.. he pressed her both shoulders, pulling her close.

Geet was startled, looked here and there before uttering.. main tumse pyar karti hu, maan.. she whispered in low voice .

Maan stopped and was so pleased to hear her finally confessing her love.

Say it loud and clear, geet. He demanded in stern voice, you have done nothing wrong.. so why are you fearing .. look at me.. stare into my eyes and confess.. he spoke each words clearly demanding her again..

Geet got the courage hearing him and looked into his eyes, I love you.

She cupped his face.

Phirse kaho.. maan whispered desperately , his heart was yearning from long to listen those three words from her.

I LOVE YOU!! She raised her voice..


I LOVE YOU…ILOVE YOU.. I LOVE YOU .. maan she shouted pushing him back on the bed thereby falling on his chest.

Maan smiled whole heartily listening her confession, I love you too mishty.. a lot.. from long.. he confessed hugging her close to his heart..

Phir kaha kyon nahi.. she pouted looking at him.. pahle muze hi confess karne ko kaha na.. not fair. She twisted her lips looking away from his face, maan just smiled enjoying her every lovely gesture.

Suddenly geet’s eyes pop out realizing something.. ek minute.. tumhe sab kuch pata tha pahle se hi.. she looked at him narrowing her eyes.

Maan gulped and looked everywhere than her, umm..

Idhar udhar mat dekho.. look at me. She pulled his collar making him look at her.

Patio.. she demanded

Hm.. yeah.. it was our plan.

Geet’s eyes widen listening his “our” ..


Tum toh confess karne se rahi.. you were taking too much time to realized your feelings, which off course I was aware, he gives her wink to which she couldn’t help but blushed.

So I tell everything to my dadima. Who was happily willing to help me as she liked my choice..

Geet blushed further, hiding her face in his chest..playing with his shirt buttons.

Aur phir.. she whispered, getting interested to hear him..

Aur phir.. dadi ne tumhare parents se baat ki. Humare rishte ke bare main. Your parents are as sweet as you.. he pinch her chubby cheeks making her giggled. They happily agreed.. then sara drama hua.. jo ki tumne dekha..

I am sorry.. maine tumhe pareshan kiya na..but why you didn’t tell me before these six months.. she complained..

Na.. mishty.. sorry to main hu.. tum nahi.. because I tortured you lot. Just to hear your confession. Sorry mishty. and waited for those long months, because I don’t wanted to interrupted your career. That was imp for you. Humare liye toh puri zindagi padi hai..

And again.. all this drama was to surprise you..


Achcha thik hai, maaf kiya.. she said sweetly hugging him. Because you did all this just for me.. for us.. so no sorry..she cupped his face looking at him with a sweet smile.

Itna rukha mafi.. he said making faces.

Matalab.. geet wa confused.

Matlab .. abhi batata hoon, mishty..  and he pinned her down on the bed.

Maan. Geet’s eyes widen in shock..

My parents and your dadima is downstairs. What are you doing..

Apni mishty se pyar.. he answered sweetly.


Don’t worry.. they must have gone to temple taking your chatterbox friend along with them.

Geet giggled, as he buried his face in her neck, hovering her with his wet kisses.

Oh maan.. she started laughing feeling tickling with his beard.

He parted and looked at her with a smile, geet stopped laughing and looked at his lost face, she saw him approaching closer and close her eyes shyly… inviting him further.

Maaneet new story: Episode 1- Maan and... - Do jism ek jaan" geet or maan"  | Facebook

Maan slowly put his lips on her shivering petals, before beginning the kiss for their new life ahead..


24 thoughts on “THE CHEF NEXT DOOR @ EPILOGUE 2

  1. A sweet end to a sweet story. Thanks Mugdha for this story. Enjoyed this story right from start. Their love for food to their love for each other, quite a good progression. Nicely written with a total different Maan who is not egoistic, rude n neither the MSK attitude yet he is special in his ways. Geet is so adorable thru out the story.
    Thank you for completing this story of Maaneet the foodies. Best wishes for your other stories 🙂

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  2. Awww that was the perfect ending poor geet was so tensed without knowing anything but it was necessary for her to realize her own feelings… whole family was with maan…his entry was superb the way he confessed everything to her was lovely finally geet told those 3words which maan was yearning to listen… thanks for the beautiful story dear❤️😍

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  3. Awesome update n maan plan all this as he knows geet so he meet her parents n told them that he loves her n wants to marry her n then they plan all this n geet confessed that she loves him n thnxx for pm me

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  4. He had her totally duped with his plan. Poor girl was going through so much tension. Not even a hint and his phone switched off. She couldn’t even talk to him.

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  5. Nice.
    Poor geet.
    Everyone knew the plan except geet.
    I like their ruthana manana. Their love. They were far away for 6 months. Its long time of period. Finally maan’s plan workout. I like the way geet confessed her feelings to maan.
    And maan was so desperate to listen those three words from her.
    Superb and happy ending.
    Just love it.
    Thanx for pm.
    Waiting for ur new ss or ff.
    Take care.
    Stay safe, healthy and happy.

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