Aanewala pal janewala hai

Aanewala pal janewala hai

Ho sake toh is mein zindagi bita do

Pal joh yeh janewala hai ..ho ho

[The moment which is coming, is about to pass

If possible, live your life in it

The moment that is about to pass]


Geet closed her eyes listening to the song, as she recalled every moment that was spend with maan, tears escaped from her close eyes with a painful smile lingering on her lips.


I love you, maan.. she whispered in between her tears.. it took her a lot of time to realized her true feelings for maan. That restlessness.. those shivers of pleasure or goosebumps that erupt in her body with his closeness. She finally realized it.

His chocolate eyes always trying to tell her something, but she was so dumb to realized, she mocked herself,

Those six months passed like a wild, making her wait over finally. Although both have frequent chats on phone, especially about dinners and lunch, but never dare to talk to each other once, they couldn’t when this separation was killing both of them.


Ek bar waqt se lamha gira kahin

Ek bar waqt se lamha gira kahin

Wahan dastan mili, lamha kahin nahi

Thoda sa hasake

Thoda sa rulake

Pal yeh bhi janewala hai 

[Once a single moment was dropped from time

Over there a tale was found, but not the moment

After making us laugh a bit

After making us cry a bit

Even this moment is about to pass]


she give a last glance to her house, home sweet home.. she whispered before breaking into sweet chuckled, wiping off her tears, she locked the door. Taking her bags she left for airport to go to her parents home..



Getting back, geet got the shock listening to her parents as they told her about her marriage.

Here she was fighting to own self about how to tell her parents about her love, and this news just left her shattered.

I don’t want to marry this soon.. just now I have completed my course.. she uttered, getting no courage to speak further.

Beta ji.. you are not going to marry soon..either.. just meet the boy.. he and his family are nice..a respectful and well known family from delhi.

Geet listened half heartily, her mind was somewhere else. . heart chocking in great pain. How she is going to convince her parents when they have already fixed this meeting with boy.

She was lost, when just one word caught her mind, and she snapped back to reality.. hearing her father, he has only his dadima as his family.

Dadima.. geet whispered , small smile lingering on her lips reminding about maan.

Her father nodded in response and patted her head, before leaving her room,

Take rest, dear. We will talk about it tomorrow, as they are coming tomorrow. Her mother inform her making her tense.

Tomorrow?? Mom..itni jaldi?


She makes faces.

Geet, look dear.. there are right times for everything to do in life.. and marriages should be happen in right age or it would get difficult for the girl in future.. she went on explaining her further about it.. including baby and pregnancy thing, making geet red.

Geet shut the door of her room after her mother’s exit. Her heart beating faster just with the thought of maan, she must call him and inform hi about it.

Strangely there was no messages from him from last two days. Geet thought checking her cell, she scrolled through her list of numbers.. just looking at his name on her cell, but did not have the straight to press green button.

She definitely knew.. realized how much he too loved her, it was she who did not realized it soon.

But now he needs to know when everything is going out of her hand, making her mind she call him, eyes closed tight.. palm pressing on her chest, heart beating faster, she waited. But voice come from other side, only saying her, it was switch off.


She tried again.. again.. and few more times, but result was same. she became restless and thought to fetch some sleep as she was really tired today.

Jo bhi hoga, kal dekha jayega.. were her thoughts, tonight is her night. She will keep those all worries for tomorrow aside and have a good night sleep.


Aanewala pal janewala hai

Ho sake toh is mein zindagi bita do

Pal joh yeh janewala hai ho ho


Finally after few attempts, she succeed in pushing her worries aside, and drowned in a whirlpool of sleep along with dreams of her and maan’s togetherness.




Ek bar yoon mili masoom si kali

Ek bar yoon mili masoom si kali

Ho khilte huye kaha khushbash main chali

Dekha toh yahin hai
Dhundha toh nahi hai

Pal joh yeh janewala hai ho ho

[Once I met an innocent flower

It blossomed and said, I’m leaving happily

If you see, then it’s right here

If you search for it, then it can’t be found

The moment that is about to pass]


He put his files at side and went to bed to have again a restless sleep, it was same happening from the last 6 months, from the time he came leaving her alone there. His heart still chocked with the thought. Although she was habitual of it. Already living alone before he walked into her life, still his heart blamed him for his behavior because he made her habitual of his presence, his care. His guidance. His friendship and his LOVE.. before walking away from her again.. leaving her alone and shattered.


Those thoughts tortured him to extent that he couldn’t able to sleep every night.

Those lyrics although sooth his aching heart taking him back to the memories of his innocent mishty.. he knew, dadima must be listening to her fav. Kishore kumar’s songs just like his mishty do. Small smile played on his lips.. slowly drifting him towards another restless sleep having his mishty’s memories behind those close eyelids.



Geet was damn angry.. frustrated. Teary.. seeing his cell coming  off again.. where the hell this guy now.. can’t he just once receive my call.. ek toh khud ek bhi call nahi kiya..

Reason toh tu bhi janti hai na, geet.. she blushed with the thought.

Wo oh.. abhi se sharmana shuru.. abhi bhi to aapke woh aaye bhi nahi aapko dekhne..

Pinky.. she squealed in happiness seeing her best friend there, both hugged tight before breaking aprt.

Aisa nahi hai.. tu to janti hai na..

Ha.. ha.. I know.. you loved maan.. she said loudly without realizing , making geet frightened, she looked behind pinky to see her father standing with blank face. babaji.. did he heard anything..

Beta ji.. kya hua.. her father asked worried seeing her frighten face.

Geet gulp hard, kuch nahi .. papaji.. I will go and help mom.. she said and pulled pinky along with her, scolding her on the way. .. apna badasa muh band rakh ab..



Late afternoon, geet has been call down as the guests arrived, she was still trying his number hopelessly.. cursing him countless. Her heart been so scare, still she tried to make herself understand, that it’s only a small meeting, not marriage, she can deny it also… once the people will gone, she can took a sigh of breath.. and concentrate on how to tell her parents about her love and can contact maan again.

Yeah this is right.. now just take a breath geet and it’s just matter of an hour or so..


As she walked down, wearing one of beautiful dress with curls tie.. dangling earrings.. only lip gloss on lips.. which gave a fake smile to her parents..

Here my daughter comes, savitri ji.. mr.handa introduced her to the guest, holding geet by her shoulders proudly, geet for once let go the uncomfortable feeling seeing her father’s pride and love for her. She turned towards the guest to find, only one old age woman sitting there with a warm and pleasant smile on her face almost welcoming her.

Geet felt relax instantly seeing only one person there that too grandma.. she give away sweet smile to the lady, winning dadima’s heart at once.

GHSP 111 HD_8977

Come here, dear. .. mr. handa. You have such a beautiful daughter..

Geet nervously sat next to her, she is cutest.. dadi added cupping her face, making her red.

Geet smiled shyly looking down, she looked at pinky with thief eyes to see her giving her full teeth smile.

It was matter of few minutes, and geet got so comfortable with dadima, she started talking to her everything and nothing.. with pinky stick with her.

As her parents left them to have a this meeting , her mother arrange for the small lunch for all.

Dadi was highly impressed with the girl, she was proud of her grandson’s choice.

Aapko jo chahiye. Hum aapko sab khila denge , dadima.. just order me.

Geet speak out excitedly,.. forgetting about her own problem..

Her parents smile pleasantly seeing their bond and hearing their daughter… pinky too innocently carried on supporting her friend..

Really beta?? Dadi raise her brow.. hiding her smile, are you ready to come to my house as a granddaughter in law of mine. ??

Now geet was stuck.. she realized what she did.. her eyes widen. She gulp her shock stammering.. who main..

Its’ okay. Dear.. I can understand your condition.. she mean other words.. but geet just nodded nervously looking down.

Dadi held her chin as geet looked up.. take your time, bete. I would like to hear yes from you for my grandson.

Geet’s heart skip a beat.. her mouth and eyes wide open gaping dadi.

And I am sure it will happen, once you meet him..

That’s when geet realized and looked around to find him nowhere..

He was busy in some business of his.. will be coming soon.. then. Mil lena use.. said dadi seeing her gesture.

Geet was embarrassed, she just nodded in yes and excuse herself before rushing upstairs to her room.

continued in next epilogue..

30 thoughts on “THE CHEF NEXT DOOR @ EPILOGUE 1

  1. Nice update n an apt song for the situation. Geet’s anxiety, her nervousness is nicely written. Dadima is definitely going to have a good time with Geet. Thanks for the update. Waiting for the next part.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Superb update it is,finally she realizes it,she will be in a shock when she knows it’s him who is came to see her, excited for them to meet

    Liked by 2 people

  3. oh ho geet……….kuch gudbud maat kar dena……….she is ur maan’s dadima……………..

    lovely update……………….

    loved it…………

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  4. Awesome update n geet realised that she loves him n they talk on phone but didn’t told him about her feeling n she went to her parents n they told her that they fix her marriage n they are coming tomorrow n she is heart broken listening about her marriage n thnxx for pm me

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh no dear u are keeping lot of suspence.. Happy that geet realized her own feeling and lost in memories of him… meanwhile maan is worried to leave her alone all the while …and is constantly restless..geet’s parents breaking the news of her alliance poor girl is so worried…and is constantly calling maan to tell everything but his phone is switched off!! Maan is planning big surprise…daadi liked geet instantly… waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Finally geet realized her feelings for maan. Aad she wanted to tell maan. But he was so much busy in his meetings. That’s why his phone was switch off.
    Thank good maan share his feeling for geet with dadi.
    And dadi came to geet’s house with marriage proposal. Dadi likes geet very much. She felt oroud of her grandson’s choice.
    Geet too really likes dadi. She became so friendly with dadi. And in that, she forgot about revelation of her feelings for maan.
    Like this part very much.
    Thank u for pm.
    Take care.
    Stay safe, healthy and happy.

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  7. Awesome.

    Geet is back to her parents home.

    Both maan n geet missing each other badly.

    She finally realised her love for him. But still the confession is pending.

    Dadi came with maan’s proposal for geet but maan is missing the scene.

    Looks like dadimaa knows about maan n geet.

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