Maan rushed inside parking his car. He step inside calling out to dadima when one of the servant inform him about dadima is in guest room.

Guest room ?

Ji ha sahib ji and he told about some unconscious lady being there getting check up done by doctor.

He was furious now hearing it. Here he came running for his grandma thinking she must be in some trouble and here she is planning to tie him already. Don’t know to whom she had brought now.he barge inside the guest room and blasted on her without thinking anything or noticing his surrounding.

Dadima what are you.. but soon he gulp his words seeing her glare followed by small hush.

She gesture towards the laying lady who was in sleep now with the injection given by the doctor.

As he turned towards the bed where she was eyeing him , his eyes widen in shock to found her here.


How can it be ?? His eyes didn’t left her face which was looking pale non the less pretty as always.

How ?? The only question left from his lips when dadima told him how she got her.

She is married son !! So now stop staring  her. Dadima teased further seeing her son was lost in the lady unknown to the truth that he had already cross that boundary with the same married woman and had lost his heart to her long back.

Yes she is married !! He self thought frustrated before rushing from there furiously.

Get freshen up, and come down for dinner. Dadima shouted behind smiling at his furious state .

How did she landed here. Is it her another plan to came into his mansion to get him. , to trap his naive dadima.  He  couldn’t believe , she would stoop this low in her madness.

He was furious to thought on this.  He totally forgot in his own conflict of emotions and ego that she is pure angel who only know to love him madly.

He furiously rushed to guest room to get his answers. As soon as he step inside,  her aroma hit him hard making him drown towards her yet again forgetting all other things.

His steps took him towards her on its own accord where his sweetheart was already calling for him.

He near the bed only to heard her moans of pain. He sat beside her and pulled down her blanket and as his hands touch her , he felt her burning like a lava. She was wriggling continuously not able to bear tremendous pain in her body.

He pulled out her saree slowly that’s when she opened her dizzy eyes to watch him so close to her. She thought him her dream which seems now will never turn into reality .thinking so her eyes moisten as she hold his bare shoulders . He was just in his track pants , had came from his workout directly.

images (4)

SWEETHEART. . He couldn’t bear to see her in this condition.  She was seriously ill and he thought all wrong about her.


He took her shivering body in his arms hugging her tight. She was still wincing in pain . He slowly remove her…




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