Geet was frighten beyond wits looking at the men who had surrounded her. She tried to flee but two of them came in her way stopping her.

Let me go . She joined her hands as that only thing is left with her , it seems .

Rani Ji. Hath mat jodiye please.

Their words shock her further. How did they knew her. And she asked the same from them the reply made her furious.

Ji. Samrat has sent us to get you and finally we got you here. One of the man spoke in rather soft tone despite his rough structure.

Then tell him , I am not gonna come till I get my love back .


Her voice came as rigid despite her fragile state.

Rani ji. Please come with us or else Samrat had asked us to take you forcefully. They seems to dangerous now , on the other hand she couldn’t believe on her ears , her husband could stoop this low. He just send some goons behind her to get her back to that golden cage which he called as his Palace so proudly.

No.I will not. Saying so she ran from there for she not wanted to get back this early without her maan. She could not think a minute without least she is now in same city where he is…taking breath.

She was famished as her stomach started to grumbled with a food need. Her legs wobble still she drag them somehow and just then with one flash, she hide her face in her palm.

Goons ran away seeing the car stopping in front of her . As they did not wanted to leak her identity in front of the world now.

Geet could take no more as the car just touch her legs and she fell on the road screaming.

Driver got down quickly soon followed by Savitri devi khurana. She scolded the driver angrily before bending to the laying woman’s level.

Savitri devi turn the girl laying unconscious, and the look of her old eyes could able to found her from her well family. without wasting no more time she took her with her .


The Doctor said the same thing which previous one had said in maan’s office. Dadima looked at the girl curious , she seems to be from well family , also her married signs though the circumstances in which she found her , at late night did not gave her good vibes about the girl non the less she felt worried for her.

He was reckless, pace the floor angrily, just what the hell he done. How could he be too harsh on her. But she not left any chance to him. That woman was not ready to leave. She was being stubborn herself. Her words came back haunting him about proving her love .he just rushed out of his caning banging the door behind shut , he make his way outside.


Where did she went ? He was getting restless now not finding her there where he had pushed her before.

It was all dark around. God , man. How could you just let her go in this night. He speed up his car to search on her , don’t know if something happened to her .the thought only made his stomach churn making his heartbeats raise .

No nothing can happen to her , I will just find out her and will throw her to that King of hers. He greeted his teeth even with the thought but he can’t help it. She it’s gain making his life miserable, in fact making him feel miserable.

Just he was tired of half an hour drive , his phone rang showing his dadi’s name . One woman he can’t ignore. He pick up it at instant , thinking that why did she called him st this hour of night.

Maan bete, where are you ? Come home fast , I have something to show you . Her worrisome voice made him more frustrated that he was before. He just turn his car towards his mansion.

Find her at any cost and bring her back here, do you get that ? Furious Samrat shouted on the phone .

He couldn’t believe that , his queen managed to sneak out of his Palace that too at mid night and it’s going to be another new day in few hours now and still those useless men are trying to search her.

Dammit! ! He broke his phone banging it hard on the wall.

Calm down, son ! Rajmata came from behind patting his shoulder.

I can’t Rajmata. Since she is outside, danger is all around her. She couldn’t think on that , never listen to me nor believed me.

Rajmata smirked seeing him mad at his queen.

I told you from beginning only that she is not worth it. She is not deserve to called your Queen.

She added more fuel in fire.

Rajmata please. She is not at fault.


His words left her shock non the less she keep her calm and left from there.

She couldn’t believe on her ears. It’s first time after there marriage in this 5 months that king was taking her side. She had even said to his men whom Samrat had send to get the Queen safe and with needed respect but with her order they talked about forcing things to Geetanjali only to break there relation with this misunderstanding.

It was what she is doing from the beginning. She is the one who asked the purohit to told as per her order. With her order only purohit dare to lied the king asking him to not to intimate there marriage since Geetanjali is having faults in her ….. Rajmata fill his ears always giving him sings about Geetanjali’s lackness to be the Queen.

Samrat tried his all to taught His Queen all that could be done. He distance himself from her for her own safety as per purohit words. He could never thought to put her life in danger. Even he hide this big thing from her because he knew how much it takes to every woman. She might have felt hurt and don’t know what she could have done .

But in that distance between them he never came to knew when he got closer with her, his lady love. He met her after his marriage with Geetanjali and things started fall in place it seems, after meeting her. New feelings started to grew in his heart which were never there before when he met Geetanjali. It was his need of having Beautiful woman as his Wife aka Queen that he never thought before destroying an innocent life when she was too young to him.

Now when he realized his all crimes he don’t know what to feel . Should he regret it for the pain Geetanjali had to go through because of him or should he be happy finding his true love in all this.

Precap :-

He slowly pull out her cloths making her bare and she hug him at instant touching her burning body with his cold one.


Now have clear everything from Samrat and Geetanjali past, even Rajmata’s part also. So now we can concentrate on maneet.

Rajmata’s evilness.. still Samrat don’t know. He still is not aware if her ill intentions or false advise Putohit to not to intimate there marriage. Even Geetanjali still not know this thing from both sides.

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  1. Thanks for the update dear samrat is not at fault he all wished was for geet’s safety but in meantime he fell in love with someone rajmata is a evil soul…poor geet is suffering now his men’s are there to find her…maan is worried for her thankgod she is in daadima hands.. waiting to read more ❤️😘

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