Part 40

Sir. .wo madam was not ready to listen to us. Watchman tried to said his side when MSK just show him his palm to stop him and shut his mouth at instant .

Who are you , girl ?

Her heartbeats raise to new level of insanity feeling him standing behind her. His husky baritone left her shiver in his presence. While her face light up with 100 volt of smile and she turn at instant standing  on her steps before him.

Maan,  on the other hand was taken a back. He was hell shock on finding her here in front of his own eyes , for a moment he thought her to be his yet another illusion non the less he recovered from his shock soon not reflecting that on his face.

Geet could able to caught a shine his eyes got with her view and her cheeks burn  crimson red feeling his gaze not leaving her face. Her eyelashes droop with the intensity of his gaze or her madness for him.

Leave! !

He glared at all his guards and two watchmen standing there going confuse with the ongoing silent drama when they heard there boss and in next second both find themselves all alone in the parking lot.

Geet was hell nervous feeling themselves alone , on that she don’t know how must be he is feeling to find here near him.but she was over the moon feeling his presence bear her . She wanted to touch him , feel him to make her heart satisfied but was scared a lot of her Mr.Khurana now. He seems too angry right now.

Confused , she looked at his angry eyes when he only pulled her aside in the most secluded corner and pinned her on the wall there.

What are you doing here? 

She felt his hot breath fanning on her face and she inhaled it sharply making him go wild as his hold on her  tighten giving her pain.

Aaahh. . She moan out silently while her eyes turn teary .she don’t know why is he so much upstate and on her ? Why ? What is her fault ? Is it her fault that she is married? ? That too forced one ??

Her eyes questioned him , but no word left from her mouth .

Maan get a beautiful view of her face , he diverted his eyes from her own ignoring her questioning eyes for its stirs something deep inside him. 

His gaze went to her shivering lips and he just smack his manly lips on her soft ones feeling hungry to taste them as it’s seem ages , he have them in his mouth cherishing there sweetness. 

Geet was on the other hand turn shock with his assault as he started to suck her lips hard nipping them in his rough mouth.never the less she wrap her both arms on his neck pulling him more closer she reciprocate him feeling bliss to have been touch by him finally.

His hands started roam on its own accord on her beautiful bare waist and he press it making her moan , she massage his back of hairs moaning in his mouth , both had French kiss,  not ready to leave each other. It’s been whole 5 days they are away from each other. Both missed each other like hell.

Geet , her eyes tear up feeling him this close after her hardship of five days. Her tears mingle in a kiss making him aware of her condition , there surroundings or what he is doing.

He abruptly left her mouth leaving her heartbroken yet again. Geet only looked at him longingly which he could not bear , so he spitted angrily turning his back towards her.

Go away from here .

His words shock her to the core , she rushed to his side coming face to face with him.

Yeh aap kya kah rahe ho,  maan?  How would I go ?? Her voice come broken still she managed herself. 

Maan just turn his face from her which hurt her the most still she continued. 

Aap kis baat se itna naraz hai humse,  you don’t know with what difficulties I had managed to came here to meet you.

She broke down finally in his arms holding his shoulders as she could no more bear the weight of unbearable pain .

Maan could not tolerate her tears and in his own frustration he pushed her hands from his shoulders.

Geet was exhausted after all this trauma from last few days , on that she was empty stomach from yesterday,  had flew from her native place to unknown by her own just for her love and here he decline her all efforts yet again .

She felt her vision getting blur and head was spinning for she could took this torture no more , she hold her head in a effect  to make it steady

Maan  who had just pushed her away a minute back got hold of her falling hands and Jerk her lifeless body in his arms almost hugging her to his chest.

Sweetheart. . He patted her cold cheeks but she didn’t opened her eyes  , finally he took her in his arms and rushed to his office from back gate which was only known by him.

She had not eaten anything from last 24 hours or more , it’s seem.  Doctor concluded looking at his worried face. Maan only nodded while he continued to check her more.

Maan was restless seeing his hands touching his sweetheart. He regretted his decision on calling the male doctor when he could called a lady. 

Is it done ?? He asked restless glaring at the poor fellow who don’t know what is his fault to get his angry glares when his eyes went on the direction where MSK ‘s gaze was.

And he at instant withdraw his hand from her .

Yeah. She just need to took rest and enough amount of food.  Was she stress out in last few days.? Asked doctor despite fearing from his anger. It’s his duty.

Maan fumble don’t know exactly what to answer for he knew nothing but might be yes she was after he left her.

Yes.  He could only utter this words staring her beautiful face which was pale now.

Hmm. .do take of her. I have given her injection .she will woke up after having good amount of her sleep. Doctor said staring her beautiful face. He was young and could not get away from her beauty or charm. She was beautiful in her ill state also. He thought .his thoughts broken by the hard voice of MSK. 

Leave. Here take it. He handed him his fees and doctor left from there more as half hearten glancing her way one last time.

Maan thrash the table hard with the glass place there and she Jerk open her dizzy eyes with the sound.

His staff dared to glance his way of office. They were first shock on finding him inside the office but guess as he might have came from back door.

Maan. .she whisper in her rag breaths for she was hell scare hearing the loud voice and now seeing his angry face.

Maan once glance her way and rushed to her side finding her back to conscious. 

How are you feeling ? He asked concern cupping her one cheek. She only nodded hugging him feeling uneasy.  He reciprocate the hug as he could still remember the way doctor was glancing her. His possessiveness for her rose as he tighten the hold.

Geet felt the peace and secure being in his arms after so many days. He hug her tightly getting calm after having her in his arms. The hug remain for almost long minutes when she fall in sleep in his arms.

Late evening

Geet opened her eyes feeling refresh after having good amount of peaceful sleep after almost a week. 

She glance around her to see lavish room . But she was in his office then ? She turn confused and slowly climb down the bed and came out of the door only to see his marvelous cabin. She look on in a awe at every structure of his cabin. So it his office and she was in his restroom.she concluded reaching near his chair , her hands caressed it feeling him .small smile adore her face.when she heard his harsh words breaking her dream castle yet again.

Don’t ever dare !! He barge inside only to saw her smiling to herself as if in victory of having win in her game and her hands resting on his it what she wanted. ?

He thought it all wrong and turn furious on her .

Geet flinch back with his tone and rudeness.  Her hazel eyes turn moisten  hearing his blames with no bad intentions of hers.


Are you doubting on me ?? She felt her own pride crumbling down. How could he even think like that. 

How could you ?? She rushed towards him and held his shirt in a fist. 

I know women. He glare at her removing her hands from his shirt.

Yes you know ?? bas aap hume na jaan sake.., Her hazel eyes accused him now which he could not take.

Just leave from here geet , why do you even come here ?He turn his back yet again.

To prove my love  to you . To make you realized your own love for me.

He was shock with her words, so he spitted at her harshly turning back.

I don’t love you. That I have told you before also.

You do maan ..and before she could talk more he held her both arms stopping her from more talks on that.

Leave! ! He mutter gritting his teeth,  his eyes were red scaring her to shiver in his harsh hold.

Hum kahi nahi ja rahe hai aapko chod ke,  she spoke out adamantly that astonished him non the less he drag her out of his office from the back get itself and threw her out.

You wouldn’t be more harsh maan.she sobbed as it was dark now all over and he just threw her outside being heartless.

Heartless. .she repeated the words. No he is not heartless but have heart which love her but he do not have realized it. 

She silently cried out watching his retreating figure.  Stand there thinking  on what she would do now . Her purse have just minimum money now.more over  She could not move back without getting her love back. She thought determine but don’t know where to took her first step. 

But then walked up where her feet took her as she did not want to harm his reputation here by standing here in front of his premises. 

She was feeling extremely weak to even walked few steps but she don’t have any opinions rather than walk .

Lost in her thoughts she missed her surrounding and later found herself trap between four goons. .



8 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 40

  1. Hi Mugdhaa thanks for the updates of my favourite story , Geet took such big step to prove her love for Maan but he just broke her heart by throwing her out of office that at night time if she get safe from the goons send her back to Mahal were atleast she will be safe than getting hurt from Maan and one more thing Geet should not forgive Maan till he show that how much he love her

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  2. Thanks for the update dear maan is shocked to see her as well as missed her alot and can’t control his passion of love towards her..he hurt geet and also cares for her…atlast maan again landed up hurting her and sent out..poor soul..what will she do now .. waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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