As Geet put her first feet in the Khurana Mansion, everything began to fall in right place.

Dadima did a grand welcome of her Grand DIL with little ammy carried by his father. He squealed in happiness for coming back his own home and then carried by his dadi. Little baby could able to feel the difference in homes which makes maan guilty again, because of him this happened.

Just then he felt her holding his hand, as he looked at her, she gives a little press to his palm , assuring him with her eyes that everything is fine now. Maan felt light at heart just with her little gesture and nodded in return saying that he is definitely fine.

Take her upstairs beta, and you also take some rest, dadi’s voice brought them back from their aankh micholi.

Both nodded to dadi and geet tried to take ammy from her arms, but dadi stopped her, let him stay with me, I would like to have my great grandchild all for myself.. she hugs little ammy who in return hugs his great grandma showing his love.. “to pamper him.” Dadi finish with a smile.

Geet smiled and went upstairs to her room where maan was already waiting for her.

Seeing her walking inside, maan instantly locked the door, pulling her in his arms.

Jaan.. his eyes turning dark in passion as his hands began to undress her sari.. making her startled. She suddenly pushed him apart holding onto her falling sari, ‘maan , dadi ma ne rest karne ke liye kaha hai.. no naughty things , hubby..

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