She wears her wedding chain & sindoor against her own will. As that will secure her in outer world little at least,  she thought .Yashoda again help her to sneak out of her huge palace.  She was on he verge of crying worrying for her. 

Why can’t you asked help from Samrat,  he will surely but her voice stop with Geetanjali’s angry glare. 

I don’t need his help now.  I dislike the fact clearly. Geetanjali made a disgusted face thinking of there arguments few days before. The thought that he was asking to give her Mr. khurana punishment stir the volcano inside her. 

How dared that man even think of that when he is main cause that she is here now at this path .non the less she could thank him for this as she get her true love .

Geetanjali closed her eyes into a peaceful sleep for getting back to her love. There was small smile playing on her lips , she forgot about all of his anger or his disgusting words for her.

She could only able to got the flashes of there sweet togetherness,  soon lone tear escape from her closed eyes. She let it flow and drink down her own tear that reached her shivering lip. 

There was damn coldness in the air , she cuddle in her shawl more hugging herself close. There was little fear lingering around her mind about her surrounding , about strange people around her. 

It was her madness or junoon for her love that she is here going to get back her love for which yearn all long this years. 

She spread all different photographs on the table before him , making him jerk back.

What is all this , dadima?  He glare at her.

Choose one fast,  I had waited long enough .she pointed towards all laying photographs of different modern girls.

Dadima,  I have already said you ..

That you are waiting for your dream girl. She completed her sentence. 

Argh. You knew all. Then why this stuff, he pushed all photographs from the table making them flew down. 

MAAN.  You don’t know how I had collected each one of them and you can’t just throw them down.

Dadima,  I can’t just marry anyone or any damn girl like this. It’s my life and I wanted best , the perfect bride to fit in as Mrs.  Khurana.  

So I am just helping you my dear son. 

I don’t want the help like this. If you will not then it will be great , saying so he started to ran towards his room running from her new drama. 

You are so rude to your old grandma , don’t you think so ? She shouted from behind.

No I am not being rude dadima,  I am just clarifying my sight.  He came back and take her in a bear hug as he can’t just made her update.  She is his jaan. 

Yes, I can see that  . She hug him back smiling whole heartily. 

Hope, my dear grand son can find his perfect bride before he lost his old g..

DADIMA. . Maan shouted breaking the hug.

Don’t talk like this. How many times have to ask you. His expressions were furious one.

Sorry son but I will not be there with you all long life.  

He glared at her when she still continue. 

You can’t be all alone all your life , son . You need to find your true soulmate.  

Hearing her his heart beat raise to new level of insanity getting just one face in front of his eyes , that is his sweetheart! !

Do whatever you want dadima , of this what makes you happy. Saying so he rushed towards his own room lost in her thoughts again that didn’t realized what he just said to his dadima making her jump in happiness. 

Geetanjali got down from the bus slowly that reached her destination .it was dark all around,  she don’t know how to reached him .she could able to got his address of office from there project files which were in Samrat’s study. 

She read the address again and catch one taxi at midnight with the help of one woman there. 

She was shivering with cold or more of fear to be all alone in this  dark night with strange driver though he looks like good. 

But who can give the guaranty for people , she thought getting he’ll scare but she do not have any option rather than to followed this one. 

She thought waiting for her destination to reach soon. 

Will he was there ?? Suddenly she remember the time she is going to his office. Her hazel eyes widen in realization. 

Oh..might be i have to spend the remaining night there waiting for him . 

And that what happens soon as she reached the destination,  the taxi driver got huge money from her finding her new at the place. Geetanjali gave him without much arguments as she could not bring the trouble for herself for arguing in alone night. 

Once he was gone , she turned and saw the huge building in front of her eyes.  Her eyes shine in pride to see the name craved on the building though it was dark still her Mr. Khurana’s name shining through dark night . She smile like a child just seeing his name there gave her sense of protection . 

She went inside the parking area that was opened and sat on the one of bench there waiting first her love. 

He turn restless turning and switching his position on the bed but couldn’t able to get the peaceful sleep. As soon as he closer his eyes , her face appeared in front of his eyes making him snap open his eyes and he dare to closed them again. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is h35.gif

What the hell? ? She can’t just rule his mind,  she can’t.  He furiously got up from his bed ran towards balcony to get some fresh air. 

It was again her smell. Her presence in the air. He felt her near him.he just closed his eyes in peace relishing her feeling beside her. 

Geetanjali open her sleepy eyes ,with some loud voices and someone’s shout. 

Madam ji. .wake up . Wake-up Madam ji.. 

Her eyes snap open seeing two men looking as if watchmen there shouting her to get up.

She hurriedly got up from where she was sleeping in seating position.  She managed herself with her little purse and shawl hanging on her arm. 

Madam ji.  Who are you and what are you doing here ? One of watchman asked from the frighten girl standing in front of him , she looks from a good family though from her rich cloths.

The security guard came there running informing them of arrival of there boss. 

Madam ji..jaldi kijiye. .go from here before our sir arrival.  He is angry man. They tried to shove her away before MSK came.

On the other hand Geet turn happy,  Finally Her Long lost happiness going to come in front of her.her eyes shine bright like a new bride. Her face glow hearing the news.

I want to meet maan. She blurted in front of the three men standing there. They looked curious hearing the name from her mouth non the less they were well aware of his charm and how his girlfriends ran behind him like a bees behind honey. 

You are kidding us , aren’t you young lady? ? One man scoff off while other week still looking in hurry and the security guard rushed back to welcome his boss.

I want to meet Mr.  Khurana. Saying so she rushed from there before they could know and they ran behind her to catch her.

Arey. .Madam ji. .rukiye.  

Geet ran fast as she could together the glimpses of her love. Her eyes turn teary in yearning to get one glimpses of him.

She ran and ran and crash on to his car stumbling back she fall down on the ground. 

There was no one at the parking lot where his car arrives as everyone was inside the building ready before his arrival. 

Ahh. . she wince slightly with the little scratch that appeared on her arm.  She jerk off the dust from it. When she felt him behind her standing , as his shadow fall on her body in bright sunlight. 

to be continue. .

8 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 39

  1. Wonderful update,how much Geet had gone through the pain and decision to reach to Maan house know it’s Maan turns to show his love for Geet.

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  2. Good update so geet came in search of her love wow…all the while fearing to be in a new place but all matters what to meet her Mr.Khurana …where daadima shows some pics to make maan choose a girl for marriage ..maan in sleep disturbed by feeling geet close.. waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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