Maan was in a fix, he couldn’t bend and uttered those words to his mother nor he could ignore geet’s words, she would be upset , if he do so which he never want.. leaving a frustrated sigh, he decided to give sometime to himself to sort out this matter.

Next day, he was at her home to take both for shopping, ammy squealed in happiness seeing his father near his car, he started jumping in geet’s arms. Maan’s face broken into big smile seeing the love of his baby for him. He looked at geet to see her dimple smile. His day couldn’t be more bright seeing his both jaan’s happy faces.

As soon as maan took ammy in his arms, ammy gives his dada sloppy kissy on his cheek making maan chuckle as he looks at his wife’s pouting face.

Jaan.. naaraz kyon hoti ho..maan teased her as both settled inside car, with ammy in the middle at geet’s side with his little baby seat.

Baby.. sirf papa ko kissy.. mamma ko kissy kon dega? Geet asked from her naughty little devil.. in return he makes fussy sound .. as geet bend to get her kiss from her baby.. she felt maan’s rough stubble rubbing on her cheek and he kissed her other cheek making her eyes and mouth widen in shock.


Mamma ko kissy papa denge!! He added giving another kiss to her other cheek, before starting the engine.. geet blushed furiously giving him one look, then turning towards ammy who started jumping on his seat, getting excited for the ride.


More than little ammy , geet was getting excited to shop his little cloths and toys.. she was running from one shop to another like a spring.. choosing different cloths for him excitedly in between running to him asking for his and ammy’s choice.

Maan kept watching her in amusement holding ammy in his arms, as she continued to select special toys for her baby.. he turned to look at ammy who was copying his father exactly, seeing his mamma with wide eyes and little open mouth.

How’s it baby.. do you want it?? Geet asked excitedly from ammy.. who not much understanding. Just touched the soft toy and geet ran back to get it in her basket.

after a while geet came with huge baby elephant cushion.. and this time ammy squealed in happiness, showing his liking for the elephant toy., he was not wiling to leave. Both maneet have to forcefully took it from his small clutch. At the end he makes crying face for this and maan have to rushed to ice cream parlor to get him his fav. Ice cream..,

Geet followed behind hurriedly. Maan no… he is too small. What if he catch cold..

Don’t worry jaan.. nothing will happen by little amount..

Both bickering for a while, then geet had to bend and pouted her face for doing so.

Agar aise karogi toh how will I denied you? Maan huskily said nearing her.. bringing sweet smile on her face, it’s okay. If y are so sure that he won’t be sick.. he can have little.. but so little.. she gesture with her fingers.. making him chuckle..

And trio enjoyed the ice cream party… ammy making mess all over with messing his father as well..

Ammy… naughty baby. Come here.. you are messing your dada.. geet tried to take him but maan stopped her saying its’ okay for him.


Aapne woh kiya , humne jo aapko ko kal kaha tha? Geet asked as both reached back at the gates of Handa mansion.

What ?? maan acted cluelss..

Geet gives him glare before climbing down from the car, don’t act.. I am serious this time, maan.. you need to bring mom back.

why are you being stubborn, jaan?

I am not maan. Infact you are being..

She was against you geet, I didn’t ask her to leave mansion either.

But she left because of us, maan! Aap samaz kyon nahi rahe hai, maan. It’s happens because of us.. hume bahot hi bura lag raha hai. Humare wajah se..

Maan stopped her, putting his forefinger on her lips,

shh.. nothing has happened because of you.. don’t feel so..

Agar mere sorry kehne se you feel better then.. I am ready jaan.. I can do anything for you, specially to see your smile.. I can’t see your upset face..

he cupped her face gently.

hume unki jarurat hai, maan.. ammy need him.. she whispered making him surprised, seeing his face she continued, you don’t understanding now.

geet said holding his hand, woh bhi waha akele hongi. she needs you maan, she needs her son.. kabhi aapne unke bare main socha hai..

maan have no answer to this, why she behaves so.. unhe aapki jarurat hai, unhe unki family ki jarurat hai, maan.

maan was listening her silently.. while geet try to make him understand.


she must be feeling alone maan, geet knew about sumitra from maan and his dadi only, she also knew that she don’t have her own child.

aur hume pata hai, akele jine ka kya matlab hota.. her voice pained making his heart dipped in pain.

enough. he shut her instantly.. i will bring her home, i promised you, now happy??

more than, maan! she gives him full dimple smile.


Both step inside the handa mansion with sleeping ammy in maan’s arms, followed by servants bringing shopping bags inside.

Stop right there!! Arvind thundered making both startled and stood rooted on the place.

Geet looked at her furious father and remember the conversation she had with him just in the morning.



Dad.. I want to go back to KM.. geet started without bushing around.. making Arvind startled for a moment. Before he composed himself and faced his daughter.

Seeing him silent, papa, aap kuch bolenge nahi,.

What should I say, beta.. I don’t know what he had done to you..

He had done nothing dad.. geet offended. It’s me who loved him insanely.. I can’t live without him..

She bend on her knees, beside his feet…geet.. arvind tried to stop her but she held his hands, hum jaante hai, ke aap humse kitna pyar karte hai.. you cared about me a lot..

You know it dear.. phir kyon..??

You are right papa, y are worried about me, par hum aapko keh rahe hai na, hum wakayi main khush hai, maan ke sath..

Unhone jo bhi kiya usmain unki koi galati nahi thi, he is still struggling papa, everyday to get back his memory.. who thik bhi ho rahe hai..

Arvind looked at her hearing this info to which geet nodded and tell him about his treatment.

He wanted his baby with him.. he wanted me beside him.. har roz humne unhe tadpta dekha hai humare liye.. her voice chocked.

I understand dear.. he patted her head, while she got up on her feet. But before he could continue further geet stopped him & said her final decision..

Hum aapse aj keh rahe hai, papa.. I wont go to KM without your consent.. I wont.. and she ran out of his room, wiping off her tears.

Arvind looked at her retreating figure, and lost in her words..

Rula diya na, use?? Arvind looked up to find his wife on the door. Madhu listened to whole conversation and walked inside to talk with him.

I was just thinking madhu..

Aur kitna sochenge.. she loves maan madly.. from childhood. Don’t you know.. Arvind looked up while she continued, and maan too loves her.. if you are worried abut her, then don’t be.

And jada chinta mat kiiye.. uski life hai. Let her take hr own decision.

Seeing him silent she continued.. and don’t you think you are doing right by keeping father and son away from each other.

So .. he must realized the value of his family now? Arvind mocked

Yes.. he did Arvind. I have seen that longing in his eyes for his wife and child..

Listening to her arvind remembered about geet’s words and nodded in yes.

You loved geet, care about her, want her happiness, isn’t it??

Offourse. I want my daughter to be happy in her life. That’s why I take this decisions.

Then let me remind you dear, your daughter’s happiness lies in maan, her husband.. koi bhi ladki apne pati se alag rahkar khush nahi rah sakti.


end of FB

Geet looked at her uncle, who took angry steps towards them, geet was already getting so nervous, she holds maan’s hand tight, while maan wrapped his arms aground her, pulling her in his arms, he gives Arvind stern look.

What is these toys doing here?? Arvind asked in stern voice.

While madhu looked confused at her husband and geet was scared.

Papa.. maan had brought this for ammy  .. still she tried to explained.

Then why did he brought it here.. you should take them back to KM, son!! He told maan.

Geet looked at her father not understanding his any of words.

Papa..?? aap aisa kyo kah rahe ho. She was on the verge of crying now.

Maan looked suspicious..

While madhu broke into smile getting the meaning of his words, geet and maan looked at her then Arvind who broke into loud laughter now, ammy woke up hearig voices ..arvind took him in his arms who instantly went into his Grandpa’s arms happily.

Now ammy is going to back  to his home, so what will those toys do here. ??

Hearing him, geet couldn’t believe..While maan was the most happiest person there.. he saw his darling wife running into her uncles open arms, sniffing on his chest.

Don’t cry bete.. I am sorry.. plz forgive your uncle..

Geet instantly pulled back and nodded in no.. no papa.. aapne jo bhi kiya humare khushi ke liye hi kiya..

Nahi bete.. agar main tumhari khusi chahta toh aise kabhi nahi karta.. I keep you away from your happiness.. unknowingly.. I became the reason of your sadness.

Don’t talk like that papa..

Enough. Madhu suddenly interrupted.. talk to your son in law as well.. he is waiting desperately to take his wife back.. she chuckle at the end seeing maan’s face, his face was worth watching.

Ammy squeal in happiness seeing his family laughing aloud.

Maan,, take care of my daughter. If you dare to bring tears in her eyes again.. then beware of the punishment..

Maan’s eyes widen hearing about same punishment, he knew how unbearable for him to stay away from his jaan.

Seeing his reaction again madhu got  a chance to tease him.

I promised, papa.. I will take care of Geet with my life..





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