Geet was already scared with the thought, once she was greeted with dark hall, she clutched on his arm tightly, freaking out.

Maan assured her with his hold on her hand, as both took a sit, Geet has wild imagination of something just passed across her.

Did you see it?? She mumbled in fear only audible to him,

Maan looked at her confused, it’s just passed..she whispered again.


What?? Are you scared?? Maan again teased..

No..Geet was quick to reply,  giving him chance to tease again, why would I?? Geet stammers still trying to put brave face.

Maan smirked, and slowly wrapped his arms around her petite waist, making her startled.

Geet, who was already scared, freak out suddenly feeling his fingers on her warm skin.

Ah.. she was about to shout but Maan clasps her mouth tightly with his other hand, before she do so..

Jaan.kya kar rahi ho..main hoon..Maan whispered huskily near her ears, Geet got so furious, she gives him dreadful glare,

Maan taken a back with her furious glare, slowly removed his hand from her, muttering quick sorry to her.

You better..she pointed her forefinger to him glaring him down.and turned towards the screen.

Maan looked away and smiled softly seeing her angry avtaar, his plan is working he thought.and turned to look back at her only to see her glaring him again.

What!?? He startled..

You are making fool of me.. she gritted her teeth speaking in hush tone, not to disturb the people around.


If you do this again..hum kabhi aapke sath movie dekhne nahi jayenge.. Geet blabbered , at the end making crying face.

Maan pulled her in his arms, patting her back, they were at the back seats,and in darkness no one could watch them..Maan had deliberately booked the have this pretty moments with Geet.

I am sorry, more teasing..only movie…he whispered, pecking her side head and gestured her towards the screen.

Geet gulped hard, turning to faced the screen, Babaji.. meher karna,. ..waise bhi darne ki toh koi baat hi nahi .when Maan is here with me, hai na..ha..she thought grasping his bicep tightly..

Maan adores her cute antics, while he became busy in the movie..

Geet started sweating profusely hearing those horror voices, and then suddenly creepy creature appears on the screen making the audience startled, they held a breath.

Here, Geet was no better, she almost hides her face in his chest completely, trying to submerged herself in him.

Jaan..Maan whispered suddenly, holding her close, if you want we would move out.maan still tried but Geet knew he was enjoying the movie..he wanted to that’s why he brought her..

this was her thoughts unknown of the fact that he was here to spend those sweet moments with his wifey. am fine.. she tried to pulled back but her jerked her back in his arms,

Geet..he asked with his concern eyes, Geet nodded quickly ..looked ahead, you will missed the movie.. and she turned to looked ahead, her breath stuck in her throat, her eyes and mouth wide open as she gaped at the screen, words stuck in her mouth..seeing couple in the movie kissing hard, almost making out..

Maan smirked seeing her face, Geet just realized and blushed furiously before looking at him, Seeing his smirk, Geet don’t know where to hide her face,

Jaan.. he pulled her in his arms again, Geet looked at him, her lips quivered he slowly covered them with his mouth, kissing her passionately.

After a while, Geet became comfortable and soon lost in the movie.. in between Maan tried to drag her out worried for her but she assured him, she is fine now..

Aur aap toh humare sath ho na..toh Hume kisi cheez se dar nahi lagta, she confessed innocently, then looking back at the screen again, in case she don’t missed any it was getting interested now.. she thought munching on her dairy milk.. she felt better with it..

Maan was left awe hearing her confession… He continued to adore her, then pulled her in his arms, holding her hand, Geet gives him sweet smile, before watching ahead again.

Resting her head on his chest, munching on her chocolate, she continues to enjoyed the movie.

Maan held her lovingly in his arms, giving her sense of security around her.

Yeh Suhaane Pal, Yeh Mulaqaatein
Hum Na Bhoolenge Pyaar Ki Baatein
Din Hai Mushkil, Raat Bhaari
Har Ghadi Hai Beqaraari
Chaahatein Hoti Na Kam


Both walked out, and Maan took out his car. Geet was thrilled for the first time enjoying horror movie..

Maan couldn’t wiped off the smiled from his own face seeing her childlike excited face, those glistening eyes, that beautiful smile..he never wished for more.

You know, I am no more scared of horror films now, she blabber out happily clasping his bicep as Maan drove them back.

Achcha..!!?? Maan gives her warm smile before again concentrating on the road.

Yeah..ghost wost kuch nahi hota.. film main bhi.. it’s fake and those are people only..she went on like a child, Maan continued to enjoy her talks,

Thank you so much, Maan.. because of you it happens..

Geet I told you before also, no sorry or no thank you in between us as we are one, aren’t we Jaan!!.

He stopped the car at side, turning to face her, only to find her on tears.

Jaan..!! He quickly wiped her tears even before they could drop out from her eyes..

You have said this before you loss your memory!! She whispered with a smile lingering on her face.

It’s good then I remember things now, isn’t it?? Maan pulled her in a hug,  Geet nodded wiping her face on his shirt, making him smiled affectionately at her.

Hmm.. but don’t do this don’t know what went through me, she hugs him tight, clutching his shirt in a fist..

I can’t lose you..

I can’t either..Maan pecked her head hugging her tight.

After a while Maan pulled back, wiping her face, and if you wanted to thank me really..then, Maan stopped and saw her reaction,

then.. Geet was waiting.

then come back to our home, his voice turned husky, he cupped her face dearly, talk to papa, I can’t bear more if this distance.

Geet smiled softly, I will Maan.. I will talk to papa in two days.

Maan left a sigh and started the car, and by the way..I can’t climb your window more.. it was one hectic task to do..

Geet chuckle, me too don’t want you to take this trouble, Geet said lovingly putting her head on his shoulder,..


Geet returned back home only to greet with the pleasant sight of her baby..who was smiling.. giggling and playing with the new toys..


Geet rushed to him, he was with whom she greeted first happily and then took ammy in her arms, I missed you so much ammy baby.. she pecked his chubby cheeks making him giggled… He was blabbering something,


Say Geet woe him…but ammy couldn’t apart from da Da.. won’t you call me baby..Geet turned upset, she pouted making Madhu chuckle.

Geet..give him some time..he will definitely call out to you.. he is mamma’s boy after all.. Madhu said giving her smile, then patting ammys little head.

Yeah..he is mamma’s boy, but he don’t call me yet, taking first word of his father..Geet makes faces making Madhu chuckle.

Geet suddenly looked at the toys, which were new, one was in ammys hands, ammy baby..let mamma have a look, she took one from his hands, which he wasn’t willing to let go.

Who brought this mamma.. !? Geet asked looking at Madhu who was ready to go.

Madhu stopped in her tracks and answers her, kunal aaya tha..he brought him new toys.

Geet became silent, as she was reminded about office incident, how much Maan was angry seeing his sight.

Kya hua, Geet.?

Kuch nahi ma.. I was just checking..

Nothing to check, dear.. he had brought ammy best toys. I myself check, bahot soft hai.. aur ammy Ko bhi bahot pasand aaye, he is not ready to leave them.. look at him..

Geet smiled seeing her baby playing happily with his new toys.. although the thought trouble her.


Geet was busy with work at night, when her cell buzzed showing maan’s name. As soon as she picked up, his husky voice greets her.

Kya kar rahi ho, Jaan!??he asked lovingly laying down on the bed.

working on some files.she shut down her work and went to bed where ammy was sleeping cuddling in his small duvet,

Why are you waking up , so late at night.. kitne baar kaha hai, Jaan. !?? He whined at the end.

I just shut it down, and now I am on the bed..Geet explained, patting ammy..who snuggle in her arms instantly.

Achcha.. !?? May I join you? He teased her not leaving a chance.

Maan..Geet whined.. you are becoming naughty devil now day by day..

Devil! Kya kaha tumne..

Humne wahi aapne suna..Geet scolded,

and both went on bickering for a while before Maan started the topic , Jaan..suno..

Geet became silent hearing him, kahiye…

I thought, we would go shopping for ammy tomorrow, shall we go!??

Geet was surprised hearing him, how did you thought so..Geet asked making Maan confused now, what!?? What do you mean!?? Can’t I take my son shopping..he needs new toys, cloths.. his fav..Maan took her words in wrong way.

Maan..bas.. listen to me,

He left a sighed , waiting for her to continue..

I mean to say, just today Kunal brought new toys for ammy.. and you are also planning the same now.

GHSP 61_5523

Maan was silent now.. he was surely frustrated with the guy, but after listening the truth from Geet, he can’t keep grudges against him..still he can’t accept him in Geet’s life, be that friend or whoever..

Maan..I am sorry.. woh Hume pata hai, aap unhe pasand nahi karte..still he..

Geet, you don’t have to say sorry to me, I told you.. I am not angry on you.

He just loved ammy… to pamper him..

He is my son!! Maan blasted before Geet could continue.

Geet had to put hand on her chest, to steadied her raising heartbeat, as her heart skip a beat hearing his raised voice. She got up, feeling uneasy hearing his shouting after a while now, ammy stirred in his sleep, she patted him .

Listen geet, you and ammy are mine..and no one has the right on you beside me..

GHSP 61_6849

his voice was dangerously low sending shivers down her spine.


Maan.. her quivering voice told him about her condition. He closed his eyes trying to calm his anger, I will call you later.. saying so he shut down the phone.

Geet wiped her tears and looked at ammy, slipping beside him, she hugs her son tight wanted to get some comfort but she couldn’t..

Being restless she herself called him after few minutes ,

Maan looked at the screen then thought for a while before answering the call.

Maan.. aap thik hai!??

Her concern filled voice again made his heart flip flops, it made him calm, yet left him surprised..

Yeh sawal toh muze tumse puchna chahiye Geet.. are you fine !?? He asked huskily.

I am.. she answered curtly.

Narraz ho..!??

Ji nahi.. him chahkar bhi aisa nahi karte sakte..

Kya nahi karte sakti Jaan..he asked lovingly knowing the answer well.small smile tug on his lips,

Gussa.. hum aappe gussa nahi karte sakte..

You can Jaan.. you have rights..

Phir aap humari sunte kyon nahi..

Geet..  I trust you!! Not that guy.


I know if you say, he must have taken care of you and our baby.. but still I can’t accept him near you.

I can’t change your mind about him, can I?  Geet argued. can’t nor he..!??

Silence spread between both for a while. Maan spoke after a while, you can see him or even he can meet ammy but when I am there with you..

His words left her speechless, Maan.. but knowing about his possessiveness, she shut her mouth,

Do whatever you want, Maan..I nor upset nor angry on you, because you are an adult , you understand things yourself.. his say me, it’s your heart who not mind,with whom you are taking this decision now.

Maan sighed before answering, its my heart Geet, which can’t let you go anywhere away from me ..

Hum bhi toh aapke paas hi rahna chahte hai, Maan.

After a little pause, Maan again asked, naaraz ho

Nahi.. jo aapko achcha nahi lagta, hume woh nahi Karna.. aapko pareshan dekh ke Hume bhi taqleef hoti hai, Maan. Geet became upset,

Hearing her low voice , I know I am just over reacting, .if you want..he stammers, stop for a while finding it hard to bring those words on his lips, you can continue your friendship Geet..

He thought about Geet, how must she have felt seeing him with Sam,.. worse other girls.. here he can’t even stand kunal’s sight with her and he..

Maan was lost in measuring the amount of pain Geet must have gone through because of him and now even he is doing same..only selfishness..if she had found true friend in that guy..why he is thinking about his own rivalry with the guy..or his own insecurity.

Where is her happiness in all this.

Maan..Maan.. Geet tried to get his attention,

Yes Geet..

Maan aapko humari chinta karne ki koi jarurat nahi hai..

Again her words made him speechless, how well she knows him and can read his mind.

I can’t break friendship with him, as that would not be good on his side, hai na Maan!?? She blabbered

Maan just hmm in response, being lost in her sweet talks, but I will try to do as you said.

Maan again hmm, drowning in guilt for past deeds.

Maan..what happened??

Nothing.bas tumhe kuch Jada hi miss kar Raha hu aaj..

His words made her overwhelmed..Abhi bas kuch hours pahle hi hum wapas ghar aaye hai..pura fin toh humne sath hi bitaya na!?? Geet asked like a little girl.

Woh kuch ghante bhi kam hai Jaan..tumhare saath..I want you near me forever. Ek pal bhi tumhare Bina adhura lagta hai, Geet.

Geet became silent not knowing how to console him, sure, he must missing her and ammy badly.. she atleast have her baby with her but he must feeling really alone.

Maan.. Dadima kaisi hai.. asked Geet trying to change his mood.

Hmm.achchi waiting for you..replied Maan nonchalantly.

Geet asked further about her health and gives him some instruction in taking care of dadi.

Aur aapki mom?? Asked Geet after a while,

As Maan narrated her everything, geet’s eyes widen in shock, she shoot up from her seat, and you are telling me now?? toh afternoon usi mood main office aaye the..!?? Geet asked and Maan said yes.

Ab kya hoga..Geet became worried getting to know about his mom.

She is still upset on me??

It doesn’t matter, Jaan..

Kaise nahi hota..she is your mother Maan. She must be worried about you, that’s why she behaves so..koi bhi maa apne bachche ka Bhala hi chahte hai…she won’t do anything without worry about her child. Geet scolded dd wrong Maan, you didn’t need to finght with her, aapke wajah se woh ghar chodke Chali gayi..and she went on and on.

Chup..!!! Maan shouted from other side, making her shut instantly.

Now you tell me, what do you want??

Hum bas yahi chahte hai ke, aap apni mon se maafi maang lijiye, aur ghar wapas laiye unhe.

What!?? MSK can’t do it..

Ji ha..yeh MSK Ko hi karna hoga, samze aap.. !! Geet too warned him..





I won’t..

Then think hai..raho manao.. enjoy your alone time, or I should say, bachelor life!! Geet taunted making him angry ..


Hume pata hai, humara Naam Geet hai..

Bahot zaban chalne lagi hai tumhari!?? Maan whispered dangerously, making her scare a bit but she have decided today, she have to bend him now or else he won’t realized the worth of his mother, or worth of family.

Ji..aapse hi sikha hai.. saying so Geet cut the call and broke into smile imagining his angry face.

More to come..

Precap :- nok jhok ..



Maan manofying his mom

Geet manofying her dad

2  more chapters to go..

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