He tried to sleep on that small couch compare to his hug body but he couldn’t. Frustrated he get up in seating position and continue to stared at his Queen who was not looking less than a broken doll to him now. She was cuddle in her blanket still shivering sleeping like a little baby yearning for her mother’s warmth. He left a deep breath , could not able to bear the painful sight. He got up and check her temperature nearing her.  It was still warm but had decrease.  He take other another blanket from cupboard wrap on her caressing her forehead. The sight of her stir his heart with deep regret .Regret of what he had done. In his own LOVE he hurt her deep. So deep that couldn’t be repair. He remembered the time he had first time saw her. He had lost in her pure beauty and charm that got married her that instant. It’s his ego made him to do all wrong things which he is regretting now. He wanted the Most Beautiful Girl in this World to be his Queen. In his pride he destroy a innocent life. Samrat punch hard on the wall being frustrated on own self. He was  knowing what as happening in front of his own eyes still he couldn’t stop this. Nor he could stop that man to destroyed her. He did not got when both cross there limits and came this much close. It’s his damn ignorance led to this all. He could have been little protective towards her. Now nothing could be back to place. Only thing is in his hands that he would now punished that man and made him accept Geetanjali! ! He determine stared at her sleeping form.

His car zoomed passed from one of store which caught his attention. He asked the driver to reverse the car. Driver was confused though he listen to his orders without asking him back. The driver was left shock watching him admiring the bangles which were in the store for sell. He kept on staring him wide eyes on the other hand maan got lost in the beautiful memories of his sweetheart seeing the things back from there beautiful past.He looked at her Happy face and something stirred in his heart. Maan gulp his emotions getting back from his reverie. He could still get the flashes of her dancing in joy  going from one shop to another. Buying everything and anything.Maan.he heard her shout.
Maan , tell me na , which one I may buy.hum bahot hi confuse ho gaye hai.
It’s all look most beautiful once it has adorn on your beautiful wrist.he heard his own voice as he close his eyes feeling suffocated. Soon he heard his own lodge voice coming out to order the shopkeeper. 
Pack them all.Driver just gap at him wide eyes.while taking all bangles he kept it safe beside him on the seat. 

He looked at her opening her eyes slowly , he helped her to sat on the bed. She wince back with the contact. He turn his face watching her expression. How are you feeling ? Fine. She could only answer this reminding all that what she blabber yesterday. He called her all maids and instructed all what have to do. 

Are you not angry on me ? Her soft voice drown him in own guilt.  Why should I?  It’s not your fault Rani !! His words left her in shock. Few tears rolled down on her cheeks. Do not cry now. It will worsen your health. He advise giving her the Glass water. I am sorry. She murmur sipping the water. I SAID YOU SHOULD NOT . He shouted being frustrated on himself. Geet wince back and looked at him confuse. I love him . She again spoke out now as he knew everything. You don’t have to worry . He will get back what had he done to you. He was furious beyond limits reminding what he had done.NO !! She shouted in fear. She was shock hearing him , she can never thought of hurting him. How could she think bad for him when she loved him dearly. She can sacrifice her own life for her love. No. She can never thought to hurt her love whom she worship. He is the one who had showered his love and care on her . She know might be he has not realized his love for her. Her innocent heart forget about what all he had said to her. Samrat looked at her in disbelieve. After what he had done to you,  you want him to leave like that without giving him any punishment.  Then you should also be punished long back for ignoring your own wife. Her words shook the earth beneath him badly. He shut his mouth having no words to answer her back. Her whole burn in unbearable pain. She cloth the bed sheet tight in her fist turning furious on own self. Non the less she wanted to see him once.  She will make him realized his love for her. He do love her . She could make out that from his care that he shower on her in this little soon of time. Her eyes filled up that star back at samrat who could not able to meet her gaze and rushed out from the room.

4 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 38

  1. It was so painful update, Atlast Samrat realised that how much pain he have given to Geet, hope Maan also realise that how much he loves Geet and go back to her.

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  2. Now that samrat is aware of Maaneet he is determined to bring back maan and teach a lesson and make him accept her…he was regretting his ignorance badly but now everything is out of control… meanwhile maan is only thinking about geet and he stops near the bangle shop and remembers her happy face he immediately buys every bangle set ….geet still loves him and she is all set to make him realize maan’s feelings for her which he is running from waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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