He slams his mouth on her lips angrily, kissing her harshly. Geet was shocked first, then try to protest seeing feeling his harshness of his kiss, and his hands crushing her soft waist giving her tremendous pain.
Maan was blinded by his anger & jealousy didn’t realized to how much extent he is hurting his wife.
Geet moaned, crushed his shirt collars in fist, trying to push him apart , and then finding her breathless he left her abruptly.
Her whole face became red, tears rolling down her cheeks, she tried to take as much as breath into her lungs.
It was after a while, Maan looked at her face, and he regretted badly seeing her face..
It took her a while to get back her senses after his furious kiss.. her eyes burned again as she gives him accusing gaze, asking questions to him..
He suddenly pulled her in his arms, wiping her tears, I am sorry.. I don’t know what happened to me, he whispered huskily.. seeing that guy..I just don’t like him.. specially around you.
Geet looked up hearing him, her innocent eyes staring him with tears in them.

Are you jealous? asked geet suddenly seeing him making faces, she almost let out a chuckle, but maan jerked her close, you must stop seeing him.. he whispered dangerously close to her ears,

geet shivered with his raging breaths and warning in his words.. but we are friends.. she pouted melting his heart. but still he kept stern face, looking everywhere than her.

maan.. she whined cupping his jaw making him to look at her, seeing her small tear stricken face, his heart pained, i am sorry.. i am sorry for hurting you.. i made you cried.. he apologized sincerely cleaning her face completely with his hanky, veryย  tenderly that left her sighed.

i am just being over possessive for you.. i know that..he pulled her in a bear hug while geet was lost in her hubby’s cute blabbering as her hands started caressing his broad back soothing him.

but i really cant bear him near you..


maan .. he is just friend.. nice friend.. she pulled out trying to make him understand, you know.? he was the one who helped me through my thickest time of life.. when i was away from you.. he was the one stood beside me, when i was struggling with my life with my little baby inside my womb.

maan shuddered hearing her as she went on explaining him. he was getting few flashes.. few still blurry.. few he was really remembering.. tears welled up in her eyes, maan engulfed her dearly, scare for her and at the same time cursing himself for making her cry again.

muze maaf kar do geet. pl.. before he uttered more she palmed his lips pulling back.

enough!! she raised her voice, maan looked at her wide eyes, little taken back yet waiting for her next move, did i complained you? she asked and he nodded like a obedient boy. hume aapse koi shikayat nahi hai maan.. na kabhi thi.. i know how it felt to.. i really understand your possessiveness for me, it bound to happen.. it shows your love for me, it satisfied my heart to know your love is that much intense which is mine for you!!

maan was amused hearing her, he pushed down her palm, holding it in his hand tighter, his heart swell in pride hearing her confession. aapko bura manne ki koi jarurat nahi.. you were jealous, so that’s sign of your love.

bas itna jaan lijiye.. kunal is only my friend like anna or rahul.. but you are my soulmate.. you are my everything maan, you have given me new life to live.. you have given me, my ammy. which i wont forget if you forget also.

she was speaking looking into his eyes, making him believe about her unconditional love for him.

I love you!! he whispered huskily looking deep into her ocean eyes, plying with her silky hairs, bahot pyar karta hoon tumse.. you makes me go crazy.. he bend on her bare shoulder, kissing her there, she clutch his shoulders, holding him tight, moaning his name,which filled his heart with new enthusiasm.

i can’t share you with anyone. i don’t want.. already i am sharing you with aarmaan.

hearing him, geet’s eye’s pop out, she briskly pulled back, he is your son, Maan!! she astonished exclaimed.

so what.. you are only mine!.. i want you all for me..

you are talking like a child now.. she chuckled trying to push him away but he jerked her closer, nibbling on her lips.. i am not.i am stating the truth.. isn’t it the truth, jaan!??

maan.. she pulled apart looking into his dark eyes, hum sirf apke hai.. aur humesha aapke rahenge.. you don’t need to feel insecure. she caught him.

he pulled her lips in a kiss.. i am not . he mumbled..

you don’t have to hide anything from me, darling.. she muttered in between kiss, i know you better more than you, you are an open book for me!!

maan parted looking at her flush face, seeing his passionate and admiring gaze made her blush more..

you know.. that’s why i love you beyond..

and he claimed her lips again for one more passionate kiss.

Hum tumhare hain tumhare sanam

Hum tumhare hain tumhare sanam

Jaaneman mohabbat ki har kasam ki kasam

na juda honge hum

[I’m all yours my beloved

I swear on our love that we’ll never separate]


Both were so lost in romancing in her cabin, when the knock on the door disturbs them, both parted to catch some breath, geet quickly pushed him apart and set her sari and hairs.

the person on the door without waiting for a moment, just barge inside with one knock leaving both shock.

papa..?? geet’s eyes pop out in fear seeing her uncle standing there glaring at maan, then her. he couldn’t believe what his eyes were seeing.. his daughter didn’t respect his words that’s the first thought crossed his mind.

geet’s eyes almost watered seeing her uncle’s blaming gaze them, when he blasted furiously on maan.. what are you doing here, Mr. Khurana!?

maan who was observing all with silence atlast speak, i am here for my work.

work!?? both looked at him astonished.. geet almost forgot her fears and look at him,

um.. you know.. a business proposal.

Mr. Handa gives him stern look while geet knew he was lying, when he was here to spent some time with her.

but as he shows arvind his business plan. project files which he was carrying.. which geet fail to notice.. geet was left surprised with her hubby’s smartness.. arvind seems to convince and really pleased with the deal maan got to Handa’s co.. it was government project which maan got approved to work with handas.. that includes geet. and how could he left this golden opportunity to spend this time with his wife. his jaan.. all office hours together..

Once Arvind left.. maan instantly pulled her out of her office building..

maan.. where are you taking me.

maan kept mum, taking out his car from the parking lot.. and what about this project. you didn’t tell me before.. wait.. is that your so called work that’s why you came to my office. i thought you were there to meet me.. haww. she makes faces, and turned her face to window ignoring him completely.

maan sighed hearing her complaints.. he slowly held her hand which she jerked first then seeing his concentration breaking from the road, she let him do whatever he want to do..

jaan.. he called lovingly.. she tried very hard to not to melt to him and look at him but hearing his next set of words she couldn’t stop but faced him

i did all for you..

humare liye..?? woh kaise..?? she taunted making faces.

that project… on which our both companies working together.. specifically you and me, mrs. khurana. he ended smirking and kissing her hand.

geet shuddered . she tried to wriggled out a her hand from his hold which he tighten.. that’s mean.

yes that’s mean.. we are doing it together.. maan whispered giving her wink.. geet blushed furiously getting the depth of his words.. now he is surely not gonna leave her.. babaji.. hum kya kare ab..she blabbered out loudly last lines..looking up talking to her God.

Tumko dhadkan mein yoon basana hai
Apni palkon mein yoon chupana hai
Jab uthayein hum nigahein
Tumko dekhe tumko paayein
Door jaaye ab na hum

[I want to place you in my heartbeats

I want to hide you in my eyes

I want to place you in my heartbeats

I want to hide you in my eyes

Whenever I look up

I just see you in front of me

Now we won’t go far from each other]

kuch na karo jaan.. bas muze pyar karo.. he said so huskily with his bedroom eyes giving her goosebumps..

dhatt.. maan..she whacked him hiding her face on his shoulder, maan so loved her antics. he continued to admired her .. decreasing the speed of car.


Maan droves to the multiplex, taking geet by surprise.. i thought you will love watching movie with me.. he said parking his car, geet cling onto him excited like small child with the thought even.

maan smiled seeing her excitement.. although he have other plans in his mind, he smirked with the thought,

so what kind of movie.. geet dragged him inside.. they stood before the huge poster of horror film.

horror movie!! he whispered in her ears making her shudder in fears.. horror?? no. we can’t.. she stammer

maan smirked inwardly, why?? are you scared jaan.. he asked this time smirking wildly which made geet angry..

no.. i am not scare.. she twisted her lips turning her face away

really. then we should really go for horror film!??

he asked to confirm his doubts. he was only teasing her to get reactions from her. she didn’t get that easily angrily.. on him..?? that was impossible.. infact in the office earlier, she forgiven him easily.. that somewhere poking him.. he wanted to see that anger from her on him.. and here he is getting to see his sherni.. he was amused.. thought to play more.. then alright. i will just buy the tickets and come..

once he was gone.. geet started sweating.. yeh kyas kah diya humne.. hume toh bahot dar lagta hai. she stole her eyes frontย  the huge poster ahead.. and turn to look other way.. her palm rested on her chest counting her heartbeats.. humara abhi yeh haal hai.. pata nahi aage kya hoga..

that’s how maan found her, as he walked back towards her, he chuckled before joining her, chale,Mrs. Khurana!? geet startled turns in his arms and hugs him, kya hua jaan.. if you don’t like. we will go back. maan turned serious this time. as he was only teasing her and now getting concerned for her.

but geet didn’t realized it, she turned stubborn and dragged him inside.

to be continued..

Precap :- Movieย smiley15

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