Samrat looked at her worn out state,  almost looking pale and fragile as if someone had just suck out the blood from her. He tighten his fist thinking about her condition. It always angered him to see her in pain or trouble but she did not understand or she won’t.he knows. 

He came out of his thoughts seeing her opening her eyes slowly. He was curiously waiting for her to wake up. 

Geet felt her head throbbing with slight dizziness. She opened her eyes wincing in pain and sudden light. samrat caressed her head to sooth her when she grasp his hand smiling in delight. 


Samrat was taken a back with her action non the less he thought it’s because of her illness.  


Her words left him shock and he jerked away his hand from her clutch standing from the bed. He felt the earth below him is shaking badly. Did he heard it right or it is his illusion .but he never believe on any illusion.  It is reality  , he heard it with his own ears. 

GEETANJALI! ! He roared coming with a new shocking fact. She came out of her illusion staring at him with her big brown eyes wide open. There was love sometime it replace by unbearable pain.he can’t even bear it as he turn his gaze from her face.

GEET was numb before her tears rolled down on her cheeks and she broke into painful sob that samrat clench his fist tight and close his eyes in regret. 

He is gone..he went away leaving me alone..she mumble in her cries still living in her own illusion.  

He called me second hand thing ..she murmur gritting her teeth in between getting furious on own self. As she started to cradle forth and back like a child. 

Samrat was shock beyond limits.he don’t have any words to utter .he snap open his eyes that were furious red. 


He left me..he left me. She blabber out like a mad making him worried now. He was at instant at her side. 

He touch me .He ..he.. saying so she started to rub her arms furiously,  almost making it red. Samrat tried to hold her but she was hyper beyond limits. Today she got one person to share her miseries and she went with a flow in her own illusion. 

Nahi. .Nahi. .hume. .mat chuhiye …he made me dirty. .

she wriggled furiously in his arms when he shook her hard.

RANI !!!

she once looked at him and throw herself in his arms crying out bitterly . he wrap his arms softly around her and his hands patted on her head to sooth her pain.

I LOVE HIM.. TELL HIM NA.. I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT HIM !!  she murmur in his arms living him only to curse himself more for her condition.

he don’t believe me .. he said.. he don’t love me.. he don’t love me . she murmur unconsciously coming out from his arms.

i do not have any person in this world who love me.. you also do not love me na ?? samrat ??

no.. no one loves me.. am i not worthy of anyone’s love ?? she innocently asked form him tilting her head a little like a child.

i guess. i am not..

no.. Geetanjali.. don’t talk like this. he wiped her tears. first time getting with her hidden pain which he was ignoring from long time.

no.. i am not worthy.. i am not… i know.. he left me.. he do not love me.

she murmur going into painful sleep.

He reach his mansion all worn out for her thoughts never let him in peace, he had drove rashly to reach here as soon as possible leaving all remaining work there to take care under adi and few of employees.

Dadima was more than happy almost having tears to see him after long time.

Dadima .. please.. you know i can’t see tears i your eyes.

pls don’t cry it hurts me.. he heard his own words of care from behind somewhere. when he heard her soft voice again.

maan.. why do it hurts you ??


dadima called him seeing him lost.

hmm.. ha dadima.

aap thik toh hai ?? what happened. bahot pareshan dikh rahe ho ?? dadima asked concern checking hi s forehead.

i am fine , dadima. do not worry . i am just tire. will retire to my room now.

take rest . son. . will meet at dinner table. she patted his cheek warmly and went to her own room.

he punch hard in the air for her face was not going away from his eyes. her beautiful eyes that hold the same burning passion in them. there first meeting or her confession.

no.. damn that woman.. he curse her and broke the ice cube in anger.

it’s only attraction. no more than that. it was dangerous one . he thought. soon his thought process stop with the call of  his one of employee from Delhi office.

he stand there from how many hours, he don’t know. but today his heart did not allowed him to left her alone to struggle in her own pain. he looked at her innocent face once and turn again towards the moon which was glowing outside in the sky.

rajmata was on the tour that he do not wanted to disturb her , non the less, he wanted to knew her the happenings here. he never want it. it remain hide from her, that is only better.

his thoughts process came to halt with the called of his lady love. he quickly pick it up knowing how must be she feeling there.

why are you still there, why did not you came today ?? he heard her furious voice from the another side. he closed his eyes in fury for he himself was stuck in a odd situation today. though no one is at fault but only him.

she is not well. i need to be here today. i can’t came. he heard his own voice soft to his own ears.

you can’t came for that woman. he heard her shouting from the phone.

let her maids to take care of her, why are you serving her. she is the QUEEN  after all, she scoff in jealously for she can’t bear with the thought of him staying alone with her today night.

mind your words. she is in really bad condition.

might be she is acting , samrat ?? she blabber again making him tot urn furious.

enough, you have cross your all limits today, sulkshana,  if she needs to act then she had done tat long before..

i will come tomorrow , you do not worry. saying so he kept the phone leaving her to burn there in jealousy. she cant’ sleep now.. she pouted in anger.


7 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 37

  1. Omg such a painful update geet lost her sense completely and told about maan to samrat poor girl faced alot In life for love. Now maan also not in peace wish he soon realizes his mistake before it’s too late waiting to read more ❤️ 😘

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