I don’t love you . that is not enough for you , why you need the reason ? he hiss in fury no more tolerating this torture, he rushed out from there leaving her all broken.

geet rolled down on the cold floor holding her torn out dignity closed to her heart, the heart which was brutally broke into pieces by her own love. her cruel destiny again broke her dream of castle brutally leaving her shatter. 

she sat there blank ,not feeling anything but betrayal. is loving someone, giving him , her whole, her body and soul,, is it crime.? her broken heart asked from her . 

tears were long back stop, time flew. her droopy eyes closed and she went into deep slumber not wanting to wake up again. 

he crashed all things in his room angrily and make one quick call, he no more want to stay here. he thought rushing inside the shower. there togetherness, there love making. there passion. all ran before his eyes making him go mad. her flawless beauty that what lead to this all . he brush his wet hairs behind with his fingers closing the shower. 

yes that what.. from the beginning. he smirk. he never get closed to any woman before and when he met her, all things changed. he got attracted to her wildly, but it’s not love. he thought ruefully. 

her words bang into his brain making his heart beat ruefully. 

 Maann.. hum aapse beintehaa mohobbat karte hai..

Aap bhi humse pyar karte hai na ??

i dont love her ?? i don’t ?? 


he was going wild , he thought to just go for a long drive and calm his nerves. 

sun rays flutter on her face making her frown in her sleep and she woke up confused seeing her surrounding. 

where is she ? she thought confused but soon realization dawn on her. 

His words came again slapping hard on her face.

Do you really thought I will love the second hand thing .

I don’t love you . 

She somehow stood up with remaining straight and collected her cloths.  Which were scatter around mercilessly,  just like her broken heart pieces. 

Wearing her cloths she went towards her room lifeless , still numb with the unbearable pain. 

Her maids ran towards her in worry seeing her state. 

Yashoda was frighten seeing her state.

What happened Queen? ? 


Yes she is the one. Nothing more . Just beautiful doll proclaim as the Queen to whim everyone used for there own purpose. 

She lifelessly drag her feet inside washroom and soon wince with the contact of cold floor. 

Raniji! ! Yashoda called out concern running behind her.

Please Yashoda  , Hume akela chod dijiye. Her eyes were blank scaring her for a moment .

She helplessly nodded and went outside not before saying her to called her if she needed any help.

All left from there locking the door behind giving her privacy.


The shower flow on her bruise skin. Making her shiver in cold water. Her dried sindoor spread on her forehead,  her wedding chain poked her making her aware of its presence .

This..this..what is this..

 And this sindoor. .that belong to someone else.not mine..he spitted furiously on her face pushing her back.

After all this , do you really thought I loved you. 


His words bang into her ears and she clutch it really hard in her small fist . She pulled out it harshly breaking the sacred thing that all black beads spread down on the wet floor .

Her tears rolled down in water and see broke into heart wrenching cries not able to bear the pain anymore. 

He entangle his forefinger in her wedding chain and Jerk her closer.

She felt him still pulling her closer and she bang on the washroom wall. 

I REALLY LOVE YOU.  I REALLY DO !! BELIEVE ME ! She cried sticking to the wall. resting her forehead on it. 

I do..she murmur kissing it thinking it’s her maan. I do.. I really do..and she shower frequent kisses on the wall imagining it’s her maan. 

I do.. I love you. My Mr.Khurana.  she chuckle in between her cries caressing the wall thinking it’s her maan.  

His words really affect on her fragile heart making her went into illusion. 


He entered inside his Room feeling strange feeling. Aloofness which he didn’t felt before anytime.  Something tell him , there is something wrong terribly. 

He tried to found her everywhere in the room when he heard the sound of running shower.  He sigh in relief and went into his study to do his work for which he had came here.

It’s been an hour , he felt tired and went outside in his room but found her no where though still running water could be heard. 

He was astonish that how long she is in shower.  He felt something fishy and went to door and knock it.

Rani !! Rani! ! He knock few more time calling her but now his patience broke and he was now damn sure that something is terribly wrong. 

He was about to pushed open the door when he stop himself thinking about her condition. Might be still she ..he broke his thoughts called out for maids. 

Yashoda with other one came running. He bang open the door turning his face other way when both the maids gasp in shock to see her laying unconscious all wet though she was still in her saree . 

SAMRAT! ! Both called out to him . He was still facing his back to washroom when yashoda told him about her in her cloths. 

He turn hurriedly to be shock to see the sight. He make his move fast and carried her outside. 

You changed her cloths fast.  I will called the doctor.  

He went out leaving her to there service.  While he was scared for her today. He know something is not right today. The air around him,  the atmosphere tell him some another story .

he drove harshly on the lonely road that was going back to delhi. he couldn’t  have stop there more. he combed his hairs back frustrated with getting flashes of last night again and again. 

he do not care . he cared a damn. he hit his fist on the steering . 

i do care . his words came back to him making him break hard. he came out of his car harshly banging the door behind and scream to his heart content. 

she is making him mad.. her tears.. her face.. 

no she is not the girl who meant for him. he want someone special  in his life but not the married woman.

he was getting lost in her charm that bewitch him but no more he had decided but last night she herself came to him and seeing her bewitching beauty , he cant stop himself to devour her yet again. 

she is bound in that palace and her marriage and he can’t let her free when he could only feel for her is lust. 

she is not the woman who he wished in his life !! 

but in his own selfishness he could not got that how much he hurt the innocent soul, who had given him her everything but in return got only his betrayal. 

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10 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA PART 36

  1. Omg its completely emotional update poor geet is facing only betrayal in her life don’t know when she will get happiness in her life…maan ruined her life by betraying her he will sure regret his deeds waiting to read more 😍❤

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  2. Thank thank you Mugdhaa for your suprise update I loved it this story is one of my favourite story.its was like heart breaking for Geet hope Maan realise his love for Geet before it becomes late.

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