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Geet was mesmerize with the greenery that spread across the hill, where they have just reach, she was lost in the view ahead, didn’t notice Maan walking behind her, he kept watching her for a while, she was looking as if yellow flower blooming between greenery. She has always look better in yellow, be that salwar suit, or dress or even sari.which she is wearing now..


Maan softly enclosed her in his arms, she startled first then relaxed on his chest, it’s beautiful , Maan!! She smiled pleasantly with the calm and peaceful atmosphere, then standing in his arms looking at the vast space ahead, what could be more pleasant and beautiful thing ..

Not more than you..!! He whispered huskily in her ears, making her shiver, she blushed hearing his remark .. then both were silent for a while, without talking, just stood there taking into the beautiful moment. They were alone beside only few couple who were little far from where they standing now..

After a while Maan breaks the silence, Whenever I missed my parents, I came here , since childhood ,

His sad voice , she couldn’t stand, as she turned around slowly encircling his neck, Maan raised her up , putting her feet on his own making Geet surprised.


Maan smiled , very affectionately, pulling her closer, his hands circling on her delicate waist , Geet held him tight, by his neck, and smiled back seeing him back to normal again. The wind blew furiously passing by them,

It has the strongest wind blowing here, as if my parents are really close to me, Maan muttered looking around, then taking her back steps by step,

Geet put her head on his chest, hugging him tight by now, she listened him carefully while he continued to let out his emotions to her.

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As they reach behind a huge tree, Maan sat down on the little mud and grass, taking Geet on his lap.

Dadima said, people became stars and Breeze after they died and stay with their close ones.

Geet hugs him tight, feeling his inner state, his heart beating faster, missing his parents, but then feeling her soft breaths on his chest, he looked down and saw her kissing him near his heart.

Maan pulled her face up to his level, holding her head,


I just realized that we have never been together here, so I just want to bring you here.. he whispered before slamming his mouth in her, the kiss was furious, gradually turned passionate and slow before both breaks apart.

Maan was really feeling happy having her close to him at this moment, just then both looked up feeling shower of yellow flowers falling on them.

Beautiful yellow flower Golden shower ... | Stock image | Colourbox

Geet was mesmerized, as she tried to catch them in her palms, while Maan was mesmerized seeing his Jaan looking even more beautiful with those flowers shower.

He looked at the jasmine flowers, spread across as there was another tree that was of jasmines. He collected few leaving her to enjoy alone.

Jasmine Flowers - Beautiful Jasmin Stock Footage Video (100 ...

Maan, they are so beautiful!!! Geet exclaimed happily, jumping around in the rain of flowers.

Suddenly Maan walked from behind , holding her wrist, she stopped and looked at him asking him through eyes,

Come here, he sat back behind that tree, resting himself to the trunk while Geet sat on his lap like before, waiting for his next move curiously.

Maan looked at her pouting face, and smile before opening his palm before her , which content those jasmine flowers,

Their sweet fragrance spread in the air, her eyes widen in delight, as she sniffed the scent of it burying her face in his hands.

Wow..I loved them.. exclaimed Geet happily, and before could she do anything, found Maan tucking each flower in her hair plaits, after done, Maan pulled her close, holding her long plait.

His fingers tuck her loose tendrils behind ear, while he dipped his face in her hairs,

Maan…she moaned, feeling his lips trailing on her shoulder, he drags his lips up towards her cheeks, kissing them one by one, Geet felt goosebumps all over body with his beard teasing her soft skin.. he continued to teased her until their lips met and both broke into another passionate kiss.

Maan bend her down, making her lay on his stretch out leg, while he kissed her furiously, Geet holds his nape , pulling him more close if that was possible.


After spending lots of hour there, both got up to return back, just then rain started cascading down, it took speed before both could reach the car.

Maan open the door and asked Geet to seat inside, getting no response from her, he looked behind to see her dancing in the rain so carefree to even notice her surrounding.


He stood still watching her circling in the rain, her feet tangled and she was going to fall but before she could hit the hard ground of road, Maan rushed forward catching her in a moment.


Geet raised up instantly hugging him tight, Maan reciprocated the hug , which became passionate gradually, Geet crushed his wet shirt in a fist, his hands started roaming on her wet blouse,

After a while Maan realized, it’s not safe here at night, and it was turning dark already.

Geet, let’s go.. we need to move from here before it turns dark.

Geet nodded silently, by now she was shivering, couldn’t move from her place, with her sticky sari.

Maan lifts her up in his arms, she gasped holding his neck, then blushed seeing his intense gaze.


Both reach back at the Handa home, it was night now. Maan again helped her down the car, then then towards the main door.

Geet hesitate to press the bell, Maan saw it and took her shivering hand in his, you don’t have to worry Geet, I will deal with your parents now!! Maan said giving her assuring look, Geet smiled hearing him.

I will fix everything, just say me once you want to be with me.

I want to be with you, Maan..forever ..bas jaldi se Hume humare ghar wapas le chalo, she crushed her body in his arms, hugging him tight.

I will, Jaan..very soon..Maan hugged her back.

After a while he pressed the bell, the servant open the door, both walked inside slowly..Geet was so apprehensive, she clings onto Maan like a small kitten.

Geet, you are back.. look ammy was waiting for you .her mother started but stop mid seeing Maan there.

Maan, you..???

Geet..why did you bring him here..?? Madhu asked uncertain, she knew Arvind will be mad seeing him.

Ma, plz..aise mat kahiye..he is here only for his dinner.

You first go and change, or you will fall sick. Says Madhu eyeing Maan in between sternly.

Ammy who was awake, in Madhu arms started wriggling seeing his parents, he show his little hands to Maan to take him.

Madhu looked at wriggling ammy in her hands, and then at Maan, who was equally getting desperate to hold him.

Jao jaake fresh ho jao, change your wet cloths,

Madhu’s voice distracted him as he looked at her surprised , while she continued..

then you can take ammy, I don’t want my grandchild to fall sick.

Maan astonished hearing her, just nodded curtly before taking hasty steps upstairs to go to Geet’s room.

Ammy started crying seeing his parents rushing away from me. Just then Mr.handa walked in who had witness the scene of Maneet outside without their notice.

He sighed heavily, thinking again on his decision, does he doing right thing by again keeping Geet away from her happiness.

But seeing Maan’s behavior before as if nothing has happened, it wasn’t his fault still he couldn’t see his daughter after all mishaps.

Why my child is crying!?? He took ammy from madhu’s hands, who hesitate before answering, Maan is here, after receiving his glare, she added, to drop Geet.

Where both were gone out!? He asked in his stern voice.

I don’t know, before she could continue, Geet rushed downstairs, he is here just for dinner papa.

Why?? Can’t he have it at his own home.

He was so rude, Geet became upset,


papa, why are you being so rude??

Because he deserves it..

Just then Maan appeared from behind taking ammys attention, he squeal in excitement seeing his father, which brought smile on all faces, Maan without wasting a moment, took him, ammy missed his dad… He cooed while ammy makes fussy sounds, making Maan chuckle.

Giving one look to the duo, Arvind walked away to his room, come back fast, for dinner!! Madhu yelled from behind.

Ma, do me a favor, please let him stay for a while.. dad must be mad.. Geet pleaded her mother, who glared at Maan first then to Geet,

Why are you defending him so much and always, have you forgotten..

But Geet breaks through her talks this time,

Maa, I just love him!! She answer simply holding her hands, then looking at Maan who was pampering ammy. Ammy being happiest enjoying his time with his father,

What more..!?? Madhu left a sigh, seeing Geet’s crazy love for Maan.

My baby needs his father as well. ..she said lost looking at Maan and Aarmaan, who were happy in their own world, having no clue around them.

Madhu looked at the same direction , and her mother heart filled up, she somewhere missed Sam but reminding about her evil deeds always console herself, and ammys presence somehow heal her inner wounds, she too wanted to see her grandchild happy, as he is the one who had somehow console her motherly heart.

Arvind looked from above, standing on the stairs, hearing his daughters confession. He composed himself before descending down the stairs.


The dinner was silent affair, with silent glares exchanging between FIL & SIL.

Geet kept making faces seeing the silent war in between her family, which she dislike the most,

Being obvious to all this, little ammy was enjoying his meal with his whole family around, making mess, faces, and lots of sounds from his mouth making the atmosphere light.

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Maan was holding him on his lap, trying to feed him somehow, the food Geet had prepared for him.

Maan, he is messing you up, give him to me, I will feed him,

No..Jaan, let him do whatever he wants, afterall he is with his ammy is very happy, !?

He fed him last spoon, seeing him opening his little mouth.

Geet giggled, adoring her both Jaan. Madhu smiled along with her seeing ammys mess up face, laughing and squealing seeing his mamma smile.

Arvind however kept stern face, his face broke into small smile at the end, seeing his daughter happy with her son.


Arvind retired to his room, ignoring Maan completely, who stood to go, he looked at sadden face of his jaan.and something started playing in his mind,

Okay, I should leave now. Geet, I will see you tomorrow at office. He said without even waiting for Geet’s reply.

Maan..she called from behind, then took a step to go but suddenly he held his head freaking Geet.


Maann..she rushed to hold him, as his steps flattered, Maan, kya hua aapko.. you still don’t feel well?? She asked concerned, eyes already filling up.

Maan cursed himself for bringing tears in her eyes, but it worth for the never ending smile on her face..he thought looking at her,

Geet turned to her mother, who was equally concern, ma, he is still suffering from his injury,.. her voice chock, she hold onto Maan,

Alright, take him to your room, I will take ammy .. saying so madhu walked up first putting sleeping ammy on his bed, she went out .

Both maneet walked up..all the while Geet holding him, really concerned for him, I am fine Jaan..don’t be so much scare, he tried to console her but she wouldn’t are not well, that’s why you felt dizzy just now.. downstairs. She pouted, any moment could cry and her voice cracking.

Once both walked inside her room, Maan hurriedly lock the door, making Geet confused,

How are you feeling, now? Should I call the doctor!? Geet asked walking up to him.

He just pulled her in his arms, hugging her tight, her tears really bothers him., Don’t worry Jaan..I am perfectly fine,

Geet was shocked,as she realized he was just acting, not really sock..haww.. you were faking it.. she tried to wriggle out of his arms, you lied to me and ma..



she pushed him away,angrily.. and turned to walk away but Maan again hold her wrist pulling her back to his arms, I am sorry, Jaan .

You scare the hell out of me, never do this to me again,aapne suna..humne kya kaha!?? She warned him literally , her eyes burning red with tears and anger..hands clutching on his shirt collar, Maan holds them, soothing her pain.he took her hands to his mouth kissing them one by one.

Geet melted already with his sweet sorry , she threw herself in his arms, hugging him tight, Maan hold her back tightly, caressing her back hungrily, his face dipped in her hairs, finding solace.

Maan.. she moaned making his desires wilder, his face went down on her neck, smooching her soft skin..engulfing his senses with her sweet scent.

He pulled out after a while, Jaan..his hands rubbing on her delicate waist, he stared into her beautiful hazels, before taking her lips into his for soul searing kiss.

Without breaking the kiss Maan lifts her up, making their way to her bed,

You need to leave early, Geet said pulling back from the kiss, papa don’t know about you.. she said cupping his jaw, looking into his eyes.

That we will see..he said before hurriedly taking her lips in for a ferocious kiss.

Geet couldn’t do much but began to lose her senses in passionate love of her hubby as he continued to Love her whole night.




hey guys, here is monsoon special short story on maneet, hope you enjoy it again, as its post in previous rainy season :))


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  1. thanks for the pm!

    Chap 60

    Beautiful update… terrifically written.

    glad that Maaneet enjoyed the day out.

    lovely peaceful place….

    Geet scared when they reach Handa house.

    of cos Madhu unhappy seeing Maan there.

    Ammy ecstatic seeing his dad.

    Arvind angry seeing Maan there.

    can understand his thoughts.

    Geet confronts her dad

    Ammy enjoys with Maan.

    Geet was right that Ammy needs his dad.

    she loves Maan.

    at least Arvind heard this.

    liked seeing Maan feed Ammy.

    Ammy is so cute.

    so Maan lied that he was unwell so that he can be with Geet and Ammy

    Geet’s reaction is justified

    passionate moments

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  2. Beautiful update
    Maan geet spend some quality time together
    Geet enjoy in rain while coming back to home
    Geet scared for the reaction of her parents

    Awww ammy got so excited after seeing his father

    Haww maan is faking his injury just because he wnt to spent night with geet nd ammy

    Waiting for nxt

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  3. Aww i so loved this update maan took to the place which is very close to his heart…maaneet had a very good time in rain too..later both arrived handa mansion and geet feared the consequences arvind was thinking was he doing the right thing by keeping his daughter away from her life…maan and ammy scenes were cute…the dinner went well…maan’s drama to be with geet was the best…night full of passion waiting to read more …
    Will read the monsoon ss soon and comment it dear❀😍

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  4. Such a cute update
    Maan took Geet to a place where he goes when he miss his parents
    Loved the cute moment between maan and Ammy
    Ammy was super excited getting his father’s all attention and even maan was pampering him

    Madhu is more sensible than arvind🀣
    Atleast she can understand the feeling of maaneet and Ammy now

    Arvind is still stubborn about maan
    I wish He will soon send Geet back to maanto

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    1. Thank you πŸ€—
      Yeah, Arvind is just little making him suffer which he didn’t suffered much actually in past after his sins..πŸ˜‰


  5. Superb update…
    Loved their moments together…
    Ammy is so happy to be with his daada,
    Maan and his ideasπŸ˜‚
    Looking forward to further….

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  6. Thanks for the update. Each n every part was wonderful. Beautiful scene, enjoyed visiting the place with breeze (hehe), thank you for the outdoor in this lock down.
    Maaneet have come far in their relationship, now they can understand each other so well. Hope Mr. Handa realises the happiness of Geet is being with Maan, though I can’t blame him, as he is trying to protect his daughter. In the end even he had a smile seeing the father-son. I really love this duo, especially my cutie Ammy.

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    1. Thank you πŸ€—
      My pleasure😁 I don’t know from where this idea came in my mind while starting typing this Chappy..
      So glad you liked it,
      Yeah, just little pull then Arvind will let it go..
      Afterall, Maan had not suffered much for hi sins, what’s say..!???πŸ˜‰

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  7. maan kya zamana agaya……….patni k saath rehne k liye drama karna pad raha hai…….but wht u did u have to suffer…………..

    lovely update……….

    loved it…………

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    1. Thank you πŸ€—
      Yeah, he didn’t much suffered in past,so now her uncle is making him aware of it..πŸ˜‰


  8. Wow.

    That was a beautiful place.

    It was so soothing n peaceful.
    They spent so much time together in each other’s embrace, forgetting the world.

    It was very much needed.

    Beautiful moments. Hot n passionate.
    That floral rain was beautiful.

    Rain scene was mesmerizing.

    Mr. Handa is having second thoughts about his decision of keeping them away.

    Madhu is getting normal slowly.

    Maan faked dizziness to stay back.

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  9. Awesome update n maan n geet enjoyed their time together n maan faked his injury so he can spend some time with geet n her parents are not happy seeing him n ammy is so excited to see his father n thnxx for pm me

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