Mid night, 

It was ammys crying voice woke up both Maneet, Geet almost Jerk up hearing her baby’s crying, she was about to slide down from bed when Maan caught her wrist, stopping her.

I will bring him here, you take rest, his husky concern filled voice made her smile, as she was reminded about those days, how he used to take care of her and baby.

Maan got up walking towards his bed, he saw ammy crying his lungs out for his mamma. 

What makes my son cry this much . Asked Maan in his rough tone making ammy cry more.

Geet chuckled, as Maan makes their way toward her, you still don’t know how to talk with your baby!!?? Geet let out another chuckle taking ammy from his arms.

Maan’s face was worth watching, as her teasing words sip into his head, 

He gives her his famous glare, but then his face soften seeing Aarmaan snuggling in her arms, his cries already subsided, 

As he saw her getting up from bed, he immediately rushed forward, what happened?? tumhe kuch chahiye!? Asked Maan.

Ji ha..I need to change his nappies, that’s why he was crying, 

Tum yahi baitho, tell me where is his stuff. maan pushed her back on the bed and went towards another corner of room where Anna small nursery was arranged, he fetch through, and quickly dash back, to see his son making faces.

Maan chuckled seeing it .. while he saw Geet was going to change him, her face looked worn out , 

Give me that, I will change him..Maan offered and before she could reply, he snatch those things from her hands, 

Geet looked on in astonishment, as he pulled off ammy’s nappy, to change into new one.

but he stopped in mid not knowing what to do next, as he bin the used nappy and walked back to bed where mother son duo looking at him.. geet was pulled back from her shock state, feeling him taking ammy from her arms, he put him down on the bed, while ammy squeal in happiness , thinking , his dada was going to play with me.. maan smiled, tickling his little tummy. 

maan, dijiye. let me do it. geet tried to interval.. but he was not ready to listen as well as he continued to denied her along with trying to put on naappy on ammy, who was kicking his legs non stop giving maan hard time. 

maan at the end left a frustrated sigh, leaving his son , he got up..  geet looked at his back ,and got up putting her palm on his shoulder, it’s okay maan, i will teach you, how to do, you can do it from next time..

geet knew he was really upset with this thing that he couldn’t do this little thing about his baby..  couldn’t manage to take care of his small need, but she really not wanted him to think like that way and sulk up.

come.. let’s do it together,saying so she dragged him, as he nodded silently, 

da….da… ammy showed his little hands to maan, as he saw his parents walking back to him, he never utter maa or mamma. and looked the first thing he blabbering always is his dada’s name.. said geet with moisten eyes.

maan looked at her first , then at his baby, realizing the depth of her words, his heart did a somersault, he was feeling sad.. happy.. cursing his fate for his memory loss.. happy to know that his son loved him to such an extent that even living with his mother most of the time, he never forget his father. 

maan slowly walked near him, as geet sat beside playing ammy, cleaning him up .. she took new nappy and asked maan to come close with her eyes, maan overwhelmed sat on either side of ammy as he watched how geet was putting new nappy on him,

he helped her and then took his son in a bone crushing hug, showering his kisses on his tinny body, making him giggle.


how do you managed all alone,jaan?? asked maan as both were laying in each others arms, to fetch some sleep before morning sun raises.. 

he is our baby maan.. it’s my responsibility to do his stuff.. more than any duty. he is my jaan.. 

still geet. you do it all alone?? (maan was talking about ammy’s stuff.. )

geet hesitate,before answering him, it’s not like that maan, mom is there to help me.. her voice was so low.. even maan find the difficulty to hear her properly but he get it. 

really?? are you saying the truth? maan mocked catching her lie..

maan.. geet have no words to answer, she look away from him, trying to control her tears, look at me, he hold her, making her turn towards him, she kept on looking down, then breaks into sobs reminding about her mothers bashing.. 

geet.. he realized now something must have happened, as he engulf her in a warm hug, trying to sooth her pain.. 

Maaneet SS- HOPE thread 2- Note for Next Epilouge page 107 ( 4-Jun ...

humse kuch mat puchiye .. now i am not in a state to tell you anything.. geet said before he even ask anything making maan shut. he thought for a while thinking what must have happened.. who said her anything?? his thoughts went to her parents.. her mother(aunt) 

His anger started raising thinking about mrs.handa who must have said something to Geet. 

He cocooned her , patting her back, she soon drifted into peaceful sleep , but Maan couldn’t sleep for long hours, he kept looking at her tear stricken face, then wiped her face, pecking her forehead lovingly, she stirred ..then snuggle in his arms in her deep sleep.

I promise to bring you back home soon!! Whisper Maan holding her closer..

Maan sat beside, just gazing his Jaan lovingly, he couldn’t take his eyes off her beauty..his trance was broken with knock on the door follow by few more, he jerked up, in between crushing the person for breaking his wife’s sweet sleep.

Geet lazily open her eyes, and was ready to go to open the door , but as soon as she took one step forward,

Maan Geet ff. My Work. & MG. Gif Gallery Pg. 8 to 22...(Page 14)

she felt a jerk on her wrist, and not soon she was in his arms, before she could scream Maan pressed her mouth by his huge palm.

Geet, her eyes widen in shock then realization for what she was going to do…she was sleepy, didn’t realized Maan was also there.

Geet..Geet beta.. there was now her mother’s voice followed by patting on the door.

Both looked at the door then at each other, Geet was horror stuck, she tried to wriggle against his palm, first change your cloths, she heard him and then her eyes widen again seeing at herself..she was only in his shirt, she looked up to see him, smirking at her.

MG ff. Naseeb. Thread. 5 Pg. 1.

Without wasting a moment, she rushed to change her cloths, not before answering her mom..just a minute mom.

Maan quickly cleaned the mess of room, he was already ready to go out, just before walking out, he looked at ammy who has woken up already with the noise.

Ammy squeal in happiness seeing his father’s face appearing close to his eyes, he gestured to take him, Maan was overwhelmed as he was reminded about Geet’s words last night. 

Maan gives him quick hug, love you baby!! Before making wild dash towards the window from where he had climbed up yesterday night.

Just as he was going to rushed down, he heard mrs.handas voice which made him stop in his track, he stood behind the curtain to know why the evil lady suddenly asking sorry..also it must be related to yesterday’s Geet’s crying..

I am sorry, beta..

Geet was stunned hearing her mother’s sudden apology, she was tongue tied when heard her next, main bahot sharkinda hu…jo kuch bhi kal hua.

Getting out of initial shock, Geet holds her mother’s hands,’s okay, not your fault, she is your daughter after mother could think that her child can do something like that.

Geet said lost, then sulking with pain..loss of her mother’s love for herself.

The same daughter, who ruined my another daughters life. Mrs.handa spoke holding her chin, her eyes moistening..

It took her a while to realized what Madhu was speaking, ma..!?? 

Madhu nodded in acceptance, taking her in arms, Geet hugs her back tightly, breaking in her arms, 

I shouldn’t have bash you yesterday, I am really sorry for that, Geet!! 

Maan flinch behind the curtain, getting to know the reason now, for why she was looking so upset at night.

The further conversation between duo, didn’t reached his ears as his anger was raising, so was his fist tightening on the curtain which he was holding in rage, it was about to fall apart revealing him when Madhu took a leave from her room saying take care to her.

As soon as the door was closed, Maan rushed out grasping her in his arms furiously.

Maan Geet ff. My Work. & MG. Gif Gallery Pg. 8 to 22...(Page 10)

Maan..Geet gasped, she had never thought him to be present in the room, did he listened to their convo.

The menacing look on his face said her, he did..

Maan..woh. she stammers not looking at him. maan pinned her chin turning her face towards him, so that’s what you was hiding from me.

Maan, ..Geet left a sigh, before preparing her answer, ma just couldn’t handle the news yesterday about Sam…that she.

lashes on you.. it was supposed to sam, but she did vent out her anger on you. Maan finished off looking at her with same menacing look.

Geet tried to say something , nodding her head in no but no words come out of her mouth, she gulped hard seeing his red angry eyes.

Why the hell everyone think about you as a toy..or the thing to do so . .. including me Geet..I am not either saving myself.. he holds her arms pressing her to him.

They don’t think about you or your emotions but only them.. themselves..their feelings matters. 

Your uncle as well doing the same thing, he blasted making her flinch back.

Listen to me!! You are now come by with me, you are no longer gonna stay here with this family…they are not your parents, he tug at her wrist, 

Maan.. Geet raised her voice this time, they are my family..they are my ma papa. I am gonna listen to them, because I chose them as my family.. 

Her words left him dumbstruck, after all this even, you speak like this, I can’t believe Maan muttered leaving a frustrated sigh..

What they did Maan!?? It was their right, I given them that because they are my family.. I given you all rights because you are my family, you are my love..or beyond that..I can’t explain but..she cried hard at the end.

Geet..he rushed to take her in a bone crushing hug, you can’t think like that .

I can’t help..

she cried on his chest, rubbing her wet nose on his shirt, making him chuckle in between.

They have accepted me, Maan.i am their daughter, today is the happiest day for me, you know!?? She pulled out wiping her face on his shirt, Maan couldn’t help but adores her seeing her childlike gesture, showing her authority on him by doing so.. 

Ma couldn’t handle the news yesterday, but today she asked forgiveness from me.. 

Maan pulled her in a hug lovingly listening her childish talks, she was talking like little lost girl who just got her parents back.

But I am worried for you, can’t handle here alone, taking care of ammy as well..

Maan, papa must have think something or else he couldn’t do that with me, she sounded so genuine , pulling out to looked at him, 

And I am really fine , I know it’s only matter of few days, papa surely will send me away to you.she smiled cheekily bringing smile on his face as well.

How on the earth you can be like this..Maan whispered huskily caressing her cheeks, wiping off her tears.

That’s me.. I can’t help.. she let out a small chuckle, with blush adoring her cheeks seeing his lovely gaze on her.

I will do everything to get you back to our Home, and I mean everything..he said looking into her eyes, then kissed her forehead lovingly promising himself and her.


After few days,

It was again Maan’s treatment going on inside and Geet was hell worried like always, things are going smoothly last few days, both were doing pretty busy that Maan couldn’t find out the way yet to bring Geet back KM.

As the nurse came out from the ward, Geet rushed to her, how is he doing?? Is the treatment get over??

Nurse smiled seeing her anxious, don’t worry, mr.khurana had done this treatment few times before as well.he is doing fine, treatment will be over soon.

The treatment is finished!?? The doctor walked out seeing the same scene again about mrs.khurana getting anxious again. 

Thank you, dr. Can I come in. .. Geet asked desperate to meet Maan.

Without even waiting for his answer, she literally ran inside, doctor just shook his head, and walk out.

Why are you up!?? She gasped seeing his standing, holding his head.

It’s fine, it’s not my first time, I don’t feel bad like I used to .. he assured her, as geet holds his arm, they walked out!? 

What about your memory, are they back!?? Asked Geet slowly, looking at him, 

Maan smiled seeing her small child like innocent face, don’t worry, I guess, another one or two sessions, I will remember everything, !!

Are you sure!? 

Yes, very sure. And now I remember most of the things, 

Like..?? awesome dance.. 

Geet blushed..aur..!??

Mera gussa aur tumhara pyar!! He ended lovingly caressing her red cheeks

Geet smiled drowning in his loving gaze,her palm rested upon his which was on her cheek.

Let’s go home, you need to rest!! Geet said after a while, breaking from eye lock. she wiped his face like always, with her sari pallu.

No..I want to go somewhere with you, it’s been a while we didn’t spent time together.

But you just had..

Please Geet, just come with me,..he urged and she couldn’t deny his plead.. 

Alright..but you can’t be out for too long, we need to go back to home early..and you need to take rest.

Yes, Jaan.. you don’t worry, we will be back early. 

And both rushed out to go..

to be continued..

Precap :- 


I really hope, it’s come out well. As it was hard task for me to type this Chappy, specially with other things on my mind, smiley29

And here, I am trying something new, do watch it, it’s prologue / promo of We Never Know FF, which I gonna update on YT, 


24 thoughts on “KYON KI..CHAPTER 60

  1. Lovely update dear. Whole update was packed with maneet and ammy baby. Good that Mrs handa realised the mistake. Can u please clear my confusion how handa family came in geets life. They r her aunt and uncle and after her parents death they r with geet but how they became geets parents. How geet gave her parents place to them and still got heatred. I read all ur update and maybe u already gave all the details and I forgot it after reading. If it’s the matter I will read whole story again😛😛

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      Yeah, I have mentioned about it, in her diary parts and past, you can read again initial updates or where Maan was reading her diary.
      After her parents death, her uncle aunt with little Sam came to Handa Mansion and there it started all.. because of losing her parents , nave Geet accepted them as her own parents and Sam as he soul sis.. you must read to get those feelings..where Maan read her diary, after Geet leaves him.

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  2. Hi, thanks for update
    Lovely part ,maan try to change the diaper and geet help him ,ammy and maan moment all are lovely.geet’s aunt sorry about her behaviour and geet accept it.waiting for next part,where will maan taking her
    Stay safe

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  3. Such a lovely update so maan taking care of ammy and the way geet taught him how to change nappy was cute ..maan was worried how geet all alone taking care of ammy and he got to know something happened between her and mother later when it was morning madhu came to apoligize her maan overheard and was angry on her parents later geet made him understand and told that they accepted het as their daughter maan was in love with his innocent wife all over again…maan and his memory sessions and he is recovering..waiting to read more❤😍

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    1. Beautiful update..
      Full of them and their baby,loved the moments of the trio,ammy baby is one of a kind,
      Wonderfully written it is…
      Now Madhu too apologize and realize the things,geet is happy to get them now,their moments r beautiful….
      Looking forward to further…

      Stay safe and take care 😍❣

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  4. Nice update n maa trying to change ammy diaper but couldn’t so geet help him n maan was overwhelm with happiness seeing ammy loves for him n Sam mother ask geet sorry for her behavior n thnxx for pm me

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  5. Interesting.

    Loved it.

    Maan n geet spend some quality time with each other.

    Maan gets to know that anmy loves him a lot.

    He was overwhelmed with emotions knowing all that.

    Geet taught him how to change ammy’s nappy. That was a very cute moment.

    She broke down recalling madhu’s bashing.

    Madhu asked for forgiveness from geet realizing her mistakes also she finally accepted geet as her daughter.

    Geet was so overwhelmed like a little girl lost, who found her parents back.

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  6. Beautiful update
    Maaneet spend some cute moment together maan tries to to chnge the daiper bt nt able to do

    Madhu apologize to geet
    Aur geet forgive her

    Maan ki memory wapis aane wali
    Maan wnts to spent some quality time with geet
    Wating for nxt

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