Mere dil mei aaj kya hai
Tu kahe to mai bata du
Mere dil mei aaj kya hai
Tu kahe to mai bata du
[Whats in my heart today
If u say so ill tell u]
Geet blushed furiously hearing his answer, and tried to withdraw herself, but Maan jerked her back.. his lips shivering in burning passion to take hers to quench his thirst,
Geet looked into his passionate eyes, and dropped her eyelashes, next she felt his mouth wrapping around hers, sucking her lips lusciously like some candy.
Geet response back , getting drown in his passion. Her hands went inside through his collar of shirt, cupping his nape.
Maan groaned in her mouth feeling his wife’s not so innocent touches, as she began to stroke his chest, his buttons were already broken giving her much needed access.
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His hands on its own accord started pulling out her memories hits him hard .. he closed his eyes living this special moment with his beloved wife as well as living in those memories which he is getting clear now behind his close eyes,
MG-FF~The Mist-2 - Thread -16~UPDATED Pt 110/ Pg 113/ 12th Oct ...
His kiss become more passionate and burning.both burned in the memories, . Maan open his eyes feeling so connected .. his eyes burning with realization of his deep love for her,
Geet’s face was flushed, as tears ticking down on her chubby cheeks, realization hits her, through just his one kiss..she knew her Maan was very close to get back his lost memory, their togetherness.
And she is gonna help him for sure,
Jaan.. Maan breaks apart feeling wetness, then seeing her tears it makes him sad and restless, he wiped away her tears, bringing smile on her face.
I love you!!
Maan Geet ff. My Work. & MG. Gif Gallery Pg. 8 to 22...(Page 11)
Mann Se Zude Risthey-#6-Last Part 66-pg-45-16/05/2015(Page 34)
She threw herself in his arms, hugging him tight, bahot pyar karte ho na aap humse.. she muttered in his ears, rubbing her face to his jaw..
Mujhe devta banakar
Teri chahatho ne pooja
Mera pyaar kah raha hai
Mai tujh ko khuda bana doon
[U made me ur god
I shuld make u my god
And your Love worshiped me
My love is telling me]
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Bahot se bhi jyada…he whispered back huskily drowning in her love, his own newly blooming feelings for his beloved wifey. ..
Maan engulfs her, with close eyes, both started feeling each other, rubbing their cheeks onto each other, their hands wrap around, roaming freely ..
Mere dil mei aaj kya hai
Tu kahe to mai bata du
Maan breaks her hooks of blouse, baring her back.. he notice she wasn’t wearing underwear..his desires grew wilder feeling her bare back under his palm. He pressed her more carnally..
Maan Geet ff. My Work. & MG. Gif Gallery Pg. 8 to 22...(Page 11)
Oh Maan…Geet moaned pulling him as much as closer, Maan open the knot of her skirt which falls on her feet, next moment he lifts her in his arms.. looking at her face continuously, then drowning in those amber pool of hers, as Geet looked back at him, trying to understand his turmoil..
Maan drags his feet towards her bed, reliving those memories from past,
He put her down softly, seating beside her, geet kept on holding his neck pulling him close, but he stopped suddenly , making her confused..
Maan..she urged .. her whole burning with desires and yearning for his love..
I.. Maan gulped and looked away from her , not bearing to see her hurt.. I don’t know if I still have a right..
Geet Instantly put her palm on his mouth, yeah kya kehlata rahe ho aap..!?? Geet was definitely hurt
Jaan.. he looked back at her, I don’t want to hurt you but I still don’t remember anything apart from my love for you, and your Love.. I feel it here, he pointed at his beating heart..
Oh Maan.. she was overwhelmed hearing him, she caged him in her arms, hugging him tight.
It’s not your fault Jaan, if you don’t remember our life .Geet sounded low at the end, I know you will definitely remember everything, infact you are recovering recently with your treatment..hai na..
Maan Geet ff. My Work. & MG. Gif Gallery Pg. 8 to 22...(Page 11)
she pulled out cupping his jaw.
I know, geet.but still it’s long way to go.. till then how can I..he look away.
Geet cupped his face making him face her, you have every right on me and ammy.. I have given you those rights, Geet tried but fail miserably as he got up still not convinced.. his heart was in he doing right thing with her, he felt like taking advantage of her innocent love for him , when he still has to recall his full memory.
He was frustrated lost in his thoughts fail to see her reaction and when he did, he regretted badly.
As he saw her curling up on the bed covering herself in duvet.
By shaking of her body, he knew she is crying furiously.. what he did!?? He felt even worse to see her like that.. obviously it has to happen when he left her high and dried..after waking up desires in her.
Without thinking much he quickly got onto the bed beside her, he pulled down the cover slowly which she pull back again grumpily, Maan did the same again, she again pulled on snapping on his hand. It went on for a while until Maan himself went under the covers, hugging her tight.
MG (SS)~My perfect wife~ Link of thread 2 on pg 142...23 feb(Page 19)
Chodiye Hume.. she tried to wriggle out, but he held her tight, his feet caressing her bare legs, he pulled out last material from her torso..
Mere baazuuon mei aakar
Tera dard chain paaye
[Coming into my arms
All ur pain n misery disappear or u find peace]
Don’t do this..Geet cried, burying her face in his chest, if you want to leave me again.. her emotions take over her again, as full day was nothing but roller coaster for her..first she was feeling so alone without him then her mother’s bashing and now when she thought to get solace in his arms, he left her again heart broken.
I am sorry.. he rubbed her back, hugging her tight, feeling bad for doing this with her.
Aap humesha aisa karte ho, pahle Hume satate ho..aur phir yeh sorry..she blabbered in her teary voice,
Tere kesuon mei chupkar
Main jaha ke gaam bhula du
[Hiding into ur tresses
I forget the worlds sorrows]
Maan chuckle, burying his face in her neck and those silky hairs of hers, I will make sure to not to repeat it again.. he mumbled, aur phir jaisa hoon tumhara hoon..





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