Maan rushed out of his office as soon as he got up from his small nap. He was confused after he wake up , hearing the knock on the cabin…
Last he remembered , he was having that bad headache, encounter with her, Geet.
He sat inside his car , in the parking of KC. He needed to clear his mind, it was not possible with Sam around or in office, he needed this peaceful atmosphere around to think properly.
He closed his eyes resting his head back on the headpost, their moment few hours back flashes through his mind, why did I hold her, like my life is depending on her, when she was going to hit the floor, I felt I stop breathing.i couldn’t let anything happen to her.
And he jerked open his eyes, why I am feeling so for Geet!?? His brows arched together, as he reminded about Sam’s words, you married my sis for my sake.
This doesn’t feel right!! Maan thought,
He could still feel her soft hands massaging him, he knew, he remembers what she did, how felt drowsy in her arms, ending up sleeping on her lap.
But…is she she still trying to manipulate him.
Her words flashed in his mind,
I don’t need to do it, my love is not that shallow Maan,
Geet really loved him!?? He thought, tried to remember but then again his head started busting, every time I tried to remember my past, this damn hurt..

he held his head and thought to stop thinking more.
Just then his cell buzz with sam’s name,
Maan, where are you?? I am waiting for you at hospital, we need to do your  check up. Sam went on only to be stop by Maan,
I am in the office right now, I will be back soon.and he cut the call.
As soon as  the call was finish, Sam turned around facing petrified doctor, have you prepare the medicine!?
Yes but this medicine can only work temporarily , it will fail one day, he will recover his memory soon. And the frequent use of this medicine can cause severe headache, ..and..
Before he could continue, Sam blasted whatever, thats not your concern, just give him that medicine. And turned to walk out,
Doctor was sweating profusely for doing the crime, he knew Maan can recover very soon and that day if he will get to know about this, then himself will be in great trouble.
But he was already on death warning from Sam that he have to follow her order.
Kunal was at his home office, busy at the desk when Geet walked in looking extremely worried, what happened? I heard that Maan is back!? Asked kunal making her sit on the sofa, himself taking seat beside her.
Maan has lost some of his memory and somehow Sam managed to find him before us.geet said sadly, putting her head down to control her tears.
What!?? Kunal can’t believe this, he was unaware about this fact, did he forget about you?
No.. he  lost his memory of past year .. he disliked me, behaving same like before, it’s like a year ago, all over again. She chocked,
Kunal instantly got up, getting glass of water for her, Geet drinks few sips silently, putting the glass on the table she looked at him hearing him, it’s nothing then..
Now you get to see the true nature of him..he smirked then added playfully, now mere saath aa jao..
Kunal!! Geet blasted glaring him furiously, off course she knew he was joking but it’s not the time, right!?? She was hell tense, upset with the situation.
Alright!! Kunal broke into laughter, no jokes ..I have something to tell you. He said, after his laughter was over.
We found the waiter, who tried to kill you.his voice became serious,
You found him, where is he?
We found his dead body, he has been dead for four days.
As Kunal reveal this, Geet gasp , know really getting things clear ..
At first I  didn’t think about this much, but since Sam is back..he left his words wandering, looking at Geet’s shock face,
Subpost 3 - lovely edit today _relieved__heart_eyes__heart_eyes_ beauty _hea.jpg
Geet, look at me, he hold her hand, you don’t have to scare anymore, I am with you..
I know who is behind this all, it’s only Sam, I thought she really leave, reading that letter, then she narrated him about the letter from Sam. Humari galati hui ke humne unpe vishwas kiya..
Geet, no, there is no fault of yours, galti kisi ki bhi nahi hai, sivay Sam ke. She had again played dirty, this time I am with you, Geet.
I don’t have any proof now, Geet said, tears already dripping from her eyes, thinking about Maan, he is already not believing her.
I told you Geet, I am with you, don’t worry. I will help you to get the evidence.
At hospital,
Didn’t you said me, that this medicine will help me to recover soon, then how I am not able to remember anything, asked Maan impatiently, as doctor inject him the same medicine again, which he had told him help him to recover soon.
And my head hurt, when I try to recall anything regarding past. He blasted furiously losing his patience..
that doctor takes few steps back, controlling himself, relax mr.khurana. it will take another few months to recover your memory.
Are you sure, doctor, I will remember my past year?? He asked impatiently.
Sure, mr.khurana, you will remember everything, just keep patience.
Maan nodded, finally taking relived breath, as he really wanted to know about Geet, did she really said the truth.
Doctor looked at Maan, feeling sympathetic for his condition, should I tell him the truth!!
He keep thinking looking at him, when Maan found him staring on him,
what!? You have something to say!??
Hearing him asking, doctor got the courage to speak and he started, mr.khurana,
Papa, I wanted to tell you something, Geet started, taking sit beside her father, as both sat in the living hall.
I want to join Handa groups,
Mr.handa looks at her surprised, while Geet continued, I want to be strong enough to protect you and my baby,
I have to get Maan back, she thought.
You can dear, I will take you to the office tomorrow!! Mr.handa assured her patting her shoulder,feeling proud for listening it from her.
Just then servant walked in informing the arrival of Sumitra Khurana.. followed by herself.
Both Geet and Handa got up confused with her sudden arrival,
What brings you here, Mrs.khurana?? Arvind asked not liking her presence here.
I am here to bring Maan’s baby home.
images (14)
She spoke with attitude.
Geet was terrified hearing her, she stood up so as Handa, he was damn angry on the woman now.
Where is the baby, Geet!? She asked further to terrified Geet.
I won’t let you to take away my son. geet said angrily,
I won’t allow outsider to take care of Maan’s child, beside a woman like you be black shadow on our grandson. Sumitra spitted,
Geet was too numb to react for a while hearing her venomous words, she couldn’t speak, just then madhu walked in hearing the commotion, mind your tounge, get out of my house. She blasted taking everyone by surprise. Geet and Arvind looked at her astonished for it was first time she was taking Geet’s side.
Cut the crap, where is the baby?? Sumitra asks again infuriated now.
No..Geet spoke this time, I am the mother of the child..hum.. suddenly she started feeling dizzy , as she held her head, ah..
Madhu hold her arm supporting her falling body, Geet, are you okay?
You should leave now?? Arvind blasted on the woman, hating her presence now, because of her , his daughter pass out.
It won’t help.. are you pretending , Geet?? I will take baby away anyway..I will ask Maan to take away his son..
And she walked out leaving fuming Handas behind.
Geet, are you okay??? Madhu asked worriedly as both walked her towards sofa, helping her lay down.
I am probably because of lack of sleep..she mumbled.
Arvind kept on looking at his wife in wonder, so as geet,
What?? I have come here just to stop that lady from taking away my grandson.
Both left a sigh hearing her, Madhu walked away but stop in her step turning to look at Geet, she spoke to Arvind, ask her to eat something, if I haven’t prepare anything, then she can cook for herself, did I stop her in her own house.. and she went away leaving both geet and Arvind to look at her way with their wide eyes and mouth , they smile looking at each other, then broke into laughter seeing her antics. .. totally forgetting about the tensions surrounding them.
But good happen from all this, that they get to see madhu’s different side today.
to be continued..
Precap :- same
Maan Singh Khurana, you listen to me, I will never give up my baby!!
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