Chapter 50
Few days ..
and Geet was still trying to figure out that miss, she felt.. the day after both come back to Handa Mansion, she has been crying whole day for her loss.. missing him and his love terribly. She couldn’t denied the fact that she has became angry on him for betraying her today, she don’t know from where this anger came from that too on him , unknown to her , it was her possessiveness for her hubby, her insane love..or seeing him going back again leaving her alone. Although knowing it’s not his fault when he lost his could she blame him.
But now she has her mind clear, everything started to became clear now, that man on the yacht was trying to kill her, still tremors of fear she felt in her whole body with the thought of it, those large waves, dark ocean..she shivered, then how Maan had tried to save her because he loved her truly..
Maan..she cried out, still weeping with the thought, how beautiful was her life, she glanced at her baby..his face has became gloom for missing his father.
We have been looking for him after that accident, but we didn’t find him then how does Sam did, ..her hands stop on her baby’s face, as something click her mind, how did she know about the incident!? Geet frown then wiping her tears, she got up looking at her baby..I need to find out whole thing , she looked at her baby..I need to be strong for my baby..
And she walked up to open the door, hearing her father’s call..
Geet beta, come and eat something, Mr.handa dragged his daughter out, knowing she hadn’t taken anything properly from last few days.
As he called out to his servant but none come in view since his wife had dismissed them for a day after her own lunch,
Madhu ..Madhu..
He called out to his wife, walking into her room, why are you doing this?? That poor girl haven’t eaten anything since she come you have any idea!??
I don’t care!!! Madhu simply shrugged her shoulders,
You don’t care??, she is our daughter! Arvind handa blasted on his wife..
SHE IS NOT MY DAUGHTER, SHE IS NO ONE TO ME!! She shouted furiously. Because of her, my daughter is away from me the end tears stream down on her cheeks.
Geet shudders with the pain, seeing her mother’s tears, standing on the door.
Who knows her pain better than herself, she is also mother now.
Madhu glared at her sight , Arvind followed her gaze, only to see Geet running downstairs.
Geet beta, Sambhal ke, he followed her
Before he could say anything, Geet stop him, from being guilty, hume maaf kar dijiye, papa , humare wajah se aaj mamma upset hai, par Sam ne Jo humare sath Kiya, kya woh thik tha papa?? Geet asked her uncle, all teary. After Maan’s accident, she couldn’t again trust her sis, nor she forget her anger on her for what she did..
You are right, Geet!! I even feel ashamed to call her my daughter.
Why did Sam do like that papa?? Hum bahot Khush the Maan ke saath!..ammy..he needed his father, hum kaise unhe kaise samazye, unke papa unhe bhul Gaye hai..he even forgot his wife..Geet sobbed hard , mr.handa cocooned his daughter patting her head.
Don’t stress yourself much, everything will be fine.
Now wash your face and go, eat something..he pushed his daughter to go., Walking away to check on ammy,
Geet step inside empty Kitchen, only to find empty utensils, there was no food, Geet didn’t either had expected, knowing about her mother’s anger.
She sighed, and started preparing something to eat, for herself, for she can’t keep hungry more for baby, also uncle will again feel bad and angry ..
Geer sat at the table, when mr.handa walked inside carrying smiling ammy, she was so pleased find her baby laughing after a long while, as her uncle continue to tickle his tummy, he was giggling non stop.
From upstairs, Madhu peek down to get the glimpse of laughing ammy, her grand child, but she can’t give in easily, however she crave to hold him, she couldn’t give up to her urges and she ended up blasting, can’t you guys keep mum, or you don’t want me to take rest.. she shouted that ammy began to cry again.
Now shut his mouth!! She again shouted, making baby scare, he began to throw his arms and legs in air, hitting mr.handa!!
Geet got up instantly , upset with her mother’s behavior, she couldn’t tolerated someone shouting on her baby.
Mamma..plz. she started when Madhu broke through her, what plz, Geet..let him get kicks from his grandson.. he deserved it, look!! She smiled at the end admiring her baby.
Both Handa & Geet looked at her confused, seeing her behavior, now stop his cries, will you!! She blasted on Handa, who was staring at his wife angrily.
Geet pulled ammy from his hands, walking away to her room angrily, she couldn’t tolerate her mother screaming on her baby.
Look, what you did, she didn’t even completed her meal. Mr.handa scolded,
Don’t shout on me, !! Saying so madhu walked inside her room slamming the door behind,
Geet went inside her room and lock the door,wiping her baby’s fat tears, she cocooned him dearly.
She have to do something, she can’t stay here more, no matter what, she won’t let her baby cry more.
Geet walked down wearing same red sari, she had wore frequently while visiting KC ,
She spotted her uncle in hall, waiting for her, Geet beta, are you going somewhere?
Ji..papa, I am going to KC..take care of ammy please.
But first eat something dear, and i will take care of him, don’t worry.
No..first I have to see him, I have figure out this whole thing.
What are you talking about, Geet??
I can’t tell you anything now papa, but right now I just want see him once, I know he loves me, that’s why he jump into the ocean to save me.
Yes dear, we know, but now he had forgotten that memory of his.
But we can’t just seat here doing nothing and watching him going away, forgetting his baby also..her heart cried for her child, her heart was in pain more for her son rather than her own heartbreak, lose of love.
Geet walked into KC, she could feel little different, few staff had changed, she couldn’t even see pinky, her face fallen.
She walked to reception desk,I am here to see Maan,
The girl stopped her, getting orders from Maan, Ms.Handa, Mr.khurana is not available at the moment,
Geet gives her look before taking steps towards his cabin.
Receptionist try to stop her, sorry ms.handa , I can’t let you in..
Why can’t I see my husband, I am his wife!! Geet became furious, as she frowned angrily at the girl. The girl shudder with the intensity of rage in her hazel eyes and then this new knowledge, she is Mrs.Khurana , how..
She still try to stop her, fearing from MKs wrath.
Sorry mam, she stood in her way stopping her, I am just following instructions. But I..her words stuck in her throat, seeing him standing on the door,
Maan stopped for a moment, taking in her divine view, she was looking just breathtaking in that red sari, he kept watching her for a while then, turned to leave ignoring her presence completely..
Maan..Geet called out again so earnestly, as she ran to him, Maan had turned back hearing her voice filled with so much love yearning..
Only to see her stumbling on her steps, as foot stuck into sari and she was going fall on her face, when Maan rushed ahead catching her in a moment,
careful..he breathed out, holding her in his arms, she hugs him tight breathing heavily for the fall.,
Are you okay!?? His husky baritone buzzed into her ears, sending shivers to her whole body, she shuddered with the effect clutching his shirt in her fist.
Maan stood bewitched holding her in his arms, her mesmerizing scent filled his senses, it was known so, known to him, he had sniffed her before also, his lips touch her soft velvety skin, only to earn soft moan from her Shivering lips,
And he jerked out from a moment, pushing her back furiously that she stumbled back again, somehow she managed to stand, giving him painful stare..Maan..
What happened to me, why did I hold her!? He thought seeing her giving him painful look, he tried to remember again what he felt, thought, while she was in his arms, her skin, her scent, he had felt it before, he felt like he had seen her in that sari before, as he watch on her again, he closed his eyes, trying to make his thoughts clear, were not, there was only blurry images of someone laughing out, Maan..aapka dhyan kaha hai, he is scratching your beard, words buzzed in his head, as he snapped open his red eyes, to see her still standing before him, wearing that same red sari, that beautiful face, adore with red bindi on forehead, zumkas in ears,
Maan, Geet walked near him, holding his arm, he jerked off,
stay away from me, Geet. I am warning you.
Look Maan, calm down for a moment, I just want to talk..
You don’t remember us being in love, right!?
Maan heard her , looking confused, I don’t..and I know I married you because I love Sam.
Geet could hear her heart again shattering into pieces, is that what Sam told you!? And you even don’t doubt on her.. she asked painfully, holding her wedding chain tight to her chest, which Maan didn’t fail to notice.
You may not remember, you love me,
Par aap wahi pyar mahsoos kar sakte hai, Maan, you are feeling it..
Maan looked at her not getting her words, when his eyes widen next hearing her words,
You just hugged me..
But Maan couldn’t let her think, she had won in her dirty games, he grasp her harshly, pinning her chin, that’s enough!! Don’t try to manipulate..
I don’t need to do that , my love is not that shallow Maan. She hissed angrily hating to hear same low words for her again, from his mouth.
She can’t tolerate more, ammy’s face just dance before her eyes,
Consider this last warning, leave me alone!!
He jerked her apart, leaving her sad, she looked at him turning to walked away.
But his head buzzed with unknown memories , it felt heavy.. his steps turned shaky , widening her eyes.
Maan, she hold his arm, as he hold his head which was paining like hell.
She walked him inside his cabin, against his protest, locking the door behind,
Maan was by now in immense pain, holding her tight, ahh..
Geet was in tears, seeing his condition, she held him closed, sitting on the sofa, with him, Maan instantly lay down burying his face in her tummy.
Geet continue to massage his head till his moaning stops, he slept on her lap like before he used to, Geet smiled between her tears, seeing him sleeping like a baby cuddling in his arms, she pecked his forehead lovingly, then kissing his lips, softly, not wanted to break his sleep.
What happened to you, Maan!?? She thought looking at his calm face now, she can’t lose him now, that is for sure… .thinking something she got up placing his head softly on the sofa, and called Kunal.,
Kunal we need to meet..
to be continued..
Precap :- Geet joins Handa groups..
Maan meets ammy.

28 thoughts on “KYON KI..CHAPTER 50

  1. Hi thanks for update
    Nice part ,like geet become strong and find out how Sam know about maan
    She now know maan love her
    Waiting for part
    Stay safe

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    1. Thank you πŸ€—
      Yeah Geet knows now that Sam is behind everything..still she want to confirm it and get back her Maan.❀️


  2. Awesome update πŸ‘ geet is strong now and ready to face this situation poor ammy missing maan and they are not getting proper meals also
    Precap is interesting update soon 😊

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  3. Thank you for the update. Good to see a stronger Geet who is ready to stand agst all odds for her love n knows to voice out her feelings. Amma can get Maan’s memory back by kicking him a few times, (hehe), missing the father-son moment.

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    1. Thank you πŸ€—
      Yeah..she will get her Maan back now..❀️
      πŸ˜‚πŸ€£Yes, I also thinking about the same..kicks to his dad..πŸ˜œπŸ˜πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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  4. Wow dear lovely update…geet was completely heartbroken and was feeling very angry towards maan for his behavior where she also know that Its all because maans memory loss but still she can’t stand sam near him… thank God geet got to know the real face of Sam and having doubt on the incidents that’s occurring…her mother ufff geet cannot bear anyone scolding ammy…she went to meet maan again …he started admiring his wife… finally he saved geet before she falls…his attitude omg…geet should be stronger unless he gets his memory back he is not going to accept his feelings for geet his big fat ego will never allow him to do so…I really want maan to seek geet’s forgiveness after his memory gain too..since geet always forgives him easily he doesn’t know how she feels always when being hurt..if possible make situation where maan regrets 😁😁 but still love maaneet together waiting to read more ❀️ 😘

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    1. Thank you πŸ€—
      Yeah . surely he gonna regret..let’s see..if this time Geet would forgive him or not..πŸ˜‰


  5. Superb update it is…loved how geet starts to fight for her love,theirs….He can only find peace in her arms,and he get that always….He too is in pain,not getting any memories,and when he strains on getting back wt happend,the pain starts,and she soothes him and take care of her…
    The new phase is becoming more interesting,and as always u write all these so good… looking forward to his meeting with ammy and how geet will attack Sam…

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  6. Nice update n geet decide to be strong for her baby n she thought how Sam knows about accident n how she find him n she went to office to meet him n their again maan hurt her with his words but now he is not at the fault bcoz he didn’t remember her n thnxx for pm me

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  7. She went to see maan. She tried talking to him. But he is confused.

    He saved her from falling. His heart recognises her touch, soul, love, fragrance. But he is unable to realize it.

    Geet tries to put some sense in him but he doesn’t listen to her.

    Loved this geet who is talking back n standing for her rights.

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  8. yeh kaise ho sakta hai k maan uska geet ko bhool gaya…………uski ehsaas ko bhool gaya………maan wapas ajao apne geet k liye…….apne bete k liye………

    painful update…………

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